Unboxing The Golf Club PS4
Unboxing The Golf Club PS4

Hello YouTube people here is your friend
powermafia. Today I’m going to show you some
golf games that I have and do the unboxing in game I bought are all
golf games I think I like golf a little this one from the Mega Drive pebble beach golf link we have here digital
in the Nintendo 3DS Let’s Golf on the Nintendo 3DS we have here in PS Vita hot shot Golf guy
likes golf. And today’s unboxing is this game of
Golf Club playStation 4 I will open for you first hand. I’ll tell you that doing this sometimes is complicated
you get the game and have to stay waiting to be able to record a thing
expectation then we have the game the game Claro, We have here the ebook they sent here. It is in Portuguese even has access code
to withdraw an e-book for free. Here is the manual I think this is the first
sealed PS4 game I buy, specified here we only have another one and information. I think it’s the same manual but it’s in English So is this is fast today only you have enjoyed the video the strong hug of
your friend PowerMafia for you.

6 thoughts on “Unboxing The Golf Club PS4”

  1. Nerd Frustrado says:

    O pessoal não curte muito games de golf, mas eu acho bem legal. É tipo de jogo que dá para jogar de boa.
    E tem muitos jogos legais de golf por aí! Igual esses que você mostrou.
    Legal esse do unboxing de PS4. Primeiro lacrado mesmo? Eu acho que passarias horas jogando.
    Bem legal, vai gameplay dele?

  2. Dan Azevedo says:

    Jogos de Golf são legais. Curto bastante. Jogo no GTA V kkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Vai trazer gameplay desse game?? Abraço!

  3. JogaPredas says:

    Eh sempre maravilhoso abrir coisas novas, neh, mano? Ainda mais quando são games e consoles! Nada paga aquela sensação de sentir o cheirinho de coisa nova! Like 3!
    Forte abraço do amigo Predas! 🖖



  5. Allan Taipalus says:

    I wish everyone in this world was as kind and goodhearted like you are Rod 🙂 Then it would be paradise on earth 🙂

    I never really enjoyed golf games though i must admit 😊
    hopefully one day i can take a vacation to brazil and we could play some games 😊😊

  6. Sérgio Ayres says:

    Golf eu gosto de jogar nos games e acho que vou gostar de jogar na vida real, mas nunca curti assistir na tv kkkk Curioso isso

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