Volkswagen Golf GTI Vs Renault Megane RS review – AutoExpress
Volkswagen Golf GTI Vs Renault Megane RS review – AutoExpress

The Golf GTI and Renaultsport Megane are two
very different hot hatches. The French machine is all about uncompromised performance, whereas
the German hatch is designed as an all-rounder.But does this mean the RS will always be faster
on the track? Not necessarily- this GTI’s been fitted with
the Performance PAck.It gets bigger brakes, a power upgrade to the 2.0-litre engine to
230bhp and a very clever electronic front differential. It starts from £27,480. The Renault Megane RS Cup costs £25,545 and
has a traditional limited-slip diff. It also has a 2.0litre turbo engine with 265bhp – 35
more than the Golf. It also pumps out 360Nm of Torque. For several years Renaultsport has been the
‘master-craftsman’ of the hot hatch trade. I know it’s getting a bit long in the tooth
but the Cup Megane is the best car they make. But what’s it like on track? Is it going to
be quick enough to take on the new Golf GTI with the Performance Pack? Well, let’s find
out. We’re driving the car with the stability control
turned off, which is what gives this car a big advantage on the track – when it’s off,
it is off. There’s an instant liveliness to the Megane chassis, at the rear end. Accelerating now, hard on the brakes into
the chicane. Traction’s good on the exit, it feels taut, sharp, body control is really
good. There’s a beep as I come up to the rev limiter to let me know when to change gear. It’s probably one of the best front-wheel
drive cars for driving on track. Really rorty exhaust note. It does feel like a one-make
racer when you drive it on track. Works its tyres hard. Brakes hard into the apex, up
to second, up to third, back down to second again – the gear ratios aren’t great for this
circuit. And across the line. The Renault completed the flying lap in one
minute 14 point three seconds. Can the lower-powered and easier to live with Golf get anywhere
near that mark? There’s no question that the Gofl GTI is the
most desirable hot hatch you can buy, but there has always been two camps in the hot
hatch market:those who want the all-rounder (which is the GTI) and those who want the
hardcore, ultimate track car (which arguably is the Renaultsport Megane). The question is whether this GTI with the
Power pack and a manual gearbox can outperform the Renault Megane. Let’s find out with a
flying lap. The manual gearbox gives you a bit more engagement,
and I prefer it on a track to the DSG, which you can get with this car. The power pack
adds a diff that sends power – proper limited-slip diff effectively and you can really feel that
working. The car holds it’s nose really well – it’s really good for those changes of direction
and traction’s really good. It’s got bigger brakes than the standard car
as well, they’re certainly good. Really good there, traction was good on the exit as well.
Hard on the power, engine sounds quite nice. It’s a shame you can’t turn off the stability
control because it starts to come into play and that contributes to the brakes getting
hot and just takes away that final edge of freedom you need to make this car fully engaging
like the Renault. It’s really good the GTI. It’s certainly accomplished,
and through this next high-speed section the rear end is absolutely planted. It’s really
tight down, last couple of corners, second gear, through the apex. Traction’s good again.Question
is, is it going to be faster than a Renaultsport Megane? Across the finish line. The Golf GTI performance pack completed the
flying lap in one minute 15 point six seconds. In the end the Golf GTI Performance Pack was
one point three seconds a lap slower than the Megane RS Cup, so even though VW has added
extra performance to the car, if it’s quick laps you’re after the RS Megane is still number

100 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf GTI Vs Renault Megane RS review – AutoExpress”

  1. disgraceland uk says:

    Golf is such a DULL car. Only to be driven whilst wearing beige cords and that sweater your granny knitted you.

  2. bent540 says:

    volkswagen looks like shit talk about communist design!

    lol, fuck the new polo! it looks so fucking boring and UNdesigned

  3. Braedon Dowell says:

    I would love to have that Renault in the US….

  4. o3tomas says:

    If you make a 24h race between these two guess which one wins then.

  5. Kyle S. Chung says:

    gti is a better car.

  6. Rd Rg says:

    The only point on which the Golf can be compared to the Megane is the price, which means the Golf, a car well below the Megane regarding the sporting aspects, is overly overpriced.

  7. afaq123 says:

    A45 AMG shits on everything

  8. vwr777 says:

    I hope those wheels on GTI will be available here in US

  9. Selim Houssami says:

    But it's still french

  10. gtiw7 says:

    @4:40 gti is 1.03 slower not 1.3 seconds as what you say 🙂

  11. Timo B. says:

    It's not 1.3 faster around  the lap as mentioned in the end of the video but actually 1.03 . Still prefer the golf! 

  12. gtiw7 says:

    @derbigpr500 @MrFaniaros 
    you really need to chill derbigpr500! I have owned both mk5 GTI and Megane 225….GTI is THE SHIT! Renault is just a shit!

  13. Melvin Phun says:

    did anyone notice the headlamp lights on the GTI keeps blinking?

  14. أحمد النحاس-قناة السيارات says:

    why you didnt choose VW Scirocco instead of Golf

  15. jandj Godwin says:

    GTI is a great car , only problem is it looks BORING, BORING LIKE HELL, I like Ford Focus ST but I admit that ST sucks before GTI and Megane, but its more fun than both GTI and Megane, feels like a FWD Muscle car, the 2015 Golf R is supposed to beat even the Megane RS time with its AWD, and  by 2015 Focus ST might come back as a facelift ST with ST4 variant getting Limited slip diff and by 2018 the legendary Focus RS will be back until then Megane is KING

  16. Mohamed Rami BEN TRAD says:

    i want to see Golf 7 R vs "mégane" 😀 😀

  17. Antonio Talarico says:

    GTI for me 


    The Megane looks like a cheap plastic car compared to the Golf

  19. Rza 91 says:

    Go home Volkswagen , you re drunk !!

  20. Alex Dc says:

    the golf is less powerful and you could not turn off the stability control so there
     is your 1 second. Great job VW!

  21. jjsteer91 says:

    Correction.. the A45 is the best all rounder. Not the GTI

  22. Damien W says:

    Can someone please explain to me how the Megane RS Cup is almost as fast as the E92 M3 around the Nurburgring!?

  23. Herculano Alonso says:

    OMG, it is dry in England

  24. Herculano Alonso says:

    if the VW Golf was a bit lighter or much much lighter it had certainly won

  25. incyphe says:

    I love this reviewer… 

  26. Laguna2kai says:

    RS are the best….:)

  27. account924 says:

    not that it matters awful lot but the difference is 1.03 seconds not 1.30 seconds.

  28. archrid says:

    I thought it was going to have a defeatable stability control this time round… :-

  29. Tute Nomboly says:

    I cannot see why you would you give a winner to the Megane RS when a 1 second difference was made by a lighter and up 35hp from the Golf GTI PP. I am a GTI fan and Audi like cars fan but hey if the GTI were a Citroen this time, it would be the winner or at least a tie…

  30. CanadianCyclist says:

    I'll take one of each!

  31. Volumex says:

    The Megane is the best FWD sport hot hatch ever. New golf, lighter and much modern, is 1 second slower. Even a 40 hp powerful Golf, couldn't erase the difference.

  32. fikes73 says:

    The point is that the everyday hatch is not far off from the track focused hatch. If you live in an area with smooth perfect roads, sure get the Megane, but lets be honest, roads are crap, plus I need space for everyday things, so I would go GTI, 4 door to be precise. I wanna know how is the pedal placement for heel toe in the GTI?

  33. SYEDOMAR North says:

    The Megane will certainly be not as fast as the Golf 7R

  34. Guillermo Andrés Abadía Ruiz says:

    Probably the Megane with the traction control would be faster than that… always want to show that without the TC cars are faster and is not, they love sliding the front and drifting, and that is not fast. If you don't believe what I say, there are some tests with ten year ago cars and pilots on the zig-zag showing that cars are faster with the TC on than off.

  35. HotHatchTV says:

    I must say I'm impressed with the GTI! Only 1s behind vs "the great Megane RS", which has 35 HP more… That means, I think, with equal HP and DSG, the GTI would have the same time or even better than the Megane RS (on this track). Impressive job from VW, the new diff they use seems to pay off!

  36. John Doe says:

    If the golf had the DSG it would have won ..or just lose by a whisker

  37. sfi ifs says:

    Megane RS Nurburgring Time is fake because the car was not in the original condition,. megan rs original condition, could never so much a better time to drive to the other competitors.
    Megan RS was also used in other tires

  38. Alaatin61 says:

    I filmed the 2014 Golf 7 GTI in white grey and red. Check my channel

  39. przybylason says:

    stop it with the stability control volkswagen! at least give us the option of turning it off, because im sick of your clearly superior cars getting shit talked on these shows

  40. simsbrigada says:

    1 second slower, uglier and 2 000 pounds more… how the duck is the golf most desirable hot hatch?

  41. dilawer321 says:

    Good driving as usual gay VAG cars cant turn off ESP though

  42. João Soares says:

    As much as I love the RS's engineering, it looks dated and the interior is quite poor. GTI Performance Pack it is, then. Besides, the DSG version is quicker than the RS.

  43. JRNexGen says:

    1 FVCKING SECOND??? WTF??? Seriously it makes NO difference.  If that was 8 seconds then maybe. 

  44. 김우민 says:

    I think gti is the best car for our normal life and fun driving! Love dsg

  45. Asteroid50 says:

    RS 265 on a different class, debate over!

  46. patrick vanoppen says:

    my friend has a golf R and i have the rs with chiptuning. I am faster and i have more fun. The golf is better build. 

  47. Madis Jõgi says:

    Well. Renault has a new gen of RS Megane coming out soon. It will be around 300bhp. So lets just wait and see 🙂

    The only reason golf is more desirable, is that it has a HUGE fanbase, who hate  anything and everything not VW

  48. santclause1 says:

    Megane RS= Real drivers. Golf GTI= ponces

  49. sfi ifs says:


  50. bufbis2340 says:

    If you want to speak about sport, think Renault (world champion in F1), i never heard talking about VW…

  51. hhctibuoykcuff says:

    Renault Megane looks badass

  52. Ned says:

    Not 1.3 seconds.
    It was 1.03 seconds slower.
    Considering it is well below the hp of the megane, that is a marvelous result, just imagine what a tune will do to it.

  53. Ivan M says:

    True dsg is fast

  54. flysurferpsycho4 says:

    golfs are good cars but hearing all the hype and then driving one i just always seem a little let down with them :/

  55. den525 says:

    All these gti's better vs RS' better argument. Despite both being "hot hatches" they are completely different cars. Disregard the 1.03 difference on THIS track, it doesn't represent how much better the RS is on a track against the GTI, especially for your average joe. I've owned both an I'm an average driver on track the RS is faster, more fun and easier to handle. The GTI is the best overall package. Its softer, better gadgets, better interior. Its a better daily.

    Having owned both (not the Mk7) there are plenty of positives for both. In traffic and highway driving? I definitely prefer the ease of the GTI. But as soon as you get to the twisty stuff, in and around town (at night) the RS is just so much fun to drive, you kinda ignore how bumping it is .

  56. bagster60 says:

    First up, I am the owner of an RS265 so I have a declarled bias. That being said the golf would be a better daily driver to live with in city use, the Meg is pretty firm. In New Zealand where I live we have a lot of roads that the RS is just made for. Someone below said that next to an RS3 the Megane is just a toy. I actually drove an RS3 when deciding what to buy and preffered the Megane given it was half the prjce and handled better. Also cbeck out the Ring times, Meg is quite a bit quicker, RS3 to much understeer

  57. freedomstarsusa says:

    Golf is boring and R.S. is emotion!

  58. Pandemonium Lig says:

    Renault Sport car by far like always of course
    Because there we speak about real sport cars made for real roads with corners and corners and for tracks and not about GT cars made for straight lines as this false '"Golf GTi" but real Golf GT… The last real Golf GTi was the Golf 2 GTi and I had one of this in the 90's ! 🙂

  59. Ian Townsend says:

    30 bhp down & only 1.3 seconds slower I think that's pretty good. I do like the 265 but I do a lot of miles & I think I'll be more suited to the gti, I do like the look of the new gti someone has one at work hasn't got the performance pack that was a 6 months wait for a car with that the normal gti was a month wait so he had that

  60. nstipet says:

    GTI always! 

  61. wyctorflamengo says:


  62. pnnk a žnkt says:

    Renault RS world fastest front wheel drive, with 8:07.97 Nürburgring reckord and VW scrap

  63. benvolio mozart says:

    driving the golf looked like driving a tank !

  64. LDN13Y says:

    Can anyone tell me why the headlights apper to flicker on and off with videos like this ??

    Is it to do with the FPS of the video ? 

  65. Art says:

    It 's really  good !

  66. Johnmatrix1000 says:

    This is a silly comparison. The Gti did not have a DSG box which is it's biggest weapon. It most likely lost 1.5 seconds in gear changes alone. Come one auto express, don't handy cap one car to make another look faster

  67. Giorgio Valenti says:

    Renault is the best!

  68. Christian Guzman c says:

    RENAULT IS THE BEST …………. CHAMPION DU MONDE ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ SAY NO MORE ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  69. ETMotorsport says:

    Far too much hype regarding the current Golf GTI in my opinion. I've driven one (admittedly, not on a track) and despite enjoying my time behind the wheel, I was left with the impression that other manufacturers market arguably better hot hatches for less. If I were looking for a hot hatch to replace my car I'd be down to either a Ford or Renault garage in a heartbeat.

  70. Darren Loke says:

    With so much better interior, liveability, and comfort, the Golf GTi is only slower by such a slight fraction? Gosh, i pity those Megane owners.

  71. Zakhia Sultana says:


  72. Sir Skillz says:

    The funny thing is….we dont buy these cars for racing. yes its faster but tell me whos going to spoon down any of these on a daily bases.? that renault is ugly aswell.

  73. billy bill says:

    That Megane is so badass…. that would rip off most of dearer cars on the Nürburgring… RENAULT FOR THE WIN, PERIOD

  74. wakesake says:

    not even a challenge 

  75. Najib Rs says:

    Rs is the best

  76. CarPassion says:

    take megane if you have no skills in driving the car will carry you may you think you know how to drive but we all know you dont or els you wouldent buy that ugly thing in the first place.

  77. Bravo232 says:

     Renault Megane RS looks better tho

  78. Mrtubbula says:

    I would be very curious to know what tire each car was running
    As this could easily make all the difference… If the Renault
    Has Michelin pilot sports then there's your answer…
    Still for a car as everyday drivable as it is .. Pretty damn good

  79. DrummingSpain says:

    0.03 = point zero three
    0.3 = point three
    Same goes for 0.06
    Why is it always the basics?

  80. vanko1995 says:

    Let me drive it and ill finish the track in 50 seconds, that driver cant drive

  81. classiccarz says:

    NOT A VALID TEST since the VW had the traction control on. Why didn't you just leave it on with both cars?

  82. taff_G1 says:

    GTI is for pensioners 🙂

  83. Kees Zoutzeling says:

    Let me see, stability control off, lighter and 35hp more and still it was only 1.03 s faster… Try now against the Clubsport version or against a Seat Leon Cupra 280 or the new 290

  84. 정민재 says:

    Despite the fact that the GTI has 35 less horsepower, and is heavier, it is so impressive how the queen of the hot haches is only slower by 1.03 seconds… plus it had the traction control on. I am not saying that the Megane RS is bad, but when it comes to compete against the GTI, any hot haches under 300 horsepower are unable to beat the GTI. (Apart from the Cupra 280/290 which is basically an angrier GTI using the same MQB platform, improved Inline 4 2 liter turbocharged engine, and the same DSG transmission, but I would still choose the GTI for the name value and the prestige, as well as a better interior) These are just my personal opinions. I just love the GTI that much.

  85. MassiveGlove says:

    Power pack?

  86. Jack Shephard says:

    vw is bad car türkçesi dandik araba

  87. Gav G says:

    now try the same thing against the Golf R

  88. Dejvid Ago says:

    Fuck renault megano fuck 🖕🏻

  89. mickey rat says:

    If they sold French cars in the States I'd by the Renault.

  90. Samer Sabbagh says:

    Renault is The Best

  91. Giocar Cantando says:

    volkswagen and skoda rule

  92. Eddie Lau says:

    Give the car to an everyday driver and a UK B road and i bet the golf will come out as been the faster as its so much easy to make go fast on a day to day basis.

  93. champuss says:

    gti is old them meganes are fresh

  94. Ben Cook says:

    if you wear slacks and are looking forward to retiring it is the golf no contest.

  95. Ameen Khalid says:

    And the winner is…..Seat Leon SC Cupra you DUMMIES!!!!!!!!

  96. Edward Shepherd says:

    Rs stands for really stable, gti stands for got to improve.

  97. TheWretchedWorld says:

    lol old megane vs new gti with performance pack and still gets walked

  98. TROLL HUNTER says:

    Because all my journeys involve more left hand turns I put thicker tyres on the near side.

  99. Cintia Rodriguez says:

    Renault megane machine😈💪

  100. Chesney says:

    Why are people so salty on here?
    I own a gti dsg but i also love the megane rs. It looks fun to drive. But the gti is also fun to drive and pretty quick for 220hp

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