Trump’s 13th golf course visit in 65 days
Trump’s 13th golf course visit in 65 days

100 thoughts on “Trump’s 13th golf course visit in 65 days”

  1. Konz TheMadKing says:

    Hardest working president of all time. Fuck your fake narrative!

  2. Allah says:

    Fuck u CNN fuck u, u CNN journalist are jealous that trump is so successful where as all u guys are bum lickers running around with pen and note pads criticising power people

  3. MrJoeyBoombotz says:

    We don't care if he plays golf 24/7. Hillary is not in the White House. He is stopping the Democrat agenda and doing what he can to straighten and fix things. That was priority #1..We're glad he is relaxing and having a good time. He is 70 years old and should be enjoying his family and golf as much as he wants. You should too should happy too!!!. The more time he spends golfing and with his family the less time he to wreck what has happened the last 8 years or move a conservative, common sense agenda forth protecting the American people.

  4. greg romero says:

    a fat piece of shit spending my money to play golf. think organized crime america !! first things first…get rid of ryan and nunes. cancer has to be cut out !!!

  5. Julian Okeke says:

    "I don't think ill ever see Doral again, I own Doral in Miami" Lol. Trump

  6. Lorena Cabrera Vera says:

    HE is uch a liar. he conned the usa. and is now moving to fuck-up the rest of the planet with his lack of respect for the environment. fucking dumb americans!!!! GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!

  7. Jimmy Guitar says:

    YOU IDIOTS! It's not that hard playing golf every weekend, it'd who he's playing with. That's where the real deals are happening. Who is he selling us out to ?

  8. David Berger says:

    I'll bet President Trump is a better mini-golfer than President Obama.

  9. David Berger says:

    By visiting his properties and doing things he did before he became president, President Trump is staying grounded.
    He drove the United States Football League into the ground 25 years ago (mid 1980's).
    Trump is now supreme Commander-in-Chief of the USA military.
    Just because Trump will be giving the armed forces a blank check doesn't mean everything will be fine.
    What happens when you give someone more money than they need?

  10. indianrunner70 says:

    He probably a much better gay-hockey player than president…let him play, at least then he can't do any harm in Washington.

  11. irish giy says:

    cnn and the sheep that r u

  12. HessFilms says:

    #VeryFakeNews #CommunistNewsNetwork

  13. Monte Town says:

    So he plays golf 1.5 times per week. When is the President meant to do excercise? You realise he works longer hours than Obama? Obama worked from 10am-5pm.
    Trump works from 5am-10pm

  14. Linda Wright says:

    Hey, cut the guy a break. Trump is golfing for all those blue collar Trump voters who don't have the opportunity to do their own golfing. He's generous that way. Plus Trump needs the exercise of golf to help slim down. Now if he would just start carrying his own golf bag and actually walk to each hole and start eating sensibly, he might just lose that excess 80 lbs. or so.

  15. Diane Gillespie says:

    Let's just call him "Golfin' Donnie". " Someone can come up with a better one, likely. But "Golfin' Donnie" works for me. At least that's SOMETHING ABOUT HIM THAT WORKS because he sure doesn't.

    I'm sure most of us would like to be relaxing at home playing games rather than work, but we actually have to GO TO WORK.

  16. popeye says:

    The thumbnail is misleading; but only slightly. It does show Trump waist-deep in the weeds!

  17. julian hobrough says:

    Trump's a seriously weird piece of SHIT!. GET RID OF THE BASTARD!!

  18. SR Ghost says:

    Nobody cares what CNN says

  19. Steve P says:

    CNN never cared when Ah-Bama played 333 rounds of golf while in the WH. Fake News at it's best

  20. Robert Lundkvist says:

    He takes 4-day weekends each week? Work ethic, anyone?

  21. Externium Games says:

    Who the fuck cares?

  22. Jordell Fairman says:

    I wouldn't really have a problem with this, having the most important job in the world can be nerve racking and stressing, especially when you have not had any political career in your life but the fact that he was spitting on Obama for golfing a few times is the problem. Fucking hypocrite.

  23. nosaltadded says:

    Fuck CNN!

  24. Javier Rivera says:

    keep trying cnn. #fakenews

  25. mimi Carey says:

    He's branding his properties including the Whitehouse. He's getting paid.

  26. Jeff Beck says:

    I've never seen so many retards in one place. If you don't like that Trump became president then maybe you should have voted.
    Calling people names and protesting is stupid. Most of you here seem to be young and uninformed on how politics really work. Being an idiot calling someone fat or orange head is ignorant.
    I don't really like the guy either but he was a better choice than that bitch that was running. I hate to say it but she was going to run this country into the ground. At least he is for the people.

    While you berate the man make sure you enjoy what he has done for this country so far. A hell of a lot more than that traitor obama.

  27. immrnoidall says:

    it is the only place obama aint spying on him. it not like obama's billion dollar lavish arabian knife vacations. trump is business 24-7-365. he is always working.

  28. Laurent Truong says:

    Wtf really? Thats the spin you are taking? Nor bush nor Obama took that much vacations..

  29. Sealot says:

    He's a frigging liar….period.

  30. PeaceFan1 says:

    13 Days of Golfing…Still in the Bunker….WHAT an EPIC HYPOCRITE!!!!!

  31. nalejbank says:

    Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness (Mara Lago).
    While that's cute, you do have to wonder just which reporters were sitting around their communist cells coming up with such silly drivel.
    "Democrats see this as an opening…". and CNN will have a dozen reporters micing them up for Sunday "News" show in support! Gotta play to that base of Democrat Party viewers!
    Yet still they claim defiantly that others are fake news?
    You just can't make this shit up!

  32. Pete A says:

    CNN = Crap News Network. Who the F cares about your diatribe. There are more important national issues to discuss, and CNN fills it's airtime with this sh*t.

  33. ice man says:

    Cool I hope he hits a hole in one… where was the outrage when Obama did the same? WAAAHHH! cries the "FAKE NEWS" do you not have anything else to report on that matters? how about some more conspiracy theories without evidence? for god sakes CNN is just a cesspool… enjoy swimming with the turds!

  34. Michi Mus says:

    POTUS Chump just can´t control his own child self serving impulses."Me,want to play NOW!" IDIOT.

  35. Benjamin Pruett says:

    Yet I know those who will defend anything he does… Which I honestly just don't get.

  36. gyice says:

    Yeah he at least isn't charging the Taxpayer for all his trips to Mar-a-lago, Or his stays or his staff stays, while at the same time Crippling the local economy because of his trips. This guy is all about the little guy, wonder how Ivanka and her Beau are doing as uumm unpaid Government employees, guess she just wanted to make sure one person in the family at least had a decent Health Care plan.

  37. Margy Rowland says:

    CNN losers He lives in TRUMP Tower and he starts his day around 4am Derrrr…………Love from Australia

  38. substation says:

    He's a billionaire he could be golfing everyday, if he wasn't working for free…he does talk too much though!

  39. Jim Beekman says:


  40. ramos1258 says:

    #MAGA Make America Golf Again.

  41. opticalprism says:

    Fake News

  42. Peter Teo says:

    Trump said; "I will never lie to you (my american supporters)".
    And the time he spend in the golf course (extremely costly weekends), must be what is commonly called "Fake News" or "Alternate Facts".

  43. toby tyler says:

    what about the over 300 rounds of golf Obama played at Martha's Vineyard ?? What about the 8 million dollars worth of vacations he took….I guess all of that is ok??…..BS

  44. Khan Yugul says:

    Everyone needs to exercise regularly. This is how he exercise. I have no problem with that!

  45. Khan Yugul says:

    CNN is again spewing it's hatred and lies because they have nothing good to say!

  46. Wendel Bolide says:

    Trumpsters are the most masochistic people ive ever seen.  Their gullible and damn proud of it!

  47. samnyc2 says:

    Real News. LOCK HIM UP

  48. samnyc2 says:

    They haven't updated the WH visitor logs???? Think that might be illegal. Should that be a story?

  49. Melinda Crain says:

    Since you stated you wanted to stay in the White House  and work your ass off, then don't go to Florida.    No one wants you there anyway, obviously!

  50. Buffalo spirit says:

    Lmao…. this man is so full of shit.

  51. ninuxy says:

    A hypocrite and a lair…

    WTF did you expect from these Alt-Reich, Neo-Nazis. Next time think before voting for this charlatan, Tramp.

  52. kg062007 says:

    Trump is such a piece of shit

  53. R L says:

    One of the biggest pieces of garbage to walk the earth…and morons voted for it

  54. Ab Ten says:

    Trump is using our Tax pay .

  55. djilkosh says:


  56. Tango Bango says:

    Ha! When is Trump going to START "working his ass off?" This Orange Loon & his wife are costing US, the American taxpayers, MILLION$$ of bucks every single month!

  57. John Do says:

    Dumbest laziest president ever.

  58. Madme Smith says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ trump is ripping you OFF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Thats his way of wining look at his past unpayed loans,bankrupt trump uni omg wake up and smell the roses. How much does it cost when he goes for a weekend break at his golf course add it all up over the years to come lots of $, no wonder he dosent want any wages he is paying himself with backhanders open your eyes.

  59. F R says:

    Dumb Ass Donald is demonstrating how inconsequential the office of president actually is…

  60. Steadfast says:

    It wouldn't be an issue if he did not complain about Obama golfing? OMG; she's in a useless bubble. Why is she even being given a place to speak? The issue, you ignorant person, is the cost to tax payers and the loss of business for the people who live in the area. Those people have to pay their bills. Trump's suppose to care about the people, but you and he only care about the rich people. You make me sick. People are suffering because of selfish people like you. Go enjoy your lobster.

  61. Mikel1618 says:

    What a hypocrite. He is such a liar.

  62. Carol Rompca says:

    I think you are a cheeky bstd Trump is allowed time to himself so quit the complaining

  63. Corinne Yaworski says:

    He should have never run for President it's too hard for him

  64. mario cavlovicak says:

    CNN never miss a good hit… continue swinging no one listens to your CNN ha ha ha…

  65. MrSsfsfsf says:

    So Trump goes golfing once a week. Are we supposed to be outraged?

  66. norma hogan says:

    leave him long enough and he will put the country in bankruptcy.6

  67. Cindy Weir says:

    Trump thinks he can con, lie and shit all over his supporters and they still will love him, and some do, but in the end even they will turn against him when THEY get hurt by his actions.

  68. Oliver Garcia says:

    Impeach him already!

  69. SD 619 says:

    If he's going to golf, he should be forced to do it on properties he DOESN'T own…

  70. Michael Dunson says:

    Listen at all them dumb ass cheering for this fucking con man.

  71. Pamela says:

    Oh I think those concerned about our economy and the operation of our government would be concerned and complaining. It's expensive and holds no accountability for Trump. Do the math on what we do know and ask what else America could keep if he gave up some of his self indulgence at our expense. Remember, we're paying for his adult children as well.

  72. Chill ass turtle says:

    making great deals like…poisoning my water and the fucking air we all breath…slashing taxes for ppl making more than 7,000,000 annually and raising taxes for the rest of us under the 100k mark….the man is a pathological liar and frankly if you still support him after the MASSIVE amount of treason he's committed need to be educated or hung in the public squares because we have no use for their weak shitty genes.

  73. Anglus says:

    9 iron is his IQ not his favourite club

  74. Can you hear me Major Tom? says:

    Make Golf Great Again

  75. HardikG121 says:

    So many triggered trump supporters disliking this video haha

  76. Mamo says:

    Trump = Liar. Hypocrite. Fraud.

  77. newsmthjoke says:

    Any evidence trump actually played golf every he went there?
    Typical fakenews.

  78. Juan Trevino says:

    I thought this sack of shit said during the campain that all he wanted to do is stay at the white house and work his ass for the american people, wheres all hid supportors now that the cost of security is over 20 million, i wonder if they are as tired of winning as i am.

  79. Lorenzo Reyes says:

    How stupid are Trump supporters, really.

  80. SplatoonTwo says:

    what a fucking dumb fucking dumb fucking liar ass liar

  81. Carl Fuller says:

    Trump lies and lies!!!!

  82. TheMackbutter says:

    Wow! We are getting to watch a legit Con-Man con half the country as the entire world watches on in disbelief. I travel a fair bit and it seems the consensus is that if half the country is dumb enough to fall for this con then the US may deserve to crash n burn or whatever happens ….

  83. Davo theClowno says:

    People actually still watch this CNN shit. WoW! Folk will never learn. I say they deserve what they get. You've been warned your being lied to and you run right back to it to be lied to some more. Good luck with your Liberal Progressive brainwashing.

  84. Maria Guevara says:

    cnn always posting nonsence news

  85. sammiejo says:

    Didnt he mess his pants too?

  86. Dictator Orange Baby Man says:

    Fake president

  87. Windex says:

    That’s because he’s accomplished more in a year than Obama did in eight. Trump deserves a break.

  88. ISAAC - Official says:

    FAKE NEWS! President Donald J. Trump judged Obama's golfing BECAUSE Obama was golfing and he was on vacation while the flood in louisiana happened! President Donald J. Trump was there for the flood victims while the Clintons wasn't and also the former president Obama. Next time you make a report about President Trump at least try to tell the whole story and not just pieces of it, glue them together and make a new FAKE story out of it.

  89. Derrick Vineyard says:

    He can golf cause he stays winning! 😂😂😂 Democrats are corrupt pieces of shit. Hang Hillary for Treason.

  90. Robert Brown says:

    blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah.

  91. Ra L says:

    Good for you President Trump! You deserve a break from all of your hard work. Trump 2020!

  92. Spam Box says:

    i didnt like trump too much, but after this, i think im gonna vote for him in 2020

  93. michael preston says:

    Video missing, Putin's hackers deleted it.

  94. Tired of the lies says:

    Where are snakes when you need them?

  95. Tired of the lies says:

    The other presidents didn't own golf courses. He making himself rich. And traveling to those properties with taxpayer money. The money could be used for something else.

  96. Richard Schneider says:

    Orange con man [FOUR]

  97. Thomas Norton says:

    The only way he could get away with this is our ignorance or should I say your ignorance As Trump followers I've known about him for 47 years and the only way he can get elected is because you're ignorant I was there at Doral I seen the place when he goes to play golf he brings his whole Entourage and security with them we pay with our tax dollars for that along with their rooms their meals and guess what it's his Resort so it goes into his pocket he's counting on your ignorance cuz if any of you minions had a clue of any little teeny bit of what he's been doing over the decades you would puke and some of the things is enough to make you cry how he's hurt people and he smirks and mocks them he thinks it's funny to ruin people and their business because he's able to he's a narcissist he's drunk with power and he just loves to be damaging that gives him something to live for that's not what a president is supposed to be so bottom line he does not care for you he does not care for me in fact look at what he's done everything he touches is turning to shit the only thing that were having good in this country right now is the economy and unemployment and guess what that's due to Barack Obama's policies not anything Trump did it's all because of Barack Obama he only wants to draw attention to himself and make himself look like a tough guy when all actuality he dropped the ball every time he touches something he failed in Korea he failed with Putin he failed with NATO he lied about everything he messed up with Israel he messed up with Terrace he messed up by pulling us out of the climate agreement what's next I mean really how much more can you fuck things up and have a loyal fan base unless you're lying to them wake up America you have all the information at your fingertips use it fact-check this piece of shit I know it's a full-time job because he lies constantly but you'll find that out once you start fact-checking and realize just about everything he says is bullshit

  98. Dion Krisko says:

    He gets up before all you people!

  99. Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras! says:

    I remember Obama liked golf too, and spent LOTS of time at the links.
    Is this a comparo?? Trump donated his entire presidential salary. Obama KEPT his.
    Okay, now that's out of the way, lets look at the other differences. Trump uses men's golf clubs. Trump has a beautiful WOMAN as a spouse. Trump isn't a liar. Trump is loved. Trump was born in the USA. Trump LOVES our country. Trump likes pu55y. Trump is masculine. Trump can actually golf.

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