Volkswagen Golf GTD mk7 | 2.0 TDI 240 CV | SwyDRIVE | [ENG_SUB]
Volkswagen Golf GTD mk7 | 2.0 TDI 240 CV | SwyDRIVE | [ENG_SUB]

Today i’m doing a test drive a bit special because it has aroused my curiosity as i tried the same type of car, not the same car, only the basic specs. I’ve tried the stock version of Seat Leon FR equipped with the same engine of this one. This isn’t stock. I’m talking about the Golf GTD which currently develops 240 hp on dyno; i’m talking about the 2.0 TDI made by VW originally with 184 hp. This was pushed to 240 cv with some… mods, like a complete new artisanal exhaust, a new ECU tune and also the 6-speed DSG gearbox tune, one of my favorite gearboxes because a lot of VAG group cars has it and it also has an amazing precision. This car aroused my curiosity because… ..because.. ..because it’s really fast! It’s really, really, really fast! I saw it around and thought it might be interested but i didn’t know why i would find myself in front of it because the GTD has a turbodiesel engine, interesting ok, but it’s always a turbodiesel. My personal question is: why choose the GTD (there are a lot around) and not the GTI? The engine power it’s almost the same, but are very different cars. Official data says the GTI it’s 1 second faster than the GTD on the 0-100 test; The GTD has more torque but the GTI has more hp. This one it’s a mk7 my 2017 and in this generation the GTI had 220 or 230 hp. At the moment, apart from the huge torque, i don’t feel like i’m on a diesel car for two reasons: first, the car has a beautiful sound, very far to a classic diesel engine.. isn’t the sound do you expect. Second, the engine delivery: it has an huge torque and the DSG gearbox help a lot, but, i repeat, it doesn’t look like a diesel car. ..i’ve pushed all the 2nd gear and… rises very quickly.. ..really quickly! This car has changed my thoughts because.. ..i thought it completely different. Now it has a new H&R suspensions setup and it has an amazing grip; despite the FWD, sincerely, the width of the car and the setup helps a lot in this way. it don’t lose grip except when you are straight and.. ..all controls (now turned off) gone away and traction too. As you will know i have tried the Polo GTI with the DSG gearbox.. had 247 hp, a similar power of this GTD and.. ..on dyno it had 320 nm of torque. The GTD has 380 nm on stock but… ..this one has 530 nm! It’s really bad! The 0-100 km/h it’s incredible fast and now i’ll tell you the truth: you know, i’m absolutely honest in my videos; if i like a car i’ll tell you but if i don’t like a car, probably i’ll not test it. I’m driving this’s a good sign. This GTD it’s faster then i thought. The power delivery it’s violent but constant, the progression it’s very quickly. It’s about the setup, the 19? tires, the Audi TT-RS brakes system. All the mods improve the car behavior. The power delivery surprised me a lot: an high torque value on a diesel engine it’s normal but this GTD it’s a monster. You’ve a huge torque value at all revs and the DSG gearbox it’s perfect for the best result….Holy S**t. I’ve tried the Golf GTI mk5 so i know the TSI VW engines. GTD and GTI are two schools of thought: someone choose the GTD for the fuel consumption…and it’s a mistake if you mod it. Someone choose the GTD for the torque, and it’s true but the GTI has a good engine and you can mod it for best values of torque and power. All two schools of tought are correct and good, in my opinion.. everyone can choos…the gearbox paddles not fixed on steering are a pain in the a**! someone can choose the diesel for the sound, not better but different…this one doesn’t sound like a diesel! It has a good sound but the petrol engine it’s unique. Someone choose the GTI for power delivery but this one, with this mods.. ..makes you forget the petrol engine. When the rpm increase you can hear the tipical diesel sound but..’s very aggressive, i swear. Everyone can choose what he prefer, the truth is that VW produce two good engines and cars too… ..and it’s difficult choose one of them… ..when you shift down it doesn’t seem a diesel! I’m really struggling to choose because i’ve tried both diesel and petrol engines.. this is the BADDEST diesel i’ve tried! Pay attention if you find it on roads! The ECU and DSG tunes made by Gmap are amazing! Extremely precise! (DM for more info.) The shifts are perfect, really precise, this is the right way to tune a car! I love it! It has a diesel engine but i don’t care. I repeat, everyone can choose what he prefer.. ..are both good version of the same car. The choose depends on subjective situations For someone the diesel it’s cheaper, everyone have different situations so it’s stupid generalize. If you want a good petrol engine, choose the GTI. If you want a lot of torque, choose the GTD. VW had create two very good types of car; One tries to overshadow the other and it’s not frequently of easy.. ..for a diesel it’s a good result, the GTD it’s a really good car, i swear. I’m really happy to have tried this car: i didn’t expect this power, i didn’t expect this value of torque! 530 nm! Insane! I didn’t expect all these things, i’m really happy after this test. I’m surprised.. ..i’m thinking! The GTI owners says: the GTD has a petrol engine, it’s rubbish… …..i don’t know…i don’t know. I haven’t tried the GTI mk7 yet but i turn off this GTD with a lot of doubts.. …it’s very powerful. Thanks for watching! Push the like button if you like it and subscribe to my Channel for more videos. Ciao!

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  1. MirkoGTI says:

    Diesel no dai…

  2. Peppe Gtd says:

    Questa Merita.

  3. Alessandro says:

    Ciao Gabriele! Ottimo video e spiegazione👍 Ke modifiche meccaniche al motore/cambio sono state fatte a questo GTD? Anch'io ce l'ho, del 2015 però non modificata

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