[SXVXN] Okay, I think I got it. [STORM] Wukong! I’m so jealous! [SXVXN] What is happening, everybody my name is SXVXN welcome back to a brand new a birthday llama opening video now? I have so many more tickets the first episode we did you guys absolutely adore it I’m joined once again by storm skronex and we also have my friend Deadeye in here today to react to whatever I get I’m screen-sharing to them on discord so they can see exactly what is happening live since the last video I want to say I finally got all of my leaders mythic I do need to work on the merchants and all that sort of thing But all my leaders for my survival squads are mythic and yes, I did open one llama by absolute accident It was complete fluke and you’re not gonna believe it. I actually got the skull trooper. Okay, where’s the skull trooper? There is right there. I managed to get him by completing a accident and I was so good I was like, I wish I did this live in the video in the last video All you guys went nuts because you were like no way Did you in one video? open up all the llamas and get the survivors that you needed to basically get this which is the pumpkin launcher and yes thankfully to All the amazing people who said in the comments go do it I trade the new in and I got the pumpkin launcher as well from the first opening So let’s get straight into it and start opening a bunch of llamas. Let’s do it Okay, we got ten – claim for now But as you can see when I go to my armory, I record my resources I have 19,000 nearly 20,000 tickets and I also have a bunch of other spare llamas in the 12 that are opened So let’s open 10 birthday llamas now. Let’s see what we get. Boom. Yes I would like to spend some I know mine are being grind in buying loads of llamas to get this. Alright, come on What’s the first one obviously we get the basics So in the speed to those basic ones and some legendarys and mythics. I got a copper tiger nice – Okay, Oh which one do I go for energy thief? Mari or the Highland warrior Wildcat, okay So the energy thief Maria I think that’s a one that’s an older one The Highland warrior Wildcat is the one that I’d know from BR. So that is a newer one, but I don’t have many ninjas so I’m gonna go for the energy thief for these testing but I which one would you go for [STORM] Get the ninja. [SXVXN] Ok I’ll go for ninja I made some grave mistakes in the last open. Okay. I do apologize I skipped on the Ghoul trooper by accident so got two cards. I’m happy with those two. No, I’m gonna have Google by my side just to make sure I go through [STORM] Holy Google! [SXVXN] Google Will be my friend today guys. I promise you that Skull Trooper Jonesy… i’ll go for it obviously. It’s a skull trooper. Hello, it’s gonna copper pulverizer or the copper hack axe. I’m gonna go for pulveriser I think. The hack axe does But This pulveriser a it’s kind of like the nailer doesn’t it. It looks like it’s feel like it’s a hydraulic weapon Everyone kicked off about me not picking up in the hydraulic. Alright, so there’s a hydraulic weapon. That’s not bad Hey, we’ve got a skull trooper that’s, that’s two skull troopers now I’ve got so that the legend and the epics that’s pretty dope [STORM] and if you get to stick and put them in your collection book [SXVXN] Yeah. Yeah. Well exactly. All right if we double up then I’ll collection book. Oh, the HYDRA Dude! [STORM] That’s what you wanted as well! [DEAD] What was that. What was that? [SXVXN] that was a hydra – Sorry I skip through I shouldn’t have man. I went straight past it I’ll show the characters the hydras are really good gun. Mate I’m just going off to the comments. You guys tell me everything, you know, let me know What is the best thing that I do get at the end? Okay. I’ve got the epic version It pretty much seems to be given me the epics so shotguns or snipers? [Skronex] Shotgun? [SXVXN] Yeah, I’ve already got it or Is that the obliterator think it is I’ve already got that. Okay, well neither of these They are both rubbish, yeah. They are both rubbish. I’ll… I’ll go for the shotgun. Okay, Oh [STORM] Oooooo… [SXVXN] Vacuum tube revolver. I need he can I knew he’d get a rifle but didn’t they could get revolvers. I’ve got a right Yeah, I’ve got a rifle one not the revolver. [STORM] You got that blue. [SXVXN] Okay, that’s a newest one Ohhhh I got it, I got the new crossbow! That doesn’t exist in good BR anymore, man, yo shane. [STORM] They took that out. [SXVXN] Remember me and Shane made a video on that to sit on it. That’s good. I need that Oh New tech burst, okay, I think you know the first time we played with the the crossbow It makes the dink sounds and it goes and it makes this like Heww P ping sound [DEAD] Sorry SXVXN What does it do again? [SXVXN] I had to make that Sound I’m sorry, I just can’t replicate that Assassin Sarah. I’ve seen both of these Oh good old ken. Oh… I got the Santa One. [STORM] I got that… I got that yesterday! [SXVXN] I think I’ve got the dragon sniper I think. [STORM] Now for power pack that [SXVXN] maybe I’m not sure then it’s not that I might actually have it I know my mate has it for sure Epic Scope Mate… No one wants that. Oh. that’s the epic version. We got a defender, that’s okay. OHHH! Yes! [STORM] That’s in my collection book I put it in the other day [SXVXN] why would you put that in dude this Easter Egg launcher? [STORM Yeah, but I could take it out whenever. [SXVXN] Mate It’s so much fun guys. Someone gave me a hundred and six level of that it. It literally wrecked the storm shield defenses. [STORM] will I might? Might have to pull it back. [SXVXN] helium shotgun or the copper scavenger. I have no idea. Yeah, helium shotgun. I’ll go for that one by the way copper by the way Shane they all are copper and [STORM] I know. I know. I realised [SXVXN] What’s this, please please please Ooo we’re selecting. [STORM] Mythic Please. [SXVXN] Hazard The 13th Or BASE Hype. [DEAD EYE] Hazard The 1st Hazard The 13th… [SXVXN] Hazard The 13th. It does tell a story we’ve just google it is one out of the three main ones that you can actually choose at the time of the Halloween update. You got the Ghoul Trooper, Hazard The 13th and one billy had the mummy kind of figure. Take the Hazard The 13th, we’d be crazy not too. [Music Plays] That’s so good. Come on, come on, come on. Let’s fly through these. We got junkyard. We got the epic, I just want the legendary man. To be fair though if we get epics, we can upgrade them if we want too. So we got the Gunner Grizzly or the trailblazer. I think I’ll go both of these. I’ll take whichever one, I think this one’s the female. Oh it’s the male I’ve already got him anyway. Nice one, thanks anyway. Wwww, What? [STORM] That’s Cool. [SXVXN] The Buzzcut! Look at the damage on that. I’m just waiting for the legendary man. Well, yeah, it’s a choice it’s a choice. Gotta make the right choice. [STORM] There you go left! [SXVXN] Easily this one because this one is the one everyone was kicking off. That didn’t select We did it guys and girls we managed to get both the skull trooper and the ghoul trooper all in one BANG! Yes man, let’s go! Oh, yeah, dude, if we get back we get old triple Halloweens dude. [STORM] This is Halloween Halloween [SXVXN] This is Christmas right now. It’s my birthday. Oh, yeah, let’s go Thomas Oooo…. Santa Claus Sarah Claus… Whaaatt? [DEAD] How weird was that? [SXVXN] Maybe we try Christmas. It’s Christmas time! (laughs) [DEAD] Maybe talking about Halloween it might come through. [SXVXN] Oh, I feel a bit scared guys. I feel like oh, all right I think it’s a bit freaky that kind of Halloween Stephanie about guys watching what? What, pipe down lads. [STORM] It’s definitely Christmas. [SXVXN] The game’s telling me something, I’m telling you man. (laughs) I can’t help it – it’s nearly midnight yet. I’m excited. All right trailblazer. I don’t want you. [STORM] I’m so exicted [SXVXN Yes! We needed that one, we needed that one. Vaccum Tube Sword! [STORM] Wait did you get that last video? [SXVXN] No, no, no all new dude. The only thing I think I have already had before was the sniper the Chinese New Year don’t even think I I don’t even know. Don’t mind whichever one man – to me whatever. It’s just blues I’ll trade them for XP! Spitfire. Oh My god, no! No Way! I was got a famas. What is this? so I’ve managed to get the epic and legendary skull trooper and the ghoul trooper Know what dude this is nuts Vaccum tuber, and the epic version of that. Oh And that was the other one I missed that one. That was the one that was on. Yeah [SKRONEX] The one you chose instead of the skull trooper. [SXVXN] Yeah, yeah, yeah that was on the right side of it. [SKRONEX] It wasn’t the skull trooper it was ghoul trooper I’ll skip through these won’t get epic Bring it up bring it up. Bring it up. Crank it out. Outlander will go out Outlander. I don’t have many Outlanders I think I’m definitely up more ninjas now, even if we just get like the epic version or something so shock specialist That one I’m gonna go for this one cuz I think I’ve got the let yeah, I’ve got the legendary in that one Snow stalker job to you, aren’t you? [STORM] Haven’t got one Oh That’s the one everyone kicked off about! [SXVXN] Everyone was like yo Why didn’t you take that shotgun took really good shotgun and I got roasted because I didn’t choose it in the last video Did it made it? Honestly, you have no idea the comments helped so much you guys leave your opinions below Don’t be too harsh. Right man. I got feelings got feelings. Let’s see. What else? Let’s go Outlander again Just in case, I’m given an another golden opportunity I got deadeye, there’s you mate. What is with these hydraulic looking weapons The thing is this isn’t even the end of it. There’s lag up in there. I don’t even know what this is, dude This is this isn’t even the end. Yes good, good, good, good. [STORM] You get anything out of the epic? [SXVXN] That’s not even a shotgun dude that’s an AR, Okay… [STORM] Get the rabbit. [SXVXN] Rabbits the easter one and then Highlands is the new one, the rabbit gonna be an older one. So that means it’s rarer than that one. Let’s go rabbit raider. [SKRONEX] Rabbit Raider! [SXVXN] Woo, let’s go All right, we’re back at the birthday llamas with a seven more of them. I opened 27 birthday llamas right? Okay Ken mate thanks. Mate. Appreciate you Epic oh because the epic one dude is given with the efforts of everything. I get legendary. That’s mad. Damn buster Don’t know if that’s good. [DEAD] Ham Buster? [SXVXN] No, no, no.. dam! (laughs) Shane’s muted by the way, hydraulic pistol vs a scavenger semi auto shotgun. [SKRONEX] Go for that. [SXVXN] Na its hydraulic man the one I want to go for I want to keep to the hydraulics everyone’s keeps telling me. Yeah, everyone keeps telling me off one for the hydraulics. Oh, yes. We got another one of them. Oh We got it. We got it. We got the Highland warrior the one that we’d be avoiding and like over and over again (laughs) Let’s speed through these ones. Okay, we’ve got BASE Hype that was the one. Oh, We got another one of that one Vindertech Jolter! (inaudible) [STORM] I got that as well. I’ve got it [SXVXN] I’ve never seen it. [DEAD] It’s gold, [SXVXN] It’s just a gold llama, It’s just a gold llama, just a standard gold one I think actually this could be a trial stash one. Oh Oh yeah! This is- [STORM] You got it. Wait whats that? [SXVXN] Siege Breaker (inaudible) All right. We’re back to Birthday, back to birthday right? Here we go! [STORM] SXVXN It’s your birthday now! [SXVXN] Trailblazer nice! Okay, we’ve got a choice. So these are the ones that are important Dragons fist I’m gonna go for the hammer, I think [SKRONEX] Oh mann. [SXVXN] But the dragon is part of the Chinese New Year vindetech doesn’t it Pull I’m pretty sure Vindertech is like one of the og sort of style weapons. This is the Chinese New Year weapon All right. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s Chinese New Year Dragon [STORM] Yeah I know Yeah I’m going vindertech boom, yes, boys. All right. We got one. We got one more? No maybe two more? This might be the last one. I’m not sure. Is this the last one? Why is it making us choose blue? That’s weird, [STORM] Lucky at the start now you’re going into blues All the time nice make it good [SXVXN] Pffft! Ummmm… Hydraulic swords copper lightning pistol a lightning- [SKRONEX] Hydraulic Sword! [SXVXN] Hydraulic sword already gotten piston. I think I’ve got the sword That’s I’m gonna go a lightning pistol because I think I’ve already got the sword in epic. I mean legendary. Ok we got defender. Thunderstrike Scorch! OH DUDE! [STORM] I think he’s the best. [SXVXN] Is he the best ninja? I’m sure, I’m sure scorch is the best but then he’s like an upgraded version of scorch! [STORM] Yeahh. [SXVXN] We’ll have to wait and see This is the last llama, wish us luck come on! I mean, we’ve already had a great luck anyway, so I can’t complain. [STORM] Hey! Deadeye Again. [SXVXN] Ok… I think I got another one [SKRONEX] WUKONG!!! [STORM] Nooo… WUKONG! I’m so jealous… (all moaning) [SXVXN] Yes Dude! What a way to finish it! You okay billy? [SKRONEX No I’m not… [SXVXN] I got enough to get one more llama dude. (laughs) This is insane dude! Is if I would get the Wu Kong from what I thought was the last one I’ll just go beat. Okay. I think I Whoooo… [STORM] And… you get that as well… Wow! [SXVXN] Thank you so much for watching. [DEAD] Skronex is jealous! (laughs) [SXVXN] Deadeye I don’t know what your saying! You don’t even play save the world… (all laughing) [DEAD] I’ve been watching you opening llamas actually. Makes me want to play save the world [SXVXN] You should play Save The World Guys in the comments if you are watching right now tell deadeye to play save the world It’s amazing! Anyway Storm, Skronex, Deadeye thank you and guys once again than SXVXN Squad out there much love. Make sure you like comment and subscribe. Take care al! [Outro Plays]

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