“How did that make you feel?” Actually, you
know what, now I’m starting to feel kinda cocky.
Sarcasm still strong. I’m starting to feel really arrogant, and I don’t know, I
might… by the end of the night, I might turn into an *oof*. No ice on the car, but
there’s a freaking bird turd. Alright, so today, I’m gonna be going to Dapper Gents
to start off. I’ve been doing work all morning, haven’t been vlogging so that’s
really the general gist of that. Managed to find myself a halfway decent parking
spot, and now to get to Dapper Gents. It feels, like, infinitely better today than
it did yesterday. Like compared to yesterday this is like this is
absolutely incredible. Look at that, a summer sale. Okay. Dapper Gents is one of
my favorite small businesses here in St. Louis.
Absolutely adore this place every time I come in here. I made a video with them
previously, it was about… back in January, I believe, but I feel like it just
didn’t do this place justice. I’m gonna do a little bit of work before I get my
hair cut and look at how nasty this is. I mean, look at this. Look at this. Let’s see
what magic they can work on me. What do y’all think? Okay, I know you
can’t see it. Yeah, I’m digging this. Oh yeah, you nailed it.
Shout out to, I know, I kind of put you on the spot. “Shout out to Isabella.
my girlfriend.” Shout out to Isabella. Yeah dude, I’m really digging this. I’m really
digging this. Every time I come here, I’m always so happy. So right now, I’m gonna
head down the street and I’m gonna go towards The Selfie Room because I know
that they are currently renovating so I’m gonna stop by and say hey and maybe
help them out for a little bit. This is typically how my Fridays go. My Fridays
are typically my more relaxed, let’s have some fun days– is that Insomnia Cookies? I
didn’t even know that was here, but you better believe we’re getting some
cookies. No, but Fridays, I typically take as my more like, self-care relaxed days. It’s
super important to take time for yourself because if you don’t you’re
gonna drive yourself crazy. It’s nice to hustle, it’s nice to really go at things
and really give your all, but if you forget to take care of yourself, you’re
gonna crash and burn. the peanut butter choco lanterns looking
pretty good I’ve been feeling my friends at the selfie room are gonna appreciate
a little gifts they’ve been working hard they’re gonna be working hard so why not
bring up some cookies Washington Avenue is one of my favorite places just a
stroll like place just looks so freakin cool it’s always a pop in and there’s a
lot here I’ll happily stroll down this street any day of the week the ball hits
still here but everything else is changing the piano thing back there
that’s also changing the rubber duckie broom that is also changing the tires they’re changing to name your
strengths no more groceries say goodbye to the pinwheels – and the
doghouse gone gone not gone this is a dressing room God so needless to say
there’s a lot changing with the selfie but it’s all gonna be cool stuff I’m
excited to see what they do for winter because I have no freaking clue I’m
excited to see what they do with all this space now the rainbow stairs are
going to gone too much ice we’re gone what else
is gone are there any other little details that I might have missed go on just a little heads up in my
previous selfie room video I’m not gonna tell you which one but there’s actually
an opportunity for you to get $10 off admission so if you want to come in here
check out these new exhibits when they open Monday right if you want to check
it out see what’s going on maybe get some cool pics
dope pics of your friends do it yeah just go just go find the video like
literally it’s it’s that easy I’ll see you later hmm what a good day
what a good day milk does sound good but I’m lactose
intolerant if some things are worth it you know yes yeah yeah I have to
definitely bring some home to my friends insomnia cookies is just too good yeah
seriously though if you weren’t aware Washington Avenue
there’s Insomnia’s cookies I didn’t know it was there and apparently not many
people know that there’s a location here so I gotta say if you’re ever craving
cookies that’s the place to go now I’m off to run some errands before before
tonight Gold we’re teeing off at Busch today
name of the participant this doesn’t have a there’s a pen there’s a pen all
right we’re good it is freezing I’ve no idea what we’re getting
ourselves into my hands were like completely full this is crazy like I was
not expecting all of this third floor hello I’m Elise what’s up mom James
please what else we’re here we’re teeing off we’re late you’ll be an extra bowl
okay so we really goofed up here we go folks here we go
hold one well then you get to score in accordance that’s my point
why is he just like casually strolling he’s like yeah I’m just going home
oh my god I’m quitting YouTube oh I just untied it again oh that would be bad
okay are you tying my shoe right now don’t you go down yeah we can’t have the
golf superstar going that’s too soon oh look look look I don’t like this one
it’s not strawberry oh wow wow that’s kind of that’s kind of rude that we knew it good this one
already at home already you didn’t see that we’re good I think
it’s cuz we ramped up because we’re winning the energy is just high we’re
winning I think if we say it enough it’ll become true there’s another camera
here I don’t know what this is about but I’m here for it I think I think you did
it I say okay all right it was anywhere close to the flag I
think you got this it’s not cold outside hello what was that that was yeah those
the warm-up right warm-up wait this isn’t a putt this isn’t but okay
you got this you can do it I believe in you somebody really picked yeah that’s
it that’s the one beautiful practice swings practice swings I think you took some grass with that I
hit the red flag wow that was a good one I think I’m determined to get a knockout whoa wait a minute wait a minute wait
wait hey ace calm down there we go the stance the follow-through okay dude wait
wait a minute wait I think my ace status has been revoked Oh ish how did that make you feel
actually you know what now I’m starting to feel cotton sarcasm still strong I’m
starting to feel really arrogant and I don’t know I might buy that the end of
the night I might turn into what are you doing oh my god hold on hopefully okay
so a whole six update we are really keeping it together I just lied to your
faces we are not keeping it together we are not doing well we lost the scorecard
it’s like I don’t know before we even enter the building spill the drink that
didn’t even like spill obviously we are winning the game I don’t even know what
the score is as we lost our scorecards under winning you don’t need a scorecard
you’re right that’s philosophy Oh God only 30 more to go you’re trying this is
this it sure this’ll work all right see guy you gotta get that
little squat what am i aiming for hold the move not happening but right now you
got it bro see now it’s straight up there that was ten more you’ll get there
yeah that was strong you’re there you’re there I told you that was the one who
did the other fifty what do you think that was fun
ninth hole we made it regardless how we made it we got we got there that’s all
that matters like we’re literally just trying to find
food and wait are we boarding why are we aborting what did you see just keep
going let’s keep going hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to people that
live in st. Louis try to navigate out of those stadiums Oh chilly out there
literally all of us are going to the restroom so I just want to give a
special shout-out to Bud select thank you so much for inviting us to this
event it was completely unexpected but it was a lot of fun and especially for
people that can’t golf I think we did pretty well I think I got a lot of air
balls yeah we had a lot of practice swings too
shout out to hot hands for also helping out the even that was that was very
helpful it was cold yeah for real that
definitely made the event because there wasn’t hot hands I don’t know if we
would have survived yeah we barely survived
got food at the end I think we’re all winners we did we did oh my gosh well
yeah that’s where I’m gonna go ahead and wrap up the video so thank you guys for
tuning in thank you to bud selects for having us and that’s the outro that’s
that’s that was perfect we just finished up the video oh you guys well thanks for
coming I hope you had any time yeah all right that’s we are too don’t you worry

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