UST Mamiya Recoil 65 Graphite Iron Shaft Review on SkyTrak
UST Mamiya Recoil 65 Graphite Iron Shaft Review on SkyTrak

Hi Guys, very excited for todays vlog, we
going to test out the UST Recoil 65 Graphite iron shaft by Mamiya. A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to try
this shaft out and was completely blown away with the results. The trajectory, the quality of shot and the
feel was amazing! So I got these put into my own heads, and
Golf Works Canada installed them in my Titleist AP2 716’s. So they are ready to be picked up at Golf
Works we are going to go grab then, then head to the studio, and hit a few shots to see
how they differ from the KBS Tour 90 shafts I had in there previously. Lets get going. I am really getting tired of winter, really. Anyways another 4 weeks until spring and we are heading to pick up some new shafts. Got the shafts, its like Christmas all over
again. Hey guys we are back in the studio here. We are going to hit a few shots with the new
shafts, in the Titleist AP2 716 heads, and then well gather some data and compare to
the KBS Tour 90 Steel shafts I had in these heads before. Lets get to work. They just feel so solid. Their lighter, only 65 grams as opposed to
the 90 grams in the steel So they feel that you have more control. You can really go after them without going
after them if that makes any sense. Just feels great. Alright so that is that. i took 5 shots in a row and I hit them all
relatively well so we can get some good numbers to compare and i will explain how they differed
from the KBS Tour 90 Steel shafts I previously had in this head. So lets go look at the data. Alright so i pulled up the data from the SkyTrak
from the 5 shots I hit, lets just go over a few numbers. Firstly Id like to say I wasn’t really going
after these because it was the first time hitting with them. I was really just concentrating on making
good contact and having a very similar shot every time to get a good sense of how they
differ from the steel shafts. My average swing speed was 79mph, slightly
lower then I hit with my 7 but again I am happy with the results. That average launch angle was 25.1 degrees. That is roughly 3 degrees higher then the
KBS steel shafts. The average spin rate was 6029 which is almost
identical to my steel shafts. So the spin rates did not really change much. The average height was 29 yards now that was
different, with the steel shafts my average height was 25 yards. So these launch higher and the apex is higher. This is the biggest area where I really like
this shaft is the dispersion, it was only 3 yards left on average as opposed to 7 which
I was having with the steel shafts. For me that is worth every penny right there. You are hitting them straighter, tighter dispersion
and you are going to hit more greens. Your misses won’t be as far off. Average total carry was 148 yards, which I
am quite happy with for a 7 iron and that is compared to 137 yards of carry with my
steel shafts. So extra 11 yards of carry while swinging
less aggressively. You can’t complain with that. The average total was 160 yards. I could get another 10 yards with this iron
easily if I swung a little quicker and more aggressive but I just wanted to get 5 consistent
shots to properly compare them with the steel shafts and I think I did that in
this session. So that is the data. Alright so now that we had a look at the data. I wanted to show you the shaft up close. There it is right there. It is a very nice looking shaft. It has a chrome plating on it so it kind of
looks like steel so if you have this ego thing where you don’t want to play graphite it hides
it well. I don’t really care its all about what performs
better and what feels better and this by far does. They feel great, nice soft feel, they react
like steel so they are not whippy where you loose control of them, like previous graphite
shafts. They have done a really good job with this
shaft in making it feel like steel but getting the benefits of graphite. As you can see 65 grams. UST has this rating, F1, F2, F3 and F4. F3 is regular, F2 is senior, F1 I believe
is ladies and F4 is stiff. So they have a ton of different options in
this line up. You can go on their website and actually do
a fitting right online and it will narrow it down depending on what you are looking
for in a shaft to 2 or 3 different shafts and from there go get fitted, try them out
and see what works best for you. This one in particular worked best for me. Another cool thing is when golf works installed
them, they installed them with the decal on the bottom so that way when your looking down
at the shaft, you don’t see the branding which is kind of cool. I like that. So thats pretty much all I have to say about
these. They are a great shaft, if you are looking
for any type of shaft we do carry shafts and can help you in your purchase so hit us up
with any questions, which your looking for and we will guide you in the right direction
and get you set up with the shaft that you want. Post your comments down below, give this video
a thumbs up, and subscribe to the channel if you like these videos on tips, drills and
cool stuff like this that we do, well see you on the next video.

6 thoughts on “UST Mamiya Recoil 65 Graphite Iron Shaft Review on SkyTrak”

  1. kori n says:

    what shaft brand/model/flex did you previously have,
    and what recoil flex did you end up purchasing as shown in the vlog? thanks.

  2. Steve Fowler says:

    Thank you, nice simple to the point review…I am considering that shaft in the new tailormade M4's I am considering.

  3. Under Par says:

    Good review buddy. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  4. 松田もしくろす says:

    Everyone says feel, but they don’t say what they mean by feel. Do you mean it feels comfortable? Do you mean it feels good? Do you mean it transmits exactly where you hit the ball on the club face? Do you mean it feels better than steel?

  5. Luke Warmwater says:

    Have you tried the 95gr shaft? I am coming from the Ping CFS R shaft that is 99gr I believe but would love to cut down on shock and maybe pick up a little speed. I already hit my S55s high so was thinking of going with the stronger lofted I210s with the Recoil shaft to try and maintain current trajectory.

  6. RD S says:

    What did the complete iron reshaft cost you ?

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