Ventrac at Hawk’s Nest Golf Course Ohio State ATI
Ventrac at Hawk’s Nest Golf Course Ohio State ATI

I’m Mark Smith I’m the golf course
superintendent at Hawk’s Nest golf course Ohio State ATI.
I’ve been superintendent for ten years we are currently owned by The Ohio State
University Ventrac has been a part of Hawks Nest
now for the last five years in many different capacities using it from the
contour deck to tough cut to turbine blowers to any attachment that we feel
we have needed to make the golf course successful. When we first took on Ventrac and the
contour deck it took a couple weeks to first realize we have people coming up
to us that they were done mowing on Wednesday afternoons. Well there is no
possible way because to get around the golf course with the white area mowers
was a day-and-a-half job. Well the Ventrac was capable of mowing about twice
the amount of area that we currently were mowing with a different piece of
equipment. He was mowing extra areas to keep the white area mowers out of which
in turn cut their job down by almost 10 hours a tractor. We’re capable now of
having everything mowed by Tuesday afternoon to go around the whole Golf
Course and that includes about 65 acres of you know short cut rough that those
tractors are working on. With Ventrac everything is trimmed during the week
it’s not left go because we didn’t have manpower or we ran into weather. Ventrac
is capable of doing it all for us and the presentation of the golf course at
the end of the week is a lot better. There’s no comparison on the market –
whatVventrac is capable of doing we’ve demoed a lot of equipment over the years
and nothing has been able to mow our lake banks and hillsides with the 4,500
tractor and the dual tires we’re able to mow about 95% of the areas on the golf
course. We have a lot of hillsides on our golf course that the Ventrac is capable
– most straight up and down those hills which used to be a push mower and a weed
eater job we have reduced about 25 hours a week of hand labor with the Ventrac. Our areas that are native are hillsides
and out-of-the-way areas on the golf course. Originally when the course was
built we weren’t going to maintain an additional 25 acres at two inch rough height so
we let it go up into a [inaudible] negative areas. Well what we found over the years
was using a tractor and a brush hog there’s a number of places that we could
not mow because of the hillsides. You know the tractor was just unsafe to go
mow those when Ventrac demonstrated the tough cut on their dual wheel tractor
and then being able to hold a 30 degree slope we can mow from the bottom of the
hill to the top of the hills without any worry of danger and we’re able to mow
all the the native areas down with the tough cut mower. With the Buffalo turbine blower equipped
with a dual wheel tractor we’re able to blow hillsides down, cart paths down, in a
timely manner. We run the dual wheel tractor and the Buffalo turbine blower
across greens leaving no tire tracks or footprints whatsoever. We can have greens
cleared off, greens mowers are able to follow and mow, there’s no holdup and
play and the areas that the tractor is capable of getting into with a mower
deck on it they can do the same thing with the Buffalo turbine on it and all
of a sudden we don’t send out backpack blowers anymore we take care of
everything with an operator on the seat safely on a Ventrac with the Buffalo
turbine blower. Being owned by The Ohio State University
we are always forced to look at alternative fuel options it’s one of the
first pieces of equipment that I saw in the golf industry that is capable
running on propane so people that are looking for an alternative fuel option
the only company that they can look to is Ventrac at the current time in the
market. It limits you in no ways of what the tractor is capable of doing, they’ve
just thought outside of the box and went into the propane model and probably the
thing of the future is going to become propane. When budgets are shrunk and the economy
is tight in the golf industry we’re all fighting for the dollar to replace a
piece of equipment. But when you can go to a board member, a greens committee, or
an owner and set down and tell them the value of one piece of equipment that I
don’t need to come back to you and ask for snow removal equipment I don’t need
to come back and ask for another tractor to be able to mow an area. Ventrac is
truly capable of taking care of 12 months of season of anything that needs
to be done in a golf course operation.

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  1. Jeremy B. says:

    cool mower but this Mark Smith subject sounds like the mower is so great that its cut many hours of work down .. in return people lose jobs .. thats the only downfall .. but i would def take one haha

  2. fred funk says:


  3. choctaw111 says:

    Ventrac is by far the best piece of equipment I have ever owned and is worth the money spent.

  4. James Harris says:

    They do! The KH500 Versa-Loader has a bucket, and optional accessories include a pallet fork and a post hole digger.

  5. Hien Bui says:

    sweet, i bet its pricey

  6. Richard Einstein says:

    You people should talk to John Deere about buying equipment to maintain their golf course where the John Deere Open is played.

    They are extremely serious about the maintenance at their golf course. They only want the best equipment so I think you may be able to sell many units. Of course you would need to paint them green/yellow to fit in.

  7. Big J’s BBQ says:

    If I ever get money, I'll get one of these for my uncle for his hay he gathers in Pennsylvania. He has a 100 acre plot with about 90% growing grass for hay he needs mowed. This looks like a great machine to do the job after watching about 10 videos. 

  8. Jilleman says:

    WHY am i watching this?
    It started with kittens..then this!?
    How…what happend?  

  9. CCcomics says:

    ■ ■ ■ |~□~■□~<□○[♥◇3○◇[]360■■•♡○👌👈

  10. Liam Roche says:

    Right yok

  11. Liam Roche says:

    Right yok

  12. Micah Jones says:

    Wait there is 12 months in a season?

  13. Ryan A Wilson says:

    Contact Hank Hill for all your propane and propane accessories needs.

  14. Mike L60 says:

    Awesome machine !

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