Trump Will No Longer Host G7 Conference at His Florida Golf Resort
Trump Will No Longer Host G7 Conference at His Florida Golf Resort

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump
this weekend announced he will no longer push to hold
an upcoming G7 summit at his golf resort in Florida. Apparently, he just found out
G7 doesn’t mean you get to play
seven rounds of golf. [ Laughter ] That’s right.
President Trump will no longer hold the upcoming G7 summit
at his golf resort in Florida. Yeah, I guess it is a bad idea
to commit an impeachable offense when you’re
already being impeached. [ Laughter ] That would be like stabbing the
bailiff at your murder trial. [ Laughter and applause ] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today
distributed a factsheet outlining what she feels
are President Trump’s abuses of power. Even more impressive,
getting it down to a sheet. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Politico has published
a new article about the campaign expenses
of the top Democratic presidential candidates
and found that former Vice President Joe Biden has spent nearly $4,000
on ice cream since July. [ Laughter ] That would explain
all the brain freezes. [ Laughter and applause ] Senator —
Senator Mitt Romney admitted last night to having
a secret Twitter account in addition
to his regular, public one. Said Trump, “My Twitter account
is secret, too. Wait. What?!” [ Laughter ] “Everyone can — What?!” [ Laughter ] “They must think
I’m a [bleep] lunatic!” [ Laughter ] Senator Bernie Sanders
held a 26,000-person rally this weekend in Queens. The crowd was so huge
that Bernie almost had to use a microphone. [ Laughter ] Authorities in Michigan are
looking for a group of thieves who recently stole
22,000 apples from an orchard. If convicted,
they could be sentenced to up to three more weekends
of apple picking. [ Laughter ] Today was
National Reptile Awareness Day, so take a moment and remember
that you, too, can save 15% or more
on car insurance. [ Laughter and applause ] Burger King has announced
it will be selling a Halloween-themed
Ghost Whopper, which comes with a white
cheddar cheese-flavored bun, or you could just eat there
every day and, before long, you’ll be a ghost. [ Laughter ] Charmin has set up a new
toilet paper-dispensing kiosk in a Manhattan park. So if you’re in a Manhattan park and you’re searching
for toilet paper, something has gone
horribly wrong. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] According to a new report,
a species of rat-eating monkeys in Malaysia
have been instrumental in protecting farms and crops
from rodent infestations. Said the MTA, “We’re listening.” [ Laughter ] “Please do not be afraid
of the rodent-eating monkeys.” [ Laughter ] “They are just here
to eat the rats.” [ Laughter ] And, finally, Disney and
the cookware brand Le Creuset have teamed up to create a line of “Star Wars”-themed
kitchen items. Perfect if you live solo. [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Trump Will No Longer Host G7 Conference at His Florida Golf Resort”

  1. Mountaga Tall says:

    Stabbing the bailiff at your murder trial XDDD

    missed you hella last week uncle Seth

  2. SkepticalContrarian says:

    7 rounds of golf? That would literally be around 21 hours. Perfect for Trump's schedule.

  3. Loving_Lioness says:

    All the brain freezes lmao

  4. DGM says:

    Poor pitiful Trumpty Dumpty… He has been trying so very hard to profit from the presidency but the darn democrats keep messing it up!

  5. StefAcho says:

    "they must think I´m a lunatic." ..Seth, do you really think he´s that self-aware!? Giving way to much credit there;)

  6. Charles Bandini says:

    Man's INSANE

  7. TaintofCartman says:

    Seth should totally invite Ronan Farrow for an interview

  8. Tre Bucketz says:

    Why? is Eric and Jr. Hosting it?

  9. chuckbuckets1 says:

    looks like he'll be hosting the G7 from Rikers Island! Orange really is his color!

  10. The Kiskeyan says:

    Small Youtuber Here!

  11. LibHunk says:

    For any Job you need Experience, but how come you elect a Rookie like Trump as President without any experience in public office . He know nothing about Constitution, history, civics etc. This Moron is dumb as a Rock. It's like giving a Doctor's job to a Plumber to do Surgery.

  12. taxxfreee smith says:

    All roads lead to Putin

  13. Frreak0zoid says:

    Taht last one is perfect. Just when I've watched the trailer, I find out about the new kitchen ware. And then that joke

  14. Andrei Biclineru says:

    Well do we know if Trump plans to make them pay for the stay, in such a way that his private structures benefit from it? normally the state organises these things, no? I mean, certain organisation models would make it an impeachable offense, yet i ve heard no mention of these aspects; does the president normally have the right to make such an organisation decision? As far as i see it Trump basically baits the media into misrepresneting him

  15. steven armstrong says:

    If someone served me food from a C3P0 pot I would wonder if it was made A LONG TIME AGO…but since FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE; I might just have to run FAR FAR AWAY.

  16. William Perrow says:

    Americans don't think Trump is a lunatic. We know Trump is a lunatic. He was elected as an April fools joke in November that went terribly wrong.

  17. Kenny Tran says:

    40 dislikes is Trump’s 40 Rudies…

  18. coin420 says:

    Uggghhh wtf are the writers still on vacation ?

  19. Hope Forbetter says:

    Reptile week is the best week at WH, the celebration of no spine mammals!

  20. Karin Mazanek says:

    Free Julian Assange

  21. Starman Dx says:

    "If bullshitting were music Trump would be a full symphony orchestra" – Dan Rather

  22. artroom151 says:

    Wasn't it RDJ that said while eating a BK cheeseburger in a state of inebriation that it was so bad he started questioning the state of his life and started making changes for the better? I swear I saw or heard that some where. I find it funny that BK is what used when he returned and declared he was Iron man.

    I like BK cheeseburgers, as long as they are plain.

  23. randomnickify says:

    that last joke was solow :/

  24. Brady Peneton says:

    3 advertisements disguised as jokes right in a row, nice

  25. Mohsin Qamar says:

    I have a question for All Americans, Are you guys aware that America has become the laughing stock and Russia has become the superpower again? Because of your president, Do you guys even Like your country?

  26. Eric Serrano says:

    Political fanatics is the problem both Democrats and Republicans, one term served for every politician end all lobby money

  27. elios greek says:

    He thinks G7 means G – spot.

  28. North Land says:

    seth, I can't tell the difference between your face and a gopher. seriously it's hard

  29. Eleni 1979 says:

    "Perfect if you live solo"- and want to remain that way, lmao.

  30. Xeno Phon says:

    Private corporations should not be allowed to enable world leaders to say and do whatever they like. Presidents talking smack over twitter starting inflaming conflict irl with actual militarized nations is not acceptable. Twitter and all social media platforms should be barred from allowing Government Officials from having accounts.

  31. LordAaronus says:

    le creuset also released a series of sushi handling tableware, also called Raw Le creuset

  32. The Cainr says:

    Used to be so funny before Trump

  33. Donkey says:

    Nice commercial, Er, I mean show.

  34. 1Tomrider says:

    This creature is only ~technically~ human. In every way by which we judge true humanity however, he just doesn't qualify in any way.

  35. Professor Liberal Avenger says:

    Maga Maggot can violate the Constitution whenever he wants because he is a star…..or was that sexually assault a woman…..

  36. Mundy Morning Report says:

    Why doesn't congress make trump return all the money that he has received at all of his resorts from foreign officials? Clearly they are gifts from foreign leaders similar to gold medalians, pictures, etc. which other presidents have had to give to other fedreal agencies? Just making a motion to do so will have Trump resigning or facing bankruptcy.

  37. DG 4 says:

    Bernie's rally crowds are bigger than Trumps

  38. Kathy B says:

    Seth usually gets his facts right but he misspoke when he said Trump is being impeached. I wish to God Trump was being impeached but no vote has been taken in the House. Why is anyone’s guess. Certainly the public hasn’t been let in on the secret. The House Dem’s strategy of “Mother/Father knows best and you voters don’t need to worry your pretty little heads” is going to get us another 4 years of Trump!

  39. Thomas Levy says:

    When Mr. Dump says, "Some people say . . ." you can be certain that his next sentence will contain a bald-faced lie, a rediculous exaggeration, a total fantasy — or all of the above!

  40. Maurice D. Vann says:

    😢 I'm so surprised. 🙄

  41. rjcass33 says:

    Ok, I like “A Closer Look” but I feel like the guy controlling the “applause” and “laugh” signs is out of sync with the show. Like, Seth will say the punch line and then just stare for 5 seconds waiting on crowd reaction. I can’t do it anymore.

  42. Sleeping Insomiac says:

    That factsheet is printed on microfiche…
    If anyone can still remember what that was.

  43. JamieLan2011 says:

    National Reptile awareness day, and all I could think of was the tortoise Moscow Mitch holding back all those bills that should be passed.

  44. Un Redacted says:

    Good show.
    "Barack the House"🆒️💩

  45. nonamesleftdammit says:

    I was eagerly waiting for Seth to cover the fake Romney Twitter account and there was no mention at all of Pierre Delecto.

  46. Emily Moss says:

    No G7 for Doral's bedbugs? But then Trump will be the only bloodsucking parasite at the meeting.

  47. J Johnson says:

    Seth Meyers is an anti-american scumbag!

  48. Aerial Camera & Video Imaging says:

    Do you think DJT will miss his Twitter account when he is locked up??

  49. Liza Tanzawa says:

    Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!

  50. playlists says:

    Good. Creep. Its where paedos hang out.

  51. TVC15 says:

    NOTE: Humpty Dumpty Trump DOES NOT OWN the Trump Doral International Resort. His "business" is to contractually RENT his so-called 'brand name' for marketing such near airport mega-dumps. Then he reaps a percentage kickback on the rooms etc. booked via promoting while POTUS. Trump PAYS the owners a permission fee monthly too. Even when Don's G-7 clandestine 'beak-wetting' event was cancelled – he still TV promoted the Doral dump next to the flight-path MIA! At least cocaine is easy to mule over from MIA. Per Don, "It's perfect."

  52. Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen says:

    Foreign leaders don't want bedbug bites dumbass

  53. LUIS RUELAS says:

    Come on dude you got to give Bernies rally more than a 10 second space. He had the biggest rally thus far of any candidate and had the endorsement of AOC, Omar and Talhib

  54. Lelynn Miller says:

    more more MORE 😁👍

  55. Daniel Marsala says:


  56. Daniel Marsala says:

    Withhold taxes

  57. RicoChavez1 says:

    The Charmin' joke could be taken as a beat-down on homeless people, Seth.

  58. Purple Rain says:

    No one want to go to that bedbug infested place it full of bedbugs i saw the kid back who is sueing the place his back was ful of bedbugs bites nasty

  59. Theresa Carmen says:

    With bedbugs, even his "motel" is dirty.

  60. Matthew Aspros says:

    Bigger crowd than yours, horseface

  61. Burnettski9292 says:

    Man, that one guy in the audience was having a blast

  62. EUGENE KUPKA says:

    Trump must have missed his morning guidance call from the foreign ambassadors and has to wing it !

  63. Karl Hobiger says:

    How can Trump invite G7 if he is not running the business, especially offering no charge???

  64. Mr. H says:

    Brainfreeze explains alot! lol

  65. Anul M says:

    Bernie Sanders just had the single largest campaign event of the primary, drawing in 25,872 people. I think this alone deserves a separate segment, definitely longer than a 9 sec comment. I am still waiting for other late shows to at least mention it. It has become kind of humdrum to see the same old Trump jokes from Colbert and Trevor Noah.
    That is why I switched to independent commentators like this one for honest unbiased reporting:


  66. Maxime Prometheas says:

    "Perfect if you live Solo." – Or if you're married to someone who's constantly trying to beat you at being the biggest Star Wars geek in the house… 😉

  67. Maria Robles says:

    Love your program ❤️ from Honduras 😘

  68. Jason Gastrich says:


  69. The Bee says:

    If you go to these political conventions, but this shirt, and start a new quote


  70. Martin Pêcheur says:

    But he was going to host for FREE…

  71. Bruce strkland says:

    Can they make a preschool fact sheet with pics n sounds. He can't read

  72. Eileen Farrar says:

    " That would be like stabbing the bailiff AT your murder trial."—-WHICH WOULD BE CLASSIC 45!!

  73. Eileen Farrar says:

    It's "National Reptile Awareness day!!"—so someone please take Stephen Miller out to swallow some flies and dead mice!!

  74. Mike Perkins says:

    Pathetic Prez.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.

  75. Gammunist / - says:

    00:44 – microfiche

  76. Mike Hunt says:

    Good news we don't want that idiot anywhere near Florida.

  77. Gustav Gnöttgen says:

    Has he already sued someone because of that?

  78. Fact Sheet says:

    A fact sheet? Hmm 🤔

  79. DarkSchneider says:

    I can totally relate + appreciate Nancy cramming all PAB45's offenses into one single sheet, coz that's how I and several classmates prepared to cheat on HS exams, open book or otherwise. 😎

  80. Bernie Com says:

    Talk about a baby, Trump claims impeachment process will put future presidents at risk, No just you, don't put every body in your shoes. Thank God there only one like you. I would love to know what his in-laws think of him, really.

  81. Tenly2009 says:

    Were the main joke writers off for this episode? I watch Seth Meyers pretty regularly – and this segment was probably the worst I’ve ever seen from him! The jokes were lame. Instead of smiling or laughing, I found myself shaking my head and wondering who decided to put that in the show???
    Hopefully this is a one off.
    He’s usually sooooo much better!

  82. eYeKeepsitReal says:

    The burgerking joke really bombed….bad in EPIC proportions

  83. ayahuasca ayahuasca says:

    #Berniiiie2020… does not need your microphone 😀

  84. Phyoomz says:

    I cackled out loud to the "before long, you'll be a ghost" line. It was so stupid, and I saw it coming, but it still tickled me pink.

  85. not fooled says:

    hard to believe america has fallen so far that you can either support the president or the constitution but not both

  86. Albert Stevens says:

    Spankie calls the emolument clause phony and then is too scared to test it Scared spankie

  87. Richard Preskey says:

    Larry David called it in Curb Your Enthusiasm…. double transgression theory. If you're already being impeached you can do anything!

  88. Annie says:

    Trump never gives up on anything. He's so stupid that he'll come up with a plan to hold the G7 summit in Turnberry at his other property where Pence stayed and think he can because it's not in America.

  89. boston babe says:

    Trump is too stupid to understand that he's a CRIMINAL.

  90. Tyler Smeenk says:

    Wait what!!! Haha, I'm still laughing at that…

  91. Square Peg says:

    There is a guy in the audience that is laughing much louder than everyone else

  92. Vbat 421 says:

    It should have Ivanka's COMPLICIT fragrance on the sheet too lol

  93. Bush Ranger says:

    Free marketing for the big orange baby 👶

  94. Marilyn Reallon says:

    Yes the other G7 representatives didn't want to go to the Doral because of the history of the bedbugs in Trump's property! Sad

  95. Travis Cutler says:

    Only late night can mention Bernie's historic campaign event, the Revolution will not be televised.

  96. Chad Wollaston says:

    Hollywood faggots sure are obsessed with butt fucking Trump. Scary

  97. Richard Smart says:

    Can we say "Emoluments Clause"?

    Just asking…

  98. KMM says:

    A lot of people = Ivanka Barbie, Jared Ken, Slimy Son #1 and Doofus son #2.

  99. Payne_is_good R.J. says:

    The fact sheet was 6 city blocks long when unfolded

  100. Jim's videos says:

    If that dish set doesn't include a Wokkie I'm not interested.

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