Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Tap Water
Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Tap Water

A new report from the environmental working
group has found that Donald Trump’s golf course in Bedminster nor a New Jersey is actually
packed full of cancer causing chemicals called PFOA’s and P F A S is now keep in mind these
chemicals are actually found in more than 1000 different water systems here in the United
States. So this is actually not something that’s necessarily unique to Donald Trump’s
Bedminster golf course. But here’s the problem. These chemicals were found in the tap water,
not in the groundwater and not in the sprinkler water. This is tap water. This is what people
drink. This is what they cook with at Bedminster and these PFOAs and PFAS chemicals are in
there. And the biggest problem is that there is actually, according to the environmental
working group, a very simple way to filter these chemicals out, or at least most of them
out to where they’re not as big of a threat to human beings. Activated carbon filters,
which essentially perform as a giant Brita water filter for these water systems can be
installed and you can eliminate or significantly reduce the threat of these cancer causing
toxins. But the Trump organization likely will not make that change because it costs
a little bit of money and they don’t want to have to pay any money to prevent the people
going to that golf course from getting cancer. And for those who are not familiar with the
dangers of these chemicals, we have discussed at multiple different times here on ring of
fire. But let me run through some of the effects that these chemicals have on the human body.
And also keep in mind that these chemicals are bio-persistent, which means they don’t
just pass through your body and leave. They build up in your body over time, they don’t
get flushed out. They make a nice little home inside your body where they then calls the
following problems, developmental effects and infants. They can lower a woman’s chance
of getting pregnant, increase a woman’s blood pressure during pregnancy. They lower infant
birth weights, they interfere with the body’s natural hormones, they increase cholesterol
levels, they affect the human immune system, and of course, they increase the risk of cancer
overall throughout the entire human body. And Donald Trump’s golf course in Bedminster,
according to the environmental working group, has levels of these chemicals that are more
than three times higher than it what is considered an acceptable limit. Now, some scientists
and researchers argue that there is no safe limit for these chemicals at all, and they
would probably be more correct. But unfortunately, the safe drinking water act does not require
any limits whatsoever on these chemicals. So again, it’s unlikely that Donald Trump,
his organization, are going to take any action whatsoever to limit the amount of toxins in
their tap water. So the best advice I can give anyone at this time, if you absolutely
cannot avoid going to one of Donald Trump’s golf courses specifically Bedminster, then
I would suggest you bring your own bottled water to reduce your risk of cancer.

51 thoughts on “Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Tap Water”

  1. ryan Washington says:


  2. Sable Burden says:

    He doesn't care if he save 50$ to put in his pocket for his whores, to tell him his dick is big.

  3. Robert Lavelle says:

    Turning orange, going bat-shit crazy and bad hair might be caused by this water ????

  4. Constant Chaos says:

    That explains Barron, I hate to say it but it does

    For the record I'm on the spectrum too

  5. Maury Steigman says:

    One…the athletes who kneel are not disrespecting the county…they arer protesting policy brutality toward people of color…why do you not tell the truth about this…..and in general, why do you people go F yourselves….dont it today..

  6. Grist Mill says:

    How appropriate… The human carcinogen has cancer causing water at his golf course. Hole in one!!!

  7. Alabama Mothman says:

    Yeah, only is the result of the ANOTHER democrats shithole that ACTUALLY runs the water.

  8. JC X says:

    Everything trump* touches, dies.

  9. Hot Rod says:

    So don't drink it

  10. Hot Rod says:

    Besides he uses the water to water the grass

  11. Lorenzo says:

    Rumour has it that Trumps Hair Rug has cancer causing chemicals, hence the high level of delusion and Insanity

  12. Jess Mccart says:

    It was the windmills what done it.

  13. Ahmed Ali says:

    Boycott anything associated with TRUMP and boycott anybody who associates with TRAMP PROPERTIES

  14. Mike Johnson says:

    He is poisoning his properties just like he's poisoning this country so impeach this idiot so I can have my impeachment party

  15. mic Smith says:

    Maybe thats why ttump voters are as stupid as he is

  16. Thor's Hammer says:

    So it will likely affect Trump, and people stupid enough to pay Trump money. Getting what you pay for.

  17. Kenrick Eason says:

    My God, This Man can even take care of his own personal space! Why in the hell would he take care of the United States?

  18. DeeEll86442 says:

    I don’t like saying this but, LET IT HAPPEN!
    Here is why I say it. About the only people that can afford to go to his golf courses are more than likely the RICH 1%. The same 1% that don’t care if they lay pipelines that leak into the ground water and dump toxic waste into the water systems of millions of Americans, the same 1% that don’t care if they pollute our air with their chemical plants toxic emissions, and the same 1% that deny climate change and could care less about our planet 🌎.
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t like to see anyone get sick and die, however, wouldn’t this be considered POETIC JUSTICE?🤔 if anyone deserves to suffer from something THEY CAUSED wouldn’t these be the people that deserved it?🤔 it makes sense to me.
    On the other hand, if any of these RICH FOLK get cancer maybe they will sue Trump and put him where he belongs, IN THE POOR HOUSE, NOT THE WHITE HOUSE!😁👍

  19. David Edwards says:

    Perhaps you see the problem with the water filter system.
    tRump would have to spend money to buy and have it installed.
    And with his recent bill paying record, no sensible business would do it on account. (On account tRump wouldn't pay them).
    tRump would rather risk the lives of the people that go to his golf club, rather than spend a tiny amount of money, (for a 'billionaire).

  20. CeCe Rider says:

    Damn water company…wink, wink.😠😠😉😉 He will not pay that bill.

  21. mountaingoat1003 says:

    That cancer causing chemical is a preservative to keep their undead bodies from decomposing. If you are not a creature of the night, don't go to Trump golf courses. Simple

  22. Vox Populi says:

    Did everyone forget that Agent Orange is highly toxic?

    Oh, the chemicals are bad too.

  23. Andreas karlsson says:

    Of course it has.. It's to prevent the frogs from turning gay. ~~

  24. joey hesse says:

    Its trump, no one should be surprised.

  25. Bay Bye says:

    shut it down…shut it down…..

  26. Denise Eugene says:

    Of course it does. Along with the bed bug infestations and the illegal immigrants who work at his resorts with fake ID lol…

  27. Son Gohan says:

    When I thought watered-down pumpkin spice was toxic, I didn't expect it to have a literal meaning.

  28. you got TRUMP'D says:

    ROF fake news

  29. Chatty Cathy says:

    Well….what do we expect from the biggest Cancer IN our GOVERNMENT!!

  30. Free Me says:

    Law of federal and state changes,Also see constitution changes

  31. Free Me says:

    Bottled water which soon will be fracked from Florida spring, companies getting paid to exploit spring to sell off to the taxpayers funding the operation

  32. Gerald C. Haynes Jr says:

    His New York golf course in the Bronx is on a old landfill too.

  33. fraalapar says:

    Shame Trump only drinks coke

  34. Jorge Martinez says:

    Just tell people to watch "The Devil We Know" Farron. That way anyone doesn't know what they are or what they do. This will be straight cut & dry. They'll get the picture after watching it.

  35. Paula Kaye says:

    This explains why he wants to gut the regulations of the EPA!

  36. Mm Israelite says:

    can somebody tell that tangerine that even his body tanning spray, lotion or whatever that crap is on his face, that it's overkill and fading away around his eyes and ears, and that he is better off without out it seriously all jokes aside

  37. Shaun Penne says:

    Don Fatti Bastardi's mouth is more carcinogenic than anything that Monsanto produces!!

  38. Eugene Mason says:

    Really a damn shame how the white man has f…… up are planet and just don't give a sh….. we live here and they just don't care we can't to another planet right now so how about taking care of the one we live on is it really that hard to do? It's strange how they can put a man on the moon but can't take care of mother earth. 😥😥😭😭

  39. Truth Teller says:

    Not as cancerous as those windmills, though!

  40. Joe Strummer says:

    Like Trumpski gives a damn….

  41. GamePurist says:

    I thought it was the windmill noise.

  42. TheAvengersRising says:

    Trump is consumed with cancer

  43. Kevin Joseph says:

    Jesus Christ, he really does lead an evil empire! You couldn't write this stuff!

  44. Carrie See says:

    Sue his ass!!

  45. hermenutic says:

    If I understand this right, long term use of this water source will make your sicker three times quicker than other water sources?
    If this is like a 'Fast food' outlet maybe it can be marketed as 'Fast Water'.

  46. Mungo Munro says:

    Ooooh,now be we're getting down to the nitty gritty.
    How long have people in Flint had bad water?
    Not a word about that hazard from ROF,huh?
    No families in danger of water on a golf course where they just wash their balls with that water.
    Families in Flint which is a Democrat controlled shithole are at risk.

  47. Terri Suder says:

    Keep on golfing Lindsey and GOP!!

  48. Rigo Rock. says:

    And yet, he wanted to get rid of windmills? What a joke!

  49. Phyllis Hatch says:


  50. Mark chapman says:

    Well if the water turned you gay trump and the conservatives would have it fixed quick.

  51. darkashtar says:

    Happy I have a carbon filter on my fridge where I get most of my water. And when I use tap water I am cooking and boil it.

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