Trump’s golf caddy just revealed a personal episode
Trump’s golf caddy just revealed a personal episode

9 thoughts on “Trump’s golf caddy just revealed a personal episode”

  1. Mary Ross says:

    Trump is such an ugly man.

  2. Hans Huisman says:

    The more lies pumkinhead tells, the more double chins he is growing. Deplorable, disgusting..

  3. Kathy Vogel says:

    Pretty soon he will be in prison. I wonder what color his jumpsuit will be. At least he will have Donald jr at his side.

  4. Autumn Anderson says:

    Oh no the American ppl has a total of Donny Douche bags bill. 💰💰💰💰💰💰 As soon as his ass is out of the WH. We will slap the bill in on him if he has any money yet, after the Feds takes it from him and all of his offsprings. USA will be rich again.

  5. Sonny Haskins says:

    It amazes me that this country has allowed him to remain in the white house; stealing & dealing for the last 2 plus years. …… unbelievable !!!!

  6. Gilbert Bedolla says:

    I wonder how much money sTump caddy is getting.

  7. Hilary Dorman says:


  8. marc cirrincione says:

    yes and he doesn't take a paycheck?

  9. HunterWick Productions says:

    I will forever more call Trump the Dot-T.H. President.

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