Vanoss – GTA有趣時刻:打手槍、高爾夫車、隱形火車錯誤(Jerking, Golf Cart, Invisible Train Glitch)中文字幕

and the stop everybody gonna clock remember how my car was black last episode yeah my car used to be black wow I don’t know what it died like this we’re not gonna die we’re in a golf cart calm down look a little runt are going inside the floor huh why we’re here with no you’re not even holding on to it I’m not holding it stood in the woods it already gopathra just holding my sister hot or cold you ready race for him got it you got it oh there fuck your whiplash I’m sorry but this thing looks like a scooter now and I’m just like somehow sitting on the side of it now this looks like the tumbler from Batman you know Batmobile but I come you’re badasses in this fucking motherfucker yeah we’re Batman okay man Batman the tumbler is unstoppable I don’t think we can drive it anymore look at the front tire get sideways charted it I’ll turn it no we’re gonna better I got this I got this just keep doing that will make a big wide turn you always say the taking a picture beside YouTube baby million views right here you literally look like you’re sitting on like a pile of trash with tires I can’t have a fancy car like you motherfuckers look little bit more more yeah that’s good totally do it oh god damn I’ll let you in goddamn oh shit oh shit it’s gonna work it’s nice right there you guys thank you we’ve been trying to kill this guy for the past 24 hours he’s not dying I’m never gonna die I’m gonna oh if I grenade you I wonder if I will protect you oh if my theory is correct for you’ll survive this okay okay this is grenade test you better be Craig one it better be a fucking great test if I die I’m going on to you for every bitch according to my calculations here you should be fine all right here we go shit I gotta run I never use it anybody punches me again is getting shamed so karate like as soon as you said next person who hits me is gonna get shanked I was like challenge accepted like half of the train is going what there’s just one Carter that’s the value in the train that just going what’s the fun it’s not there for me must be only there for you it’s pushing me okay that is that you just walked over that was awesome hair train oh I think it’s come in a good way here come everyone get ready preparatory master Asia Oh through the ring oh my god her heads are sticking out I can’t breathe trotting right now and boom goes the dynamite oh that car wasn’t the only thing that exploded just uh an ordinary day just chilling out here yeah just jerking off with the head the group you

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