Volkswagen VW | Nuevo Jetta y Golf |Todos sus Autos
Volkswagen VW | Nuevo Jetta y Golf |Todos sus Autos

Hello friends I´m Sergio Oliveira. Eduardo Vargas. How are you Lalo? Good afternoon Sergio how are you doing with that mouth full of anethetics? I went to the dentist and we had to film, and you gotta work when you gotta work and you have to be professional about it. The good thing is that today your going to talk without it hurting. Exactly. so what are we talking about today? They have been asking us to do shows about brands, i think those are their favorites, especially your socring them at the end is what people really want to see so what would you say to us talking about Volkswagen, car by car and at the end you score them? Ok. well what do you say we start with the up? Very well, the Up is Volkswagens only urban car, its one of the few urban cars in Mexico, and there are many people that thinkg the Gol is also an urban car but that is not the case. The Gol is a popular car but its not an Urban car, and like all popular cars it does not have that much power, and the space is not the best, but its a car that works in a few ways, i may be getting a little ahead talking about the Gol rather than talking about the Up, but the Up as a tradicional urban car has even less power were talking about 76 or 78 horsepower, something like that, the rear space is too small the trunk space is also too small and that is what really distinguishes an urban car traditionally people in the city only use their cars to get from one place to another wheather it be to work or college, ect. and thats it and very frequently the only person who drives it is the owner, and that is the basic definition of an urban car, there are very few of them in Mexico, maybe 4 or 5, and the Up is one of them I like the fact that it has good finishes at its price it has the necessary minimum security in fact all Volkswagen have them now, 2 frontal airbags and ABS breaks and its also has good fuel efficiency I think its a car that deserves a 8 in its segment, then the Gol and the Gol is more or less what i just said, its not an urban car but it is a popular car, you don´t see it having a really powerful engine or anything like that, you generally find powerful motors from the Jetta and above and the Gol surprised me a few years ago, for the first time with the Gol that same day i had already tried out an Audi S5 that had alot of miles on it because of people driving it so much, so it had alot of noises and that was with an Audi S5, at the time it costed above 1.5 million pesos and i turned in the Audi and i took out a Gol that already had 15,000 km on it and it didn´t make a single sound a really well made and solid car and i was shocked, so much so that i would tell my colleagues to ask for it and try it out, that it was impressive how it didn´t make any sounds, and now with the 2017 that had a small change made to it, the car remains the same the Manufacturing is still done very well, and that can be explained by the factory mexicans tend to think that brazilian made cars are crap and that fame was well earned because of the Pointer which was the predecessor to to the Gol, but it has more to do with the fact that at that time Brazil exported cars by price, and whatever the market gets because of the price sacrifices quality, which is natural, and that is what happened with the Pointer and Gol for some time, but during the end of Lulas reign, 2008 or around there between 2007 and 2011 the factories that were remodeled or implemented in Brazil at those times, the aquisitive power of the brazilian worker was very high so it was cheaper for companies to put robots to do the work rather than people and that vastly improves the quality, the more machines you have building cars the less errors there is, there is more precision in construction and one of those factories has the Gol, so you take a Gol which comes from Brazil and it doesn´t make any sounds, but if you take a Crossfox that also comes from brazil and everything makes noises, – and they are both from brazil- yes but they are from different factories and the Crossfox factory was not remodeled and now brazil has gone down again and the salaries aren´t as high as they were during that time and so now its more worthwhile for them to put people instead of machines so you put people to do it and the quality of the vehicles goes down, so i would give the Gol a 9, lots of space, good handling, minimum safety, good fuel efficiency in fact i think its the best car in its segment but we´ve barely covered 2 cars there s still a bunch more and we already have to go to a break. Before we go, going back to the up, you said you calculated good sales for it, how are those going? know anything about that? the most recent information about the Up that i have is from may and they had sold about 2,000 between january and may that is 25% of the Gols total, so people still prefer the Gol and i still recommend the Gol more than the Up, according to Volkwagen its actually doing a little better than they expected, but from my perspective its a little lower than what i thought, i thought it would sell more, but really today where lots of prices overlap even among the basic prices, the Up has a cost of around 146,000 pesos which is where it started, i don´t know if its still there, and the Gol at 15,000, 4,000 pesos you get a motor with 4 cylinders instead of 3, you have more rear space you have 101 horsepower instead of 76, so its hard to tell people to buy the smaller one with less power for almost the same price. And as we saw in the Manual, the Gol is the one that devalues the least well sorry about that, lets go to the break. We´re going on a short break, don´t leave Hello friends if you want to buy or sell a used or semi-new vehicle then i recommend the page Tixuz with a Z, the biggest advanage you have there is that unlike most other pages Tixuz is still an operation without cost for you, come on in you´ll quickly find what your looking for or sell your own car much faster than you expected, remember Tixuz with a Z. We´re back boys. Very well friends we are back here in Tixuz and which car is next? CrossFox Look, its a good car in terms of design, it has a decent amount of space, handling is good from 2010 onwards the finishes got alot better but it makes alot of noises and that, to me, indicates that its quality is not that good So i would give the CrossFox a 7. When we were talking about the Gol when were talking in terms of the sedan and the – the comments about the hatch is valid for the sedan as well so now we go to the Golf, your favorite. What about the Vento? Oh yeah i forgot the Vento, the vento is before the Gol in terms of price. Vento and Polo are before the Golf, the Vento is the most sold Volkswagen in Mexico at this time, they sold more than 20,000 cars last year in 2015 they sold more than 20,000 ventos and that is because its a car that has very good interior space, good design, handling, ect. and people see it, more or less, in the same way they saw the the old Classics so people think its a substitute for the classic, but the classic was a Jetta and the substitue for the Jetta is the Jetta, and the Jetta got better just as almost all cars do, the Vento is a Polo Sedan, in other countries it is even sold by that name as a Volkswagen Polo Sedan, but in Mexico its called Vento because thats what they decided to call it, and its a good car in terms of fuel efficiency, space, handling, but its short on power with only 105 Horsepower the best version no longer exists, at least not at this time, the best version was the diesel, it was the most fuel efficient, had the best handling, but its still a good option from that segment, in 2014-15 it had some issues with overheating which was supposedly fixed for the 2016 version and if you want an automatic sedan at that price range then i think the Vento is the best option, and not the Polo, the Polo is the Vento Hatchback why didn´t they give it the same name? I don´t know sometimes its hard to understand that because the Jetta in Argentina is called Vento thats pretty crazy they are just making us get mixed up. Yeah, those are some pretty weird things The comments for the Vento are more or less the same for the Polo I don´t know if there is a 1.2 turbo version of the Polo in Mexico If it does exist then that is the best version in terms of Handling, its the most pleasant one, and is able to give you a sensation of power that regular does not, but Vento and Polo suffer from the same thing, which is interior noises, and even in the short term about 1 or two months after buying it, it will make alot of noises and that is really unpleasant and it really shows that the contruction is not the best. How would you rate it? I would give the Vento an 8 and the Polo a 7. Okay. were going with your not favorite followed by your favorite The Jetta, and the Golf. Look, the jetta has a long tradition in Mexico, people like it here, in theory the car has many virtues in theory because that is what the market wants, its a sedan, its big, it has lots of space, it looks good, you can show off to your neighboors look how big my car is. there are versions in the Mexican market that today you can find in agencies in Mexico a basic jetta with a 2 liter motor for 205,000 pesos That specific version could be recommended far more than a Vento, the Jetta is a better car than the Vento, its from a superior segment the problem with the Jetta is that compared to its segment when you see it next to the Elantra, Forte, Corolla, Mazda 3, ect. it lags behind, but in which ways? in price/value ratio, in safety, and even in power to go above them in terms of power it uses a 2.5 motor with 170 Horsepower which uses way too much fuel, and that is exactly the problem with the Jetta in efficiency of that motor, well its not the entire problem, but it is a part of it the platform is also not the best, its old, and its heavy and it makes the handling of the car be good in dry conditions in that aspect the handling of the Jetta is at least as good as most from its segment, the problems being too heavy, not fuel efficient, ect. the heacy weight along with the 2 liter engine complicates things and many people think that its the most fuel efficient version of the Jetta its spends about the same as, when speaking in terms of fuel efficiency it uses more or less the same fuel as the 2.5 version which ends up being about 7 or 8 km per liter in the city, for me the biggest problem with the Jetta is not that its a bad car overall, its that there are much better things avaliable for the price, except if were talking about that basic version that costs about 205,000 pesos but above 230-240,000 pesos you can find more interesting things than the Jetta in the segment so i would give the Jetta a 5. 5 is what i was going to say, and what about your ultra favorite? The Golf, yes, i like that one alot and it starts out with a good platform that is going to be the platform for the next Jetta that changes in 2018 I don´t know if its going to come out as a 2018 in the year 2017 or if we are going to have to wait until the year 2018 to get the newest version with the new platform which is called MQB its a platform for transverse frontal motors, with front wheel drive which Volkswagen uses and is used in the Gof, a very good platform The car has good finishes, Space, handling, a great motor turbo 1.4 liters with 150 Horsepower, or go to the GTI with a 2 liter motor turbo with 220 horsepower, which is also a great car, although a little expensive for the power that it has but its a great car I would give the Golf an 8 or 9. Its really good, I´ve seen them on the road and they are demons The GTi is a great car in many aspects. Well what about the Beetle? the Beetle turbo is a good product because the turbo has it has an independent rear suspension and it does not have the 2.5 motor of the Jetta that 2.5 motor that is used in 3 Volkwagen products, Jetta, Beetle, and Passat is a bad motor its an obsolete motor, its not a bad motor that will break down every three or four blocks. Its an engine that uses more fuel than it should as a function of its power, ect. that motor is no longer used in the United States the Jetta over there and the Passat, use a 1.8 turbo motor with 170 horsepower, which is an engine that is produced in Mexico in a factory that Volkswagen has in Silao Guanajuato, but for us they still use the 5 cylinder 2.5 liter so the 5 cylinder Beetle does not seem like a good product because of the motors, the turbo makes this better, but its a car you buy on a whim, its expensive its a car with low resell value and which will probably not have a next generation, so i would give it a 7. a quick question, if they can make them better with good motors like the ones they send to the united states, why do they give us the motors that aren´t as good. that you can say if there are good products, with good motors, why don´t just sell those here? Because cars in Mexico are very cheap, and they have to use the cheapest things they have, using something they already have and have had for a long time, which is the case with the 2.5, thats why we still have Tsuru, Aveo, cars that have been surpased in other markets, and i´ve said it here before and ill say it again for those of you have haven´t heard, Mexico is in second place in terms of having the cheapest cars only behind India, that is the reason we still have those products, if we put the 1.8 Jetta would have to start at around 300,000 pesos or very close to that and people are just not going to pay that much money, so they keep a motor that isn´t as good, and the Passat has the same issue, being one of the most sold in its segment, with the 2.5 engine, the V6 almost no one buys. As long as they work, thats all people want as long as its cheap, so whats the score? The Passat 2.5 i would give a 6 and the V6 Passat gets an 8 because its a great motor but its a great motor that doesn´t give you as much as you think it will the car will give you practically any speed you might want on the highway with 280 horsepower on the V6, VR6 3.6 there are people that don´t know that the motor is a type of VR6 they woudl say its an old VR6, but that motor is also named VR6 and its a great motor, the car has the power to go even further beyond, but the suspension is too soft so Volkswagen limited the maximum speed of the Passat to 210 km/h which is a good thing because the suspension is too soft, so i would give a 5 or 6 to the 2.5 and an 8 for the V6. Okay, now to the CrossGolf. well thats just a Golf – so practically the same- i´d give it a 9 so now to the Taigun. There is a 1.4 and 2 liter for the Taigun and i think think the 1.4 gives greater value for your money and is going to change completely in 2017 its going to be made in Mexico and is going to be presented in Los Angels in November, or in Detroit in january, and the month of its launch in Mexico is still unkown to me, and i don´t know what motor its going to have i know its supposed to be bigger one of the big problems is going to be interior space but it has very good finishes very good handling, and is made in germany, today buying a basic version of the Taigun is a very good investment, its a truck that i would give an 8 to, save for the interior space, the turbo takes a little bit to really kick in, which is a problem Volkswagen has to resolve but its a good product. what about the Volkswagen CC? Its been a long time since i last drove a CC, the last time i drove it, it still had a Tiptronic box and the Passat still had the DSG The Passat was faster than the CC, but its a great car in terms of design, finishes, and is better than even the Passat and at high speeds you can really tell the difference, so i would give it a 9. what about Touareg? Touareg gets a 10, Its a premium truck. I think thats all of them, or are there any I´m forgetting? I think thats all of them. the only ones missing would be the Commercial Vehicles a Pick-up like the Saveiro is a very good truck i would give it an 8 as a truck, and i drove a transporter recently and i would give a 7 to the Transporter But i have not driven vehicles like the Caddy or the Amarok which is another commercial vehicle from Volkswagen which i would give it a 7 to because of the price, If we were just talking about the product then it would probably get a 9 but since its more expensive than i think it should be, i think 7 is a good score for the Amarok are we to expect any new products of launches from Volkswagen that you might know about? no, just about the remodellings i mentioned the new Jetta in 2018 the Taigun in 2017, the Golf is also getting a facelift in 2018, and i don´t know if they are putting out any other new products from- Oh, but there will be an SUV with 3 lines of seats based on a concept called Crossblue that was shown in Detroit a few years ago, and is going to be made in the United States in Tennessee along with the Passat which has the same platform We´ll see how expensive it is when it comes out, its supposed to be above the Taigun but below the Touareg in terms of price, and those are the ones i have my sights on from Volkswagen and maybe we will here something about that brand there. Very well Sergio, we ran out of time thank you, goodbye. Hey boys, you should follow us on twitter Greetings to my Panamanian friends. If you enjoyed the video give it a like. If you want to see more videos, click here.

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  82. Aurelio Olguin says:

    De que hablo mejor dicho por que Sergio es el que sabe o no? Felicidades..

  83. LETICIA GARCIA says:

    por que subio tanto el up esta en 203 mil

  84. Jakob BTB says:

    Cuando platicaran sobre el Audi sedan A3 , 1.4 LTS año 2017. En su consumo si es tragón o no.

  85. Elvis Diaz Linares says:

    Y la vw amarok??

  86. raul rojas ramirez says:

    todos los de tixuz son unos vendidos con volkswagen si les pagaran por el trasero tambien lo daban, que hicieron la prueva al mitsubichi mirage y que creian que estaba descompuesto que muy ruidoso que temblaba mucho y que muy lento yo probe el estandar ni es ruidoso ni es tembloroso ni es lento

  87. raul rojas ramirez says:

    todos son unos vendidos todos los de tixuz

  88. tommy pickles in the play ground says:

    Como se llama la mama ita qe sale de modelo.. esta buenisima

  89. Wilfrido Gonzalez says:

    Felicidades,,, cada vez mejor y excelente q salgan nalgonas siempre,,, :3 gracias por toda la info y ser gente normal q.sin ninguna y justificación queremos ver nalgonas.

  90. Andy Obra says:

    Sergio Lalo, qué pedo con el Hyundai Kona?

  91. Xolo Munoz says:

    Y el bora??

  92. Xolo Munoz says:

    Y la routan?

  93. Gerardo Morales says:

    Hola !!! UP en Uruguay está vendiéndose mucho y esta ganándole a los autos chinos y al Spart de GM, el golf es un autaso , pero es carísimo acá!!!

  94. Wilmer ordoñez says:


  95. Luciano Agűero says:

    Y el Sirocco ?

  96. Daniel Scalici says:

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  97. javier bocajuniors says:

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  98. javier bocajuniors says:

    Acá en Argentina jjeta es mala suerte o jeta boca de una persona ! Por eso los directivos que estudian marketing no son bóludos !!desde Berazategui bs As .(+_+)

  99. Salvador Verduzco says:

    Salidos", soy chavo ruco, me quedé atrapado en clio sport blue Edition, Opinión"?

  100. tone78 says:

    mi favorito sin duda.. el golf..ese "gol" no sabía ni que existía, en Europa no se vende, y todo el vídeo muy bien menos esa chica, le quita profesionalidad al vídeo haciendo la tolai y vestida de Nochevieja, sobra

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