Trump Says He’s Suing Former Staffers For Violating Non-Disclosure Agreements
Trump Says He’s Suing Former Staffers For Violating Non-Disclosure Agreements

Last week, Donald Trump’s long time personal
assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, uh, abruptly resigned and kind of, you know, shocked everybody
didn’t see this coming. This woman had been very close to Donald Trump. Her desk was immediately outside of the Oval
Office. And of course, there’s also that little claim,
uh, shortly after she left that, you know, Trump didn’t really care for Tiffany Trump. She was a little overweight, didn’t like to
be pictured with her. And all of this prompted Donald Trump to tweet
out the next day that he is in fact suing multiple different former staffers for allegedly
violating the nondisclosure agreements that he forced them to sign when they took the
job at the White House. One of those people, one that everybody knows
is Amarosa. Amarosa has written a book. She kind of told all about everything that
happened in the White House. So yes, Donald Trump is suing her because
he alleges that, yeah, you violated this nondisclosure agreement. You weren’t supposed to say a word about what
happened in the White House. You did. You’re profiting from it. Clear violation, right? I mean, if this was any other industry, yeah,
Donald Trump would have a slam dunk case, but unfortunately there’s different laws governing
what happens inside of our federal government. You cannot just force employees to sign a
nondisclosure agreement. Then think that you’re going to be able to
enforce that if they violate it. And here’s why. We have a little thing called the presidential
records act, which basically says that anything that the president says or does gets preserved. So if you are a staffer in that White House
and Donald Trump asks you to take down a note, take down a memo, get somebody on the phone,
you cannot hide that information from the public indefinitely and you certainly cannot
be sued if you release that information regardless of having signed a nondisclosure agreement
or not, those records do have to be preserved. Now, I’m not saying that everything that these
staffers have come out and said after leaving the White House is something that would basically
be protected under the presidential records act. But there’s other transparency laws that do
require that communications be preserved, all kinds of stuff. It all goes to the national archives. It can’t be hidden and it can’t be silenced. But Donald Trump seems to think he can do
that. One of the other lawsuits he’s got going on
right now, man by the name of a cliff Sims, former White House staffer wrote an article
about what’s really happening in the Trump administration shortly after he left. So Trump sued him for violating his nondisclosure
agreement. The lower court put it on hold. It is now actually in front of an appeals
court to even determine whether or not the case can actually go forward. So that’s actually a pretty big one to watch
this case of Cliff Sims. Uh, because if the appeals court says no,
this case can’t go forward, you cannot enforce these nondisclosure agreements against these
staffers than oh man does that open up the potential floodgates because if the court
say that these NDAs are non enforceable than every single person who’s worked for Donald
Trump in this white house suddenly is no longer bound by that nondisclosure agreement. And I’m willing to bet there’s plenty of people
who have left this administration who would like to say some things. They’re just afraid of being sued. So this case that’s happening right now with
Cliff Sims could be the one that finally breaks the dam.

100 thoughts on “Trump Says He’s Suing Former Staffers For Violating Non-Disclosure Agreements”

  1. Missy Citty says:

    Haha!! Too bad dOnnie!
    I hope they all sing like canaries.

  2. Ewan Howard says:

    Hahaha lol

  3. Jon Dunson says:

    He’s profiting from the American people soooo go eat a shit sandwich

  4. Tara Louise says:

    I love the idea of the game! Ha ha – way to go!

  5. the village idiot says:


  6. MrOvadose101 says:

    Hey POTUS, you scared bro??

  7. Jimusmc0311 says:

    Aren't NDAs illegal in government service?

  8. M. E. says:

    “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him".

  9. Audrey Campbell says:

    Who is paying all these attorney fees for these frivolous lawsuits?

  10. Tony Binda says:

    Here I am on U tube getting a daily dose of stupid. Ha ha

  11. J. C. says:

    Trump follows no law. Why should anyone else? Counter sue trump! It'll become a class action lawsuit once it gets started. Why trump hasn't been thrown out of court for all his frivolous case clogs is beyond me. Just another example of trump squashing the little guy to protect his consistent lawless, immoral, and unethical, behavior.

  12. dlucas90 says:

    How did Trump "force" anyone to sign a disclosure agreement? If it was a condition for getting the job and they didn't agree with it, then they shouldn't have taken the job. Who cares what these people are saying anyway, I mean anything they say has to be taken with a dose of salt since they are disgruntled about being fired? Seems like you bitches whine about everything. Go to your safe space and cry.

  13. deborah chinn says:

    He is such a coward! Anyone he sues, should welcome it! He would never follow through! If he did, those sued would be entitled to discovery and all his dirt would be revealed! Empty threats from an empty man!

  14. Carolyn Wilson says:

    I think american needs to sue Trump his whole current family, republicans politicians and Trumpsters oh, let's not to forget Putin.

  15. Amanda Outlaw says:

    Childish Trump can't take responsibilities for his wrongful actions, but wants to attack so many people and suing them over petty stuff as always!

  16. Cesar Pena says:

    That's how he throws compatriots, institutions, promises under the bus…..

  17. jdrose1000 says:

    Instead of just being a decent person he wants to act like an ASS and have people sign papers to not talk about It! He has a big mental problem!

  18. transit6768 says:

    First, NDA's are unenforceable against government employees as these people work for the government and NOT Trump. Second, the right to freedom of speech is not there for somebody to take and not a right someone can give away. It's an inalienable right. Maybe the people that try to issue NDA's (trump and others) should clean up their acts and they won't have to worry about what others say about them after a person's employment ends.

  19. jdrose1000 says:

    How about not talking to people about personal things! He thinks everyone loves him and is his best friend!

  20. JJ W says:

    maybe if he wasn't a piece of shit they wouldn't be doing it

  21. jdrose1000 says:

    This means he is admitting these things are true!

  22. jdrose1000 says:

    Well Trump doesn’t like notes, because it’s evidence!

  23. MrSkeeter18 says:

    That way Trump can pay his attorney fees

  24. jdrose1000 says:

    Who cares about being sued! I’d say bring it! Lots of juicy things to talk about, unless they are criminals themselves! That’s why Trump likes bad people, so he has something over them and blackmail them!

  25. Reg Jones says:

    tRUMP is truly a “whiny little beouch”! Only criminals operate in the dark! VOTE!

  26. my music says:

    Donald chump is a card!

  27. Jamie C says:

    Trump is a fucking criminal cunt, and hes taking the usa down with him

  28. joe stuebing says:

    Douche bag man baby should be sued by every single citizen of the USA FOR IMPERSONATING A PRESIDENT !

  29. mvtelectra says:

    He's a pussy..a big mouth clown. For some strange reason this idiot thinks he's the smartest person on the planet. He believes in his mind that because he's Donald Trump, he doesn't have to follow the LAW. Wake up America.

  30. Jorge Natal says:

    Donald Trump aleman 😬 ? Hitler 🐒🐒🐒🐒😈👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

  31. W D says:

    This is what agent orange 💩does during executive time, dealing with all the lawyers and law suits. Instead of doing the job of president.

  32. Jorge Natal says:

    President Joe Biden 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌😎✌👍👍

  33. Derlin Claire says:

    Tiffany,s a little overweight?What the nerve!He,s one to talk;he,s a fat slob!

  34. Simone Miller says:

    Most babies say mama and dada first the orange one said "sue"

  35. Shanna Mac 39 says:

    Newsflash….private NDAs do not apply to government employees. They are not on the Trump payroll but work for the taxpayer. He cannot sue them.

  36. ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

    What's he up too now, 5000 lawsuits? Doesn't he always say he's suing someone? It's like the do over.. Pathetic.. Trump will do anything to make money! The funny thing is he's probably using his campaign donations to pay his lawyers, IF he's even paying them…

  37. ben ben says:

    Diaper don cries again!

  38. xadam2dudex says:

    I would have signed that Non-Disclosure Agreement with a real signature I'd use a fake name

  39. Leonard Covarrubias says:

    Can you imagine Native Americans in the east and Mexican Hacienda owners play see the children of pilgrims in cages…. I can see the red baseball hats now….( keep the 13 colonies great again)

  40. xadam2dudex says:

    PS raise your hand is you think the court will not uphold the NDAs ? the courts are full of right wing stooges

  41. real sense says:

    Trump-vile excuse for a human being!

  42. fortflan says:

    Hmmm. How about all former staffers suing dRumpf. He’d be in court until his kids die.

  43. DrOrtmeyer says:

    That's like all of them 😂

  44. Snake Man says:

    Open the bird cage and let the Canaries sing free.

  45. LadyJAtheist says:

    oh puhleeeese, another false outrage on the part of the squatting sphincter. fuck off 45.

  46. Frank Bell says:

    Abuse the court system! Again and again! P.O.S!

  47. Jane Joad says:

    What a stupid man. They don't work for HIM, they work for US. And if we can't sue the President then he can't sue anyone he feels like suing while President. Nixon learned that the hard way. I expect this oaf to follow the same IMFAMOUS path. Every employee there has rights under the EDD regardless, even he does, what he doesn't have…. is the right to enforce a PERSONAL POLICY because he is NOT a PRIVATE CITIZEN, he is AN EMPLOYEE OF THE U>S> GOVERNMENT regardless of what he does with his paycheck. I've been trying to get a Cousin of mine to understand this but she INSISTS, he doesn't get paid. Another hapless Trump voter who doesn't understand thing one about the government under which they were born.

  48. NOISEMAZE says:

    R.I.P. America

  49. ILL Skillz says:

    Can’t wait to see his fat ass in jail.

  50. Jay Jones says:

  51. Nedra Cotton says:

    If anyone has signed that document, you can say something. This isn’t Russia……

  52. Dan Zan says:


  53. Jean Engstrom says:

    Teflon…just won't stick! On the contrary; aside from non-binding, the defendants can laugh at this futile stab at covering up the whole mess. 🖒😂😂😂🎉

  54. Carolyn Smith says:

    I would cross complain and request Trump pay for all my cost.

  55. James williams says:


  56. Alexis K says:

    Incidentally, those 19 women should go ahead suing him for sexual harrassment. Trump said that he would sue them but he never ever did. So they are believable, after all Trump has lied over 12,000 times. He had said they weren't his taste but they were young then. Likewise, Trump looks old now, bad and fat.

  57. Mungo Munro says:

    Well,when you promise to keep a secret,,,you don't run tell it.

  58. Moms MADD says:

    He can wipe his butt with those disclosure orders. They arn t worth the paper there written on

  59. Trans am 2 pontiac says:


  60. Matt Alibozek says:

    Good luck with that… I’m pretty sure these NDA’s aren’t legal anyways… Trump is such a scumbag everyone who works for him has to sign NDA’s what does that tell you….?

  61. pauline palmer says:

    About time, and designate leaking of government info as a crime.Punishable by 10 years in Federal prisons.

  62. Julia Branca says:

    So?? What is the big deal??everyone that knows about Amorosa..has very little pity for her..💩🙈🙉🙊

  63. rickey morris says:

    he will lose the lawsuit as usual DDT American dictator

  64. infopackrat says:

    So when Trump has a meeting with Putin and the only other person in the room is Putins translator. That's bad I guess.

  65. D-range R says:

    Vote Republican We need guns to fight hurricanes! We need a good hurricane with a Gun! Trump 2020 Support Russian Leadership!

  66. Patrick Swezey says:

    O if i were king. What a pos..

  67. Nancy McCain says:

    There should not be any such thing as a non disclosure agreement between two people who work for the American people, and the citizens of this country. If it isn’t a matter of National security we deserve to know what the president is up to

  68. Dan G says:

    He's been terrified his whole life of the truth coming out. I think it's safe to say the cat is out of the bag on all of his crimes and con games the only people that still believe in his b***** are the Fox News zombies who will never see anything clearly.

  69. joey hesse says:

    Fuck off Trump.
    Fucking obstruction causing, amulument clause destroying, nepotistic first family SHAME of this nation.

  70. S1W SKC says:

    Dumbass #45. smh

  71. Sheba Maree says:

    What happened to free speech??

  72. CHARLIE o says:

    More chaos from the master of chaos.

  73. Bryan Johns says:

    Moscow Mitch is a Bitch

  74. Udum Spam says:

    If they signed it, and violated it, they should have their A$$ reamed… You say 'forced' them to sign…they could have not taken the job.

  75. sailormanariel says:

    Lawsuits . . . . the last refuge of a wuss.

    (That isn't a blanket burn on lawsuits. Many are justified.)

  76. Loki's Buddy says:

    We should sue Trump's sorry ass for professional malpractice!!!!!!

  77. charles bombaugh says:

    After he is out he'll sue all of us on a non-discloser act

  78. Purple Flame Tarot says:

    It's illegal to have a government employee to sign a NDA. They don't work for HIM.

  79. Red Ace Productions says:

    Like John Oliver said.. Trump saying "I'll sue you" is like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory saying "Bazinga" catchphrase moment!

  80. handyhippie65 says:

    a conservative with a sense of humor? is that even possible?

  81. Joe Gillian says:

    The idea that individuals, who may or may not be severely lacking in scruples or have generally poor judgment, can protect themselves from any and all potential backlash with an NDA is a common misconception. The exact extent to which this misconception goes on I cannot say, but obviously people try to use NDAs in this way fairly often.
    The reason why this is a potentially illegitimate application of the NDA is simple, and it's because there are laws against making any sort of agreement which involves breaking some other law or laws. Such agreement are illegal contracts and cannot be enforced. However, many people are ignorant of this, hence why people try to abused the NDA in this manner and do so successfully.
    Obviously the fact of a particular NDA being illegal or even potentially illegal wouldn't stop Trump, so it's safe to assume that at least some of the NDAs are not enforceable. Whether or not Trump himself actually understands this is currently a mystery.
    Bottom line, I suspect that these NDAs which Trump routinely tries to foist on to the people who, for whatever reason, decide to work for him, will fail to protect Trump from his own idiotic behavior. It's almost too obvious; for what reason would a person make a habit of forcing anyone and everyone who works closely with said individual to sign NDAs over literally everything?

  82. poopdeckpappy.. says:

    Poor baby bubble president shit for brains is having a crybaby tantrum boo hoo . Racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters are complete hypocritical moronic imbeciles

  83. Robert Palmer says:

    Let me set you straight on this… He is THREATENING TO SUE….. He cannot sue them and if he did he would have to buy the court to get a hearing. Non disclosure as Michael Cohen proved, only works if it is kept secret

  84. Tony Dolvin says:

    Wait one mother fucking minute… This shitdick claims executive privilege so he can not be charged or brought to court, but then launches lawsuits on others?

  85. ToxicTrump Tube says:

    Donald is a disgusting human being. I wonder how parents explain to their children why the President, who should be a role model, lies about everything. Friends of mine had to explain to their 9 years old daughter, what a “pussy grabber” is, because she heard it on television. Trump is toxic! Stop this mentally ill idiot now!!

  86. Depcom says:

    LMAO! The criminal wants everyone around him to be as criminal as he is. His criminal mind is deteriorating.

  87. Geoff Nelson says:

    Chump is always suing but he doesn't win the lawsuits.

  88. Adel Black says:

    And if I was a former staffer I would say to Trump bring it bucko it'll be another lawsuit you lose 🕶️

  89. Valerie Brousseau says:


    Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020. He will die of '' subite illness '' or ''suicide '' before the end of his second term presidency. He will escape justice by death like Jeffrey Epstein and many others.

    Im a cynical person. The political satyr is so ridicule, yet still great to manipulate people because people still believe in changes. There will be no changes. No justice. still blood. this is the beginning of a new area more twisted than ever. IMAGINE the political satyr in a mondial gouvernement. THE NEW WORL SATYR ORDER.

    Maybe 1500 years later, there will be a great mystery about how our civilisation was decimed . WE ARE LIVING A POLITICAL MANIPULATION THAT WE (the majority of people like you and me)DONT HAVE CONTROL.


  90. Jane B says:

    Your agreement means nothing. Void .

  91. Earnest T Bass says:

    L.Y.I.N.G..🤥.. when you're a journalist you can just make shit up like this in today's world…🙈

  92. B Smith says:

    Great way of attracting new talent – you will be sued just letting you know

  93. B Smith says:

    Sue the helicopter for noise pollution

  94. Luna Moya says:

    I know I’m going to order me a game 🤜🏼🤛🏼💯

  95. Dak Lamerbusch says:

    I bet $130,000 that he will lose EVERY case, as he is an "Expert Failure." He makes failing look so easy!
    I mean, has donny EVER won a court case? I honestly do not think he has.

  96. Taipanablack says:

    45 never their statements were false, he just said you can't talk about it

  97. Albert Wallace says:

    You couldn't even sue…… PEGGY. ☠️☠️☠️

  98. Lisa Godin says:

    The protective Republicans and the do nothing Democrats aren't going to shit to Trump or he's already be long gone.

  99. Mike Price says:

    Some issues concerning the non-disclosure agreement, if the person told the truth then that would be in violation of the non-disclosure if a person told a lie that would be slander, seems if he's suing for the non-disclosure that means that what the people are saying is the truth.

  100. Tonydfixer D says:

    Sue away orange ASSHOLE . HE IS AND HAS BEEN A SPOILD CHILD ALL 79 years of his life .

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