Ultimate Florida Golf Trip, Hammock Beach Ocean Course, Fountain of Youth & St. Augustine Distillery

On this episode, we’re going to check out an incredible Jack Nicklaus masterpiece on the Atlantic Ocean called Hammock Beach.
We’re going to sip some bourbon at the St. Augustine Distillery. And we’re going to seeif the Fountain of Youth will really make us young. Are you ready to come
along for the journey? Let’s Play Thru! I’m Gabriel Aluisy, founder of the
Private Clubs Agency, and I’m lucky enough to travel to the most exclusive
golf destinations around the world. I’m taking my crew on the road with me
and you’re coming along too. On this show we play the most amazing golf courses,
uncover the tastiest local food and craft cocktails and we explore the
culture of each city. Welcome to Let’s Play Thru. Alright, we’re on our way to Hammock Beach. What do you know about Hammock Beach, Wade? Uh, I know that it’s a very desirable location and I”m pretty excited to play it. Have you ever stepped up onto the
tee box of your dream golf destination and you just couldn’t hit one shot right? This ocean course is supposed to be
phenomenal and very scenic. I’m excited to give it a whack and see how we do. The
Ocean Course at Hammock Beach is a stunning Jack Nicklaus design on
Florida’s east coast. It’s immaculately maintained and
features The Bear Claw – 4 jaw-dropping finishing holes right on the Atlantic
Ocean. It’s as challenging as it is picturesque. In addition to the great
golf, there’s a resort pool complete with a lazy river, waterslide, beach pool, a spa and dining options (wow) from formal to
casual and enough activities to keep the entire family entertained indefinitely.
It’s a hidden gem and one of my favorites in all of Florida. When people
think of like Florida golf destinations I don’t think Hammock Beach is in that
conversation very often but it really should be.
Hammock Beach is secluded but there are a lot of ways to get here. Our drive from
Orlando was just under two hours. Marianne Nicholson is the club’s membership director and she’s our host for the weekend. First of all just tell me what
you love about Hammock Beach. Well we opened in 2004 ,we’re located on two and
a half miles of beautiful oceanfront here so we offer two courses to play on.
We have spa, restaurants, tennis, social events for members. So you guys
actually had a huricane can come through was it 2015 and Matthew? Or what year did that come through? 2016, it devastated our ocean course. You re-sodded everything right? You
put like a special type of grass I think? Right, yeah, it’s called platinum Paspalum
and it’s saltwater tolerant. We could actually water our Golf Course with saltwater. Do you actually do that? No. Oh, okay. Well you could if you wanted to. How
often do you get out there and golf yourself? Oh, not enough, hahaha. We’re gonna make you golf today. Oh no, you don’t want that, hahaha. Our room was ready, so now it was time to
check in and see the digs. Pretty serious gee this is nice
I like the private elevator that’s a sweet touch the rooms a hammock each are fantastic
we have a three bedroom suite with a beautiful big kitchen and living room we
even had an office but nothing beats the view check out the pool man lazy river
look at the golf course it looks perfect so by this time my boys are ready to hit
the golf course so it’s time to do it last year in 2011 so you got the golf
outfit you’re looking the part oh yeah I got plenty about fit you told
me that you’re not gonna play but I think we’re gonna find a way to at least
have you take a couple of shots will you okay
yeah we’ve been practicing on the flip courses that’s good speed Oh
oh nice play nice maron can we get you to play a little meeting off them I love
it she knows her style if you’re not gonna play well at least got to look
good so green I see like what’s it like just to come to work for the paradise
every day it’s wonderful I’m gonna have to pinch myself people get jealous it’s
like your Instagram and stuff I do that’s why I do it
yeah if you watch enough YouTube you think
that everyone buys all the top gear has the best equipment but sometimes you
just got to be real so my clubs have you seen these things see right get them
from the flea market they’re the only ones that carry this brand I feel like
feel that the way they grip real cowhide well it’s not though it’s a big it’s
fake how much name there like 9 10 bucks it’s
a it’s a they’re a company out of um I think they’re just I got a China that so
they’re real cheap but I really I got I got one there they go I’ve never liked
this glove you know great the closest of the pin for a beer tonight close to the
pin for a beer oh sure not too bad looks like 10 or 12 feet I’d
say see what would you normally play that club distance at that shot probably
where’s my 50 – I got 58 I just don’t like having a full swing with it okay
I’m terrible he’s on he’s on that puts a little pressure on me puts a little bit
of pressure on me did I mention I didn’t play well we’re trying to get up and
down and I’m gonna have you putted is that okay okay you think you got this
one yeah Oh buddy cuz you can do I guess yeah I
guess I’m gonna let if I could have landed it about foot shorter than it
would have been really ideal use this yep you got the pink glove on the pink
this is all you Marian pretty good I think she’s got this guy’s yes get in there Marian you knew you had
it in you did yeah you know what today is my day I’m feeling it that is my partner right there all day
center of the cup Reaper do you moonlight at like a mini golf course or
something she’s got a second job we don’t know about the putt-putt course guys what did you think in a day that
was just unbelievable I can’t get over this course it’s just I can da where you
go between all the beach scenery you know and the layout it’s just there’s a
lot of take in as gorgeous it’s just so green like the blue on green it’s just
beautiful yeah thank you so much for having us out here can’t wait to give
back yeah Pat what do you think man after we had our fill of golf it was
time to go off property and head up to st. Augustine our first stop was the
Fountain of Youth where I’m joined by dr. Roger Smith who’s gonna give us a
tour of the Fountain of Youth dr. Roger what are we in store for well
first of course we’re going to see the actual Fountain of Youth
how do we know that this is the actual site of the Fountain of Youth well the
one thing to keep in mind is that Ponce de Leon was never ever searching for a
Fountain of Youth okay he was searching for an island to
inhabit and to claim and to possess and to govern he was looking for Native
American slaves gold silver spices he was a conquistador where’d the myth of
the family of you come from them on the way back to and again this is from the
earliest writings that we have was written in 1601 by antonio herrera and
according to him on the way back to Hispaniola they they heard from the
different tiny no Indians on the different islands oh if you go to that
Island over there yeah there’s a spring of eternal life and eternal youth and
everything so but again it’s just how mythology and legend builds especially
in that time the same thing with this idea the concept of a Fountain of Youth
just just in my room that’s awesome I’m ready to
drink the water all right wait let’s drink some water
all right let’s all right give a little Cheers we say and say nothing
Viva first react elope I want to live if I want to be young that bad yeah there’s
so much to see and do around the Fountain of Youth from watching a
blacksmith craft colonial nails to firing period weaponry and watching the
amazing wildlife that’s found all over the property there’s something for
everyone here now that the waters from the Fountain of Youth primed our pump it
was ready for something just a little bit harder so we headed over to the st.
Augustine distillery and met with Matt Stevens their general manager for a
private tour the people have never had like Florida bourbon like what are some
of the characteristics did the flavor profile
the Florida bourbon is gonna be a lot different because we’re using Florida
corn and Florida wheat to be a bourbon the house of an aged and Merrill has not
been previously used okay so it’s got to be a virgin very big drop
lady there’s three big rules a America yep urban is American spirit B is the
barrel has to be aged in a barrel and the Chocolate we used to use right and C
is the corn content and your master has to be at least 51% point and the unique
thing about our temp temperature here in Florida if you look you see the where
the liquid came in time which was risky and it’s soaks really deep into the
grain while because of the temperature here amorta climate has a lot to do it
then we learned that right we started off doing this in 25 gallon barrels
because it ages faster and that’s what we thought would be a good thing
a bad thing is that age is way too fast in Florida okay so we are only doing 50
threes now because what happens in that 25 gallon barrel is really strong
keynote so it is good right some people like that so we’re getting more well
balanced we just have to go with the 53 only and that three-year mark right now
is it seems to be the how often are you tasting just to kind
of see where you’re at and making sure that you get something consistent out of
the flavor they’re tasting pretty regular gonna pull barrel samples a lot
sample so go ahead and take a whole lot and just pull samples and see where
they’re at so you want to try it where you go you should think we should I
think you actually yeah the color difference there it’s a little caramel
color to it it’s almost like a little hint of purple in there too it’s it’s a
little bit longer in a barrel and that barrel had wine in it yeah therefore
you’re gonna get the influence for that there you get it right in the nose
already sweet all that got sweet taste in the beginning and then the finish is
nice and powerful it’s 102 proof yeah you taste it it’s got more of the
aftertaste as more of a little bite and I like that yeah now we’re gonna try the
old-fashioned which is one part old-fashioned that’s four parts are
bourbon sugar rice very simple all right we salute oh wow that’s great
a lot of old-fashioned Jews and that’s one of the best yeah one more important
question for you Matt how do you drink your bourbon glass of course we had to
take a few bottles home drink I now that experience hammock beach what’s next on
our hit list Wade where do you want to play man a man if we’re talking locally
in Florida I would love to go to Bay Hill I played there before with you and
you know that’s that’s my favorite horse so where would you like to see us play
next make sure you let us know in the comments make sure to subscribe and ring
the bell and we’ll catch you back on the next episode of let’s play through

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