♪♪ Welcome to “Golf Life.” Today on “Golf Life,” we’re gonna show you
four amazing golf courses right here in our backyard. Picture this. You fly into Denver International Airport. You get here, at the Omni Interlocken Resort. You play two courses in the Front Range. Then you drive west and you play two more
courses in the Vail Valley. This right here is the Interlocken Golf Club. ♪♪>>The three courses — the Vista,
Sunshine, and Eldorado combinations. We have 400 feet of elevation change from
the top of the course to the bottom. So, the views are spectacular at the top,
and then you go down to the bottom, where our resort is, you get a different level of
experience. We have five sets of tees, for all levels
of golf, which is fantastic. And then we also have family tees and junior
tees for those juniors, ’cause we’re here to promote the game of golf. So, the flow and the contour, how they utilized
this ridge, this hill where we’re standing on right here really — They didn’t really
do a whole lot of work. They used the contour of the hill. So it really kind of flows nicely all the
way from the top to the bottom. And, like I said before, the highest point
of elevation between Denver and Boulder is on the property, so it’s just spectacular
to see how they utilized that and coordinated that so you can see all the way up the Front
Range. You can see the tower at D.I.A. And then you can see all the way up to Longs
Peak right here, which is just spectacular. You start from the bottom, you start from
the Eldorado, and then you work your way up. And then you go to Sunshine, and you’re almost
there. And then you go to Vista and you’re at the
peak, and the sense of accomplishment not only for the game of golf, but for life in
general and just to be on top of the hill and experiencing this beauty of Colorado and
the beauty of the Front Range — there’s no better place. If you like to travel and you’re looking for
a place for your group, your wedding, or even your bachelor party, you know, what better
way to come to a golf course with 27 holes? If you’re looking for the ultimate group experience,
Interlocken is the place for you. It’s an honor to work at such a beautiful,
beautiful property. I mean, I can’t say enough of — The views
that we have here, it is so unique to the Front Range of Colorado that you won’t experience
this golf anywhere in the Front Range. And I’m — Obviously, it shows why I’m still
here for 19 years, because the passion is here. I love the people. I love the people I work with. I love the members and guests. At the end of the day, the members and guests,
and if we treat them with the respect and the hospitality, they’re gonna come back for
life. I have great relationships that I’ll treasure
for a lifetime. So, as a property, obviously, the beauty sells
itself, but the people that I work with, the people that we work day in and day out with
and the guests — The guests make it so much fun. And, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re
here for in hospitality is for our guests and our members. If you want to learn more about this beautiful
property, please visit us on ♪♪>>
As you make your way through Denver’s Front Range, there’s one place you need to stop. It’s right here in Golden, Colorado, home
of the Coors Brewery. This is Fossil Trace Golf Club. Legendary architect Jim Engh created a beauty
here. We got fossils. We got golf. Let’s go check it out. ♪♪ ♪♪>>There’s great golf courses
in this state, but there’s not a whole lot that are like this. Being just 20 minutes from downtown Denver,
as a whole, the golf course itself is spectacular. The views that you get along the Front Range
are absolutely amazing. It’s hard to describe without seeing it. But the terrain being very vertically challenged
up and down. You’ve got the valleys to look through, the
mountain scene that you see from the golf course itself. I mean, it’s just — Visually, it’s just stunning. You want something memorable. You want to go away going, “That was awesome.” And it’s not just because of hole number 12,
but it’s — You’re talking about the number-one starting hole in the state for the last several
years. Somebody else was talking about 12. Somebody’s talking about how they got home
in two on 18. It’s not just one hole. It’s 18 holes worth. When you put them all together, you walk away
going, “What just happened? That was just crazy-good.” And this game is supposed to be fun, and that’s
what we hear people say all the time is, “I didn’t necessarily score well, but, man, I
had more fun than I’ve had in a long time playing this game.” Broadway shows, concerts, all four major sports
teams, world-class skiing one day, and the very next day, you could be playing golf here
on perfect conditions. What would you want to experience in your
life — Denver offers all of those. And it’s all right here within a short distance
and a short drive. I don’t know another place that you could
do that around the country. It’s phenomenal.

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