Trump’s ‘Working’ Vacation (He’s Working On His Golf Swing)
Trump’s ‘Working’ Vacation (He’s Working On His Golf Swing)

100 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘Working’ Vacation (He’s Working On His Golf Swing)”

  1. drillz007 says:

    I actually would like to go fishing with putin… he seems like he like a good guy to go fishing with

  2. James Harris says:

    That's Mr. High-Energy. My dog died over 10 years ago and he still have more energy than Trump. 🙂

  3. Brenda Rua says:

    How is it this dude gets a paid vacation after only 200 days on the job? A lot of folks are still on probation. I wish to hell that el Trumpo was on probation. I'd love to say YOU're FIRED!

  4. Non Ya says:

    No one complained about Obama putting in a full court basket ball and never heard anyone reporting on the hundreds of basketball games played by Obama took off to play.

  5. rin win says:

    You're losing your touch, Colbert

  6. Slxxpyhollow says:


  7. TheDarkNStormyKnight says:

    Everyone else would ask, "Where's the happy couple?" Trump wants the bride so he can attempt to claim "jus primae noctis".

  8. goldieglocks says:

    Keep hating, he did what you said you never happen, became the President of the United States.

  9. MidnightSTALKER979 says:

    Ok let's meet at hole 1 and I'll call the caddy

  10. Herve B says:

    Why didnt Stephen show the dozens of clips of Trump on the campaign trail attacking Obama for playing golf and saying "Believe me. I wont play golf if Im president" That's his tell…whenever he says "believe me" you know he's lying even more than usual.

  11. Whoknowsuknow says:

    Meetings and calls! Sounds legit.

  12. Bobby Riley says:

    Colbert you really are a dumbass!!

  13. Jim Battersbee says:

    Americans really need to take a hard look at themselves. There is something seriously wrong with a country that would elect a lying lunatic like this. What's making things even more humiliating for the US is the grown men who sit with Trump around the table and allow him to dribble utter nonsense, like the latest employment information, "from a certain graph on a certain chart". This is sheer garbage, yet these old white men sit there and no-one says a word. It's like watching a white version of North Korea. The nodding clapping lickspittle sycophants are actually worse than the 'leader' because they try to legitimize him.

  14. W. Harrison says:

    If trump works for Putin, what policy has been put in place that benefits Russia? I hate trump with all my heart, but I just don't get it when people call him a puppet.

  15. Zaiology says:

    Better than any other breakfast, morning Colbert videos from the previous night are..! :p Thank you, Stephen. ..Pure Sanity strikes again! <3

  16. Zenn Exile says:


  17. BonerMaroner says:

    2009 800,000 lost jobs per month lost

  18. Potato Man says:

    Putin deserves a vacation! It's hard running two countries.

  19. Syed Ahmed Jilanee says:

    And putins also vacationing bare chested

  20. Mufnstuf says:

    Bwaaaa ha ha ha!!!! 9 straight months of Trump jokes and still going! Colbert is going to win the "Beating a dead horse" award! PS: Job growth is currently at a 9 year high, but the media elites couldn't give a shit because they stay filthy rich regardless of the US economy. Now let's talk more about Russia hacking the 2016 elections under Obama's watch.

  21. Emoyeniable says:

    Are there conservative entertaining personalities out there on par with Stephen Colbert's liberal views? Want to see a segment of the other side that uses hard evidence as well as a bit of personality and comedy.

  22. TNM001 says:

    Potus asking for the bride…that was a flashback to Braveheart "prima noctis" scene…

  23. Ian Cooper says:

    I was going to watch this video but they told me I couldn't skip the ad.

  24. Neuro Weaver says:

    I used to love Stephen Colbert. He was daring, intelligent, bold and funny. He was sticking it to Washington and doing it in style.
    From the moment he went network not only did he shamelessly tie himself to Hillary's chariot, but he is yet another enthusiastic peddler of corporate propaganda.

    And, what is worse: he is not even funny anymore.

  25. Giga Man says:

    "Working in Bed."

  26. Joseph Charles says:

    God, Trump acts like he looks—disgusting.

  27. Steven Torrey says:

    Hopefully whilst the Trumpster is vacationing he can't do any damage. And while he is away, they will be replacing the RED NUCLEAR BUTTON with a fake non -functional button…

  28. pekinobo says:

    Shirtless putin vs shirtless drumpf?
    Vote now!!!

  29. Santiago Sánchez Jiménez says:

    Why can't you just make one single monologue video? Or upload them in order? It shouldn't be hard. It's not like Trump is managing the YouTube account.

  30. tytheevildeadguy says:

    He is doing meetings and calls: his golf club is MEETING the ball and he is CALLING mulligan repeatedly.

  31. asbisi says:

    Pulling up his sloppy pants around his voluptuous hip and butt area, moobs flapping from side to side under his t shirt, while asking for the bride in a lewd tone of voice , is all kinds of CREEPY ! Ewwwww, EWWWWWWWWW

  32. The Beanie says:

    Rumor has it the "meeting and calls " was to privately spend time between putin and trump on their honeymoon period long distance relationship

  33. Ed Bear says:

    Low-energy, low rated Trump….Doing what he does best!

  34. Ed Bear says:

    Meetings and calls…and tweets!

  35. dave skerritt says:

    Yawn…well, i guess i'll just go take…snooze… a 'working vacation"…from my job…snore…good golf games I had, and those golf games I had is helping the American people…well, I'll return to work now…. what was I doin'?…oh yeah, bein' the president…what is this pink slip doin' in my White House mailbox now…snore…whatever..well, I'll jus' go ta Mar-A-Lago now. And all ya Americans better still love me, or else!

  36. tenacious645 says:

    Where's the 10 minute + monolog?

  37. Silly Ivan says:

    2:23 I think he finally broke Jon Batiste.

    …..*grumbles* finally.

  38. Ethan says:

    Trump is such a pig. 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  39. Jimmy Dixon says:

    wow he looks like such a pervert

  40. POF 415 says:

    this MF needs a crossbow bolt to the forehead 😈

  41. thebestever475 says:


  42. E Lowe says:

    Obama took an 8 year vacation. Liberals wake up please.

  43. John Smith says:

    Love the meme where this idiot say trump will never be president. He wakes up everyday thinking how can i make fun of our president instead of what good can i do in the world today. Lol typical liberal

  44. fclavijo says:

    Do not split monologue PLEASE

  45. Churchill/River Post Game,s says:

    HERE I SIT!??.. IN MISTY VAPOR,S..( Boss is calling). Got no paper,s !!?? WELL NO TIME TO SIT AND LINGER LOOK OUT A$$ HOLE HERE COME,S THE FINGER,S!!!..

  46. FREEBORNMAN says:

    hes gotta get the white house de bugged. damn obumas are dirty people

  47. dave skerritt says:

    Gee, Putin. I'm sure going to wear that camoflage outfit and snorkel if I go fishing. Trump might say: Well, he certainly terrorized those awful fish away! Trump night also say: Well, time fer my aides to go up to the local grocery market ta getta salmon dinner fer me Pence? Pence…get outta yer reverie and get me that salmon dinner! What else are ya useful fer Pence! Golly gee whiz! I have ta go play golf now! Go get more jobs for Carrier, and get me that salmon dinner, or else …yer fired Pence!!!

  48. Bill Thetford says:

    this guy is such an idiot…..dislike him greatly

  49. Cliff Sullivan says:

    He's so GAY!

  50. justachannel says:

    I admire our President's vacation ethic.

  51. Player_1 says:

    Last word best word

  52. lorenzo scirocco says:

    This guy is a political ass kisser. and the show sucks your not funny..Run for your local office and see what you can do. Back up your bullshit with action. your jokes don't get anything done but to brainwash the shepeople.. dumb ass.

  53. Liyah U says:

    Trump is a creep. Imagine Angela Merkel crushing a wedding and be like "Where's the groom??"

  54. Vidya Sonavane says:

    Anybody can mistake him for the guy who comes to collect his "protection" money

  55. A Lana says:

    Both on vacation ?🤔

  56. Tucker Bowen says:

    would a Dick Cheney hunting joke be too outdated?

  57. Guest _ 4452567 says:

    If you're a a student and have less vacation time than POTUS say I

  58. zon says:

    You see the lower half of Trump's body. You see how fat he is. You regret.

  59. cobrakingofeart says:

    do you guys not even realize that golf trips by politicians aren't really about golfing? it's about talking in a place which is un-bug-able and can't be listened in on from a distance b/c there's no windows to pick up vibrations from.

  60. Phyllis Petras says:

    Mr President: Stop campaigning. Stop tweeting. Stop vacationing. Start governing. Lose weight.

  61. yellow6100 says:

    2:23 the sound of puddle cumming

  62. Olli Casey says:

    Pretty sure camo for underwater would look much like forest camo. You know there are plants under water too, and water is often some shade of green to brown.

  63. padguzniki washington says:

    i dont hate or like trup but this is turning into a trump hating channel/show, ohh i now its becuase nobody cares about anything else than hating on trump on this channel/show

  64. Conshagen says:

    If the daughterfucker shows up at my wedding I ma just grab my girl and leave and cancel the wedding forever.

  65. Jeppe Boelsmand says:

    Forest camo works under water. Did you research this at all?

  66. Shadow Puppet Horror Theatre says:

    Trump has a very oddly shaped body.

  67. Bob Smith says:

    yes camo does work underwater… no that wasn't forest camo.. :/ Come on, Stephen.

  68. Tim Manning says:

    2:22 wtf kind of laugh was that

  69. 5%LowBattery says:

    In contrast, most Americans get only two weeks off, but some workers let that time off lapse out of fear of losing their jobs.

  70. boowonder888 says:


  71. Vladimir Djokic says:

    why are the west blind ass idiots against Putin.That man fixed the Russian economy when it was in the toilet. Obama made things worse more depth donations to the enemies and bombing in 3rd world countries and oh yea, failed medical care, ppl praise him because hes black, that's not a good thing.BTW I am not from either countries this is from a perspective that's unaffected by country of my origin. West will be most likely destroyed or fked up while Russia will be a great superpower because they don't allow islam ppl, black ppl, and have their bills in order.

  72. Vikingsandra says:

    Colbert cracks me up 😂

  73. Daniel Bachmann says:

    Although maybe it's better if he doesn't work , give him holiday until 2020 please…

  74. niffenator says:

    Some things that Trump has in common with his base are that he is a fat, lazy, racist moron who hates America. In the next 12 months or so he will add to the list of things he has in common with his base, because he is soon to be unemployed.

  75. Dylan Ferrer says:

    Peeps, Oh My Gosh day love this wouk !opinion ! !

  76. 49bes says:

    "Putin later claimed the fish was killed by Ukrainian separatists"
    LMAO :)))))

  77. Mustaffa Beenie says:


  78. Mr. says:

    come'on guys, you can't be that stupid to believe that his suite was a forest suite, this is a naval camouflage, to anyone a Navy Seal would look like a log. BTW, Putin took only two day vacation.

  79. Katia VP says:

    Chilling by the riverrr, hahahaha

  80. oem42 says:

    1:27 Trump reintroduces primae noctis

  81. Genesis23OPB says:

    forest camo does work underwater, especially in water that murky. also fish do not see very good but instead react to movements. thats what the lines at the side of most fish are for…

  82. Media Stereotypes says:

    Colbert should invite Putin on his show

  83. I'm Cheech says:

    YOU Steven are an evil corrupt lackey who will be singing a different song about the time your demonic Democratic party comes crashing down… The days of evildoers are over and it is now time to answer for all the REAL crimes that have taken place in Washington… I can hardly wait for the domino's to come crashing down upon your entire establishment… May our Creator have mercy on the souls of all you evil, vile, lying sacks o'crap

  84. Ron lombardi says:

    This assholes not funny…
    how did this twit get a show?

  85. Chester Marshall Taylor says:

    Colbert is so good at mimic Trump's voice

  86. MumzyTube Susan says:

    Your an idiot

  87. Lucifer Jones says:


    "stay the fuck away from my wife"

  88. ThatOneGuy 4 says:

    I love Jon batiste but laughs kinda funny.

  89. Rikitikitavi says:

    Дешевый комик с плоским юмором, шут в империи зла

  90. Oleg Ruso says:

    Амеры устраивают состязания кто больше сожрёт,кто громче
    бзднёт,у кого толще болт-передовая вообщем нация,куда уж нам.

  91. sam samsan says:


  92. ROG Music Africa says:

    meeeting and calls??

  93. TCt83067695 says:

    those abs tho

  94. Eva Vengust says:

    Slovenia is not in eastern Europe…

  95. Ed Klein says:

    Your side kickslaugh has gotta go please

  96. Insider Gamer says:

    Those Ukrainian separatists are mighty bitches. Having only 4% of Ukraine's territory they withstand entire military might of Ukraine. Of course, entirely without Russia's help. There are absolutely no Russian soldiers and state-of-the-art military equipment supplied by Russia to the separatists.

  97. Red Hawk says:

    Colbert is the biggest piece of shit sell out in TV history. His writers are juvenile and pander to a dumb fuck audience. Trump bashing 24-7 will eventually die off… just pandering to a bunch of leftist cry babies still looking for answers of why they lost the election. Get over it! MAGA and stop whining! Colbert sucks!

  98. Chesse Sprinkle says:

    By the law of karma the United States has the government it deserves… the day you stop referring your country as America and get over your head and ignorance you will see that we all live in the American Continent and you are no better than all of the rest of American countries, you may think you are so liberal just because you don't like Trump but the reality is that all people from the United States Believe they had a higher privilege than the rest of the world and when you liberals and conservatives realize how the world REALLY sees you ALL like people without humility and entitled to their privileges you will keep deteriorating in to the third mind world country you really are…I mean your economy is already there…

  99. MrKOenigma says:

    Do you know why Trump is into golf?
    He can still do that, being handcuffed!

  100. Dav A says:

    On the tRumps personal vacation "I would not want to work for Vladimir Putin" un like our resident president eh.

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