Vans UA Old Skool Laceless DX
Vans UA Old Skool Laceless DX

What is happening everybody, my name is Joe from and this is the Old Skool Laceless DX from Vans Vans is taking the Old Skool silhouette got rid of the laces and just created this clean silhouette Now this particular style has been whited out, no color on this shoe, just clean, crisp, white Now it is made out of a soft and leather here on the upper You’ve got that stretchy goring panel there, it turns these into the slip-on They’ve upgraded the cushioning in here and put UltraCush cushioning so these are gonna be really nice and the waffle tread is down low and it’s also been colored white I’m pretty sure these shoes can change your life, not sure how but you never know until you try, right? Choose this crisp and clean, do not come around very often, it’s also well balanced since you got this flip action look no look, umm…they’re from Vans

2 thoughts on “Vans UA Old Skool Laceless DX”

  1. Russell Chandler says:

    Does ua in vans means fake?

  2. jumjumana :l says:

    i want them sooooo bad

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