UNC Asheville’s Disc Golf Course
UNC Asheville’s Disc Golf Course

Hey everyone. I’m Shawn Robinson, intern at
North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness, here on our very own UNCA’s campus. Out on a brisk, February morning about
to play a little bit of disc golf with some friends of mine. Over half of all college students aren’t
getting enough exercise. As part of the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness, we’re trying to show you ways you can stay healthy and active here on our campus. I don’t really like going hiking or just running and logging miles, but this is a great way that’s driven, and it’s a fun way to get out with your friends and enjoy a good game of disc golf and get yourself some exercise. So we just finished our round of disc golf. The great thing about UNCA’s course is there’s only six holes. So for the uninitiated, for the beginner, it’s a great start to see if it’s something that you like. It ends right here next to the Robinson building, and starts over next to Brown, the admissions. If you do like it, if it is something you enjoy, luckily, UNCA is located less than a mile away from one of the premiere disc golf courses in North Carolina at the Richmond Hills Inn, just right up the road.

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