Vans AV Native American Low Black/White Review + On Feet

sup youtube its drahvinshd or Mario
whatever and today I’m reviewing the new vans that I got they’re called
the Vans AV native American I think and yeah I got these from Zappos they were a gift for Christmas my
brother just sent them to me and i got them yesterday yesterday I have him more in a mouse idea ever they fit fine and yeah very comfortable from but I one on BIOS is getting to it first of here in
the box you see custom a firm and England arm fend off the wall logo there on the side van swirls world number one skate bush’s camera
seekers to get there they see the sticker yes i know i a
small fee six and a half hour AV Native American
loesser name black way a yep and another size just vans number one Ganesh you ever and on
the top hat like this core design I guess I don’t I guess it’s
like this you and on the bottom assist the size chart isolation get into this you so here you see this you are becomes a black laces on but I to get
off to the also comes with white laces in a package %uh come to light becomes a white laces in this pack but
he/she issue very nice I love these days look so sick arm by air here you can see more severe
dislike a suede material by here light on this little
Partha I don’t know the material I guess it’s
like Candice and this is like a temple leather on a
few key see that very well but it’s like temple other an a at the
Waffle a also whatever and in so it’s like this ortho late know if you go to see that
it’s just assira happy you com it’s pretty much just like a nice soul very comfortable keep sushi from getting sweaty a guess arm naked to see
that they’re om year and often come with her a though of fans of the wall logo just sir the role cardboard thing and come but the van sticker of course
like all vendors do per year best for much no other tissues just advanced
issue armbar yep pretty much a i mean overall it’s a nice you I really love it arm yeah I mean a Howard suggest buying you they’re
really nice really comfortable and goods k shoes I mean I really been skating lately and
I don’t they amuse the ciskei cuz I just like how they look too much on a mess
them up but overall there a pretty nice you in our
Mac recommend buying them arm yeah now just cut to the heart feat mean it
wasn’t us need to listen call she needs us meals are seen it was in
los medios ball she needed a small arsenio hall us this game that’d make us feel like
I’m the man at me like that languages deal call my go home yeah train my bad market you can’t do it because I got my yeah minus good many that last text iraqi black and a member card

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