Triple Jump Highlights • 2020 Lithuanian Indoor Championships
Triple Jump Highlights • 2020 Lithuanian Indoor Championships

Hello my friends I am your Global Friend, Icon Mike And we gonna watch Highlights from the Triple Jump Competition from the 2020 Lithuanian Indoor Championships We start our Highlights with the First Jump of Vaida Padimanskaite Valid Jump for Vaida The White flag is up A Jump that was at 12.71 meters This is Simona Grybaite at her first attempt She get married and change her name Now she’s Simona Bukovske Valid Jump at 12.45 meters This is Dovile Kilty at her First Attempt She get the white flag It’s a valid jump We see here the Replay A Jump that was at 13.90 meters Let’s go to see Vaida Padimanskaite At her second attempt Vaida Padimanskaite that at a day earlier She win the Long Jump competition Valid Jump for Vaida She get the White Flag Her Second Jump was at 12.69 meters Simona Bukovske at her second attempt Valid jump for Simona a jump at 12.21 meters Let’s see Dovile Kilty at her second attempt it’s a red flag it’s a void jump for Dovile This is Ugne Mykolaityte at her Fourth Attempt She get the white flag it’s a valid jump a jump at 11.84 meters This is Vaida Padimanskaite at her Fourth attempt Valid jump at 12.80 meters This is the fifth attempt of the Dovile Kilty it’s a void jump Red Flag is up Only her first… Jump was valid so far for Dovile But was enough to be at the 1st Place so far This is Zaneta Levkovic at her fifth attempt Valid jump at 11.16 meters Her Sixth Jump was the best for her with 11.29 meters Levkovic take the 6th Place at the competition Let’s go to see the fifth attempt of Ugne Mykolaityte Her fifth Jump was void, also her sixth Jump was void Ugne Mykolaityte take the 4th Place at the competition Behind Simona Bukovske that finish Third This is a Replay of the Sixth and Last Attempt of Vaida Padimanskaite That was valid and at 12.82 meters Vaida take the 2nd Place at the competition of Triple Jump Gold in Long Jump, Silver in Triple Jump. This is the Winner of the event Dovile Kilty At her Sixth and last jump This time was valid and was at 13.84 meters Don’t Forget to SUBSCRIBE For More Videos! Bye! Bye!

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