These experiments are performed by trained and formed people. For your safety, do not try these at home. Last time, we did that on a turret. This time, better buckle-up. Yes folks, the potato gun is back on the channel, with the Golfator (golf canon)! The Golfator is a cannon made entirely with metal and it better be, given this one runs on oxy-acetylene. If you remember right, I already blew up a car with this. It is built with a 2cm (1″) thick chamber, custom-made carbon steel adapters, a cannon that perfectly fits with the projectile, which is first going to be golf balls. So we’ve got a lot of items to have fun with, mugs, a nice little doll, TVs, a microwave, a whole lot of sweet stuff, I think you’ll love it. Big thanks to ManoMano, they’re a big hardware website – you can check them out in the description below for supporting me in this project, big shout-out. So they brought these two Phantom cameras – yeah because one isn’t enough. The Phantom Onyx V2640, apparently there’s only 3 in the world, it’s the most powerful one out there. And a Phantom VEO 640S which is also a beauty. For comparison, this one’s about 5x as powerful as my Chronos camera and the other one… 15x, 20x as powerful? That’s madness! For this first show, we’ll shoot above a Chrony, that’s a device made to measure bullet velocity. So we’ll shoot above it, and we can have a first look at the slow-motion with these big puppies. So let’s go, first shot. Measuring speed with Phantoms… Go! That’s what I’m talking about! Oh it went into error mode, it didn’t make it. Never mind, we’ve got the high speed! I wanna see the slow-mo! [Speed: 525ft/s – 360mph] The first slow-mo shots are already awesome But with the heat and all that, I feel like the tank has a hard time releasing its oxygen properly, so we need to add more for the next shots. And now we can move on to the real experiments. For this next experiment we moved the big Phantom over here and we’re about to shoot at a thin metal sheet and we hope to get a nice vibration, a ripple that propagates on impact. Alright, shooting at the sheet… 3… 2… 1… You can even see the patter of the golf ball! It’s not even loosing speed. And all the sparks hitting… Oh that’s awesome! Hey Remy… Why is there always snow in Lorraine (north-eastern France) even though it’s super hot? I can’t stand it anymore… Let’s go again with a yellow ball this time into the cannon, straight to the the TV – so, these guys over there think it’s gonna go through, I say it’s gonna bounce back. And the Onyx is set to 1920×720, a pretty narrow format at 18,000fps. Ok, shooting the TV… In 3… 2… 1… Oh, poor ball! Now that’s a trophy! So, I want something fresh. Like a watermelon.
– Yes! Which is probably not so fresh anymore but… It’s for science. It’s too hot! Last time with the potato gun we had some very amazing shots, and it was only 4,000fps, this time it’s gonna be 19,000, it’ll be amazing. Shooting two watermelons with a golf ball… Fire! Hey but we can eat the second one!
– Yeah we can eat it! Well, the other one’s gone. Vaporized. Dude I’m telling you there were two! I didn’t see that, look, there’s just one. It’s weird how they disappear… Wanna check the slow-mo to see how it vanished? Yeah! It’s sucking on the inside! Now that’s some good slow-mo! But it’s so pretty!
– So ugly! So we’ve got this doll, it’s pretty… Horrible. We need to smash it, I think we’ll place a massive INP or some metal stuff there, we’ll make sure it’s wedged and we’ll send it right in her snout. The body is gonna stay in place, it’s just the head. Pop! Only the head comes out, that’d be awesome! Alright, see you ma’am, and don’t ever come back and haunt our nightmares! 3… 2… 1… – It didn’t move! The head flew away, I saw it! It didn’t budge! [Demonic cries] – Oh it’s disgusting, look at the small hole at the back! It’s totally cursed now, it’s possessed! We’re reflecting some light, because we’re gonna shoot at 40,000fps with the big boy, and we’ll shoot this golf ball… Strait at this sturdy piece of steel. The goal here is to see how much we can crush the ball, and that’s gonna be interesting I guess. 3… 2… 1… So the ball turned into dust, it’s over. No, I think I saw a chunk fly over here. Found it! – But what happened? That’s a hard hit… How original, ExperimentBoy! We’ve got a microwave, but we’ll also swap barrels on the Golfator and turn it into a can-cannon, Yep, we’re shooting a soda can again. But this one should have a little more… And the cameras have a little more… See? Shooting a full can at the microwave… 3… 2… 1… Wow, that’s a huge explosion! The can exploded inside the barrel, there’s so much – it’s too big! It pushes so hard! What’s crazy on the Onyx shot, is that you can see the explosion… And slowly after, the shock wave vibrates the microwave. We’re not stopping here with the microwave failure that we just drenched with coke, I think now we need to end this with a bang as they say, by showing you what happens if you use this gas mix… in a standard PVC spud gun. You know, what I’ve always told you not to do? Well, we’re doing it. Yeah! So we’ll blow up this old potato gun, that we patched for the occasion. Remy, ready to sacrifice your potato gun for science? Nah I don’t want to! It’s a relic!
– My head’s so hot! – Yeah I’m hot! We need to be far away from that one. Ok let’s go! PVC potato gun filled with acetylene, in 3… 2… 1… That’s why you don’t want to do it kids, get it? Let’s have a look at what’s left! Did you find a piece?
– Yeah but it’s a fitting, it’s even worse! The whole thing blew up! Even the plank got shredded! This was attached to the plank! These things always work! – I think our potato came out!
Did it? – It works, but it’s one-shot.
Where is it? We placed a golf ball inside, it must be gone now! I really want to see that. – Yes! Congrats! There you go guys, now you know why I need a Phantom in my own house. Hey, don’t you steal it huh! Oh actually – ok grab this one, I’ll take this one. One, two, three! Again a huge thanks to the guys at Love High Speed, you can check them out in the description and their beautiful cameras. It’s leaving home now… Big thanks to ManoMano also for supporting this project, without whom we couldn’t do it. Well then, I think we’ve got chunks to sweep… I’ll just pick up my TV and go then! See ya! This video contains 23,060 images. On every shot, the Phantom V2640 captured 72,000 and turned 4s of real time into 48 minutes of video.

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