Triple H rejoices with NXT crowd following live premiere: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 18, 2019
Triple H rejoices with NXT crowd following live premiere: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 18, 2019

100 thoughts on “Triple H rejoices with NXT crowd following live premiere: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 18, 2019”

  1. Jay/Pop Channel says:

    What HHH said: “Be here every week, and let’s show the world that we are NXT”

    What HHH meant: “Pretty please don’t stay home and watch AEW!”

  2. oscarilp says:

    i got bored with NXT



  3. Toastee gaming says:

    Not gonna lie my dream is to meet triple h (and a youtuber lmao) pls help💙🙏

  4. Ricky YN6 says:

    That a way let the crowd know not to watch AEW

  5. Ruben Bernardo says:

    NXT is the next Attitude Era branch that WWE have no idea they have

  6. maka colney says:

    AEW AEW AEW AEW sorry i mean NXT NXT

  7. Mr Smith says:


  8. FAB says:

    Get ready AEW. We Are Not Your Kind.

  9. Jill Roberts says:

    Sounds like he copy and pasted a legitimate passionate promo from any aew show or show cody and the bucks have been on in years lol smart business model

  10. King_ Aries87 says:

    You wouldn't see Vince doing that lol
    But I'm happy For Hunter I know THIS is exactly what he wanted, for his passion and the love for his fans and this business to finally be up front and on display! Congrats to you and your team Hunter

  11. Kevin Brew says:

    NXT just dropped a Nuke!!!! It's over…

  12. John Riley says:

    It baffles me that there ae fans who say that NXT sucks??? NXT is everything RAW and Smackdown should be on a weekly basis. Crowds into every match from start to finish, not over exposing all the superstars and showcasing young talent

  13. Kar says:

    What does NXT stand for

  14. Stone Cold says:

    The Cerebral Assassin,The King of Kings 14 time World Heavyweight Champion The Game Triple H

  15. adad daad says:

    We need Triple H on smack down live

  16. Marcus Dreuscher says:


  17. John Doe says:

    This is what AEW causes

  18. jack napier says:

    HHH didn't get the reaction he wanted from the crowd during his speech, so he desperately went into the audience in order to get it.

  19. King Khay Jr. says:

    NXT is ECW 2.0

  20. Furquan Mahdi says:

    This is how u get people's bread and respect at the same time

  21. Rob Butler says:

    Wow, thats cool, The war is on!

  22. Epic Potato says:

    How can Triple H be so badass

  23. Steven Nowak says:

    In HHH We Trust!

  24. Josh Begandy says:

    WWE needs guys like HHH to survive

  25. Rolando Andrés Aburto Olivares says:

    In your face Vinnie.

  26. Seneric says:

    Haha look at him go.
    Haven't seen Triple H try this hard since the Monday night wars or when he tried to bury CM Punk 😂😂
    Seems the threat of AEW is already paying off 🤣

  27. Khulekani Eugene Vilakazi says:

    HHH Love's NXT more than WWE

  28. Amazing Wonderer says:

    We are NXT. Triple H is NXT. And soon and already happening…NXT is WWE.

  29. Alex Martinez says:

    Triphe h the best

  30. Amer Salem says:

    HHH actually did it
    NXT is the show
    Respect for Hunter

  31. Andrés Vallejos says:

    Wednesday Night War mode ON

  32. SharpStudios0 says:

    I still give it 8 months..





  34. pixels N Dimensions says:

    Triple h should be in NXT storylines So that nxt becomes a main player. Hunter solidifies the product and will win the NXT vs AEW war.

  35. pixels N Dimensions says:

    Vince was a way better boss when he was triple Hs age..dont downgrade McMahon he is little bit out of touch but still he is the GOAT. If hunter can prove himself with NXT then vince will give creative control, in my opinion hunter is still not ready to take over WWE. And when he does i hope he dont repeat vince's mistakes. Long live wrestling and kill sports entertainment. We loved wrestling not entertainment. Bring that back to us.

  36. PRINCE PRASAD says:

    I just watch NXT to see Triple HHH ………..HHH is <3

  37. Ivan Valentine says:

    I wish main roster would have the same passion and same energy that nxt have

  38. The Proud Asshole MGTOW says:

    Sorry I can’t take it seriously unless NXT participates in the Draft

  39. glen delarosa says:


  40. HITMAN says:

    HHH really knows the Game !

  41. TUA says:

    That look on triple h on 2:12 and the music in background was actually badass

  42. noll carter says:

    HHH SUCKS!!!!!!

  43. Madre says:

    He should grow back his long hair

  44. Gregory Campbell says:

    I’m just heartbroken that Vince took NXT from HHH as soon as it got a TV deal. You can even see it on his face in this, he tries his best to cover it up but you can still see it.

  45. WOLF WRESTLING Club says:

    We are NXT ❤

  46. WWE Croatia Gamer says:

    triple h new 24 / 7 CHAMPION ceremony

  47. Joseph Sinopoli says:

    Better pop than raw and smackdown

  48. jay c says:

    Triple H got me sold on watching NXT. The passion is there.

  49. jay c says:

    Between the AEW premiere this week and NXT feels like the Monday Night Wars again. I love it!

  50. Derrick Samuels says:

    Triple H is a genius. Straight money on everything he tries

  51. WWE Croatia Gamer says:

    hhh return SMACK DOWN and wwe raw

  52. WWE Croatia Gamer says:

    hhh return 7 OCTOBER monday night raw

  53. adam goldberg says:

    Triple H is the most likeable person in WWE

  54. Nick Baker says:

    The entirety on nxt; fans and superstars invade raw and for 10 minutes straight, they all chant nxt at the top of their lungs. Imagine that sight

  55. Omega Riddler says:

    Vince: I'm in danger

  56. THALA KIRAN K says:


  57. youtube says:

    So Hunter….. are you going to play Kratos or nahhh?!

  58. Rozo says:

    Goosebumps at the Moment where Triple H stands with the people and chants NXT

  59. flamingobandit says:

    what HHH has done with NXT is amazing

  60. RAW-Gamer says:


  61. Russ Temur says:

    Yes we are nxt nxt nxt nxt nxt nxt nxt nxt nxt nxt thank you thank you is Holliday thank giving in Canada every where in world thank you in wwe or nxt is time play the game or to war yes nxt wwe then now forever but this future I love energy I miss thank hhh I love see war survivor series nxt vs wwe

  62. Adelio Nugraha says:


  63. MAGMALORD360 says:

    NXT is Way Better than AEW, if NXT was as massive as Raw or Smackdown it would definitely destroy AEW.

  64. NomadicPro says:

    Damn, watching him walk into the crowd was fucken badass!

  65. Kenneth Monfil says:

    Idk how the "crowd" were rejoicing with him when he hasn't gamed over "wrestlers" who r from other "promotions".

  66. Mr. Black says:

    I love NXT but this promo from Hunter seemed forced. I'm not saying its disingenuous because it's not, I'm just saying he sounds like he's pleading with the crowd "be here every week! Cheer every Wednesday and be here every Wednesday because this is where it's at! Every Wednesday show the world the brand that YOU created!" a pot shot at AEW haha saying well you guys made AEW for Wednesday well the fans made NXT! He's basically saying don't go watch AEW on Wednesday. It kinda sounds like Triple H is the boyfriend, the crowd is the girlfriend, and AEW is the new guy. Triple H is like "be here! Stay here! This is better! Don't leave! There's everything you need right here! Don't leave! Please don't leave!"

  67. Mr. Black says:

    It's so weird seeing Triple H in the crowd. Imagine if he was just a fan, he stands out amongst everyone. He literally looks like a different breed of human in a crowd of people.

  68. Dark Raider says:

    Triple H is the wrestling genius

  69. Dark Raider says:

    I hope that one day NXT invades WWE

  70. Anirudh M says:

    Is he building a cult

  71. T NGUYEN says:

    Great wrestler, great performer, great physique, great mic skill, great passion, consistant over the years. That's Triple H and he will be a great manager for WWE.

  72. Stormtrooper66 says:

    Nxt better win survivor series accept the main championship match. Bray Wyatt should win that one

  73. Rezky S says:

    Respect to you sir. I'm a big fan of Paul Lavesque (Triple H)

  74. J Dizzel says:

    They have awakened a sleeping giant, NXT is ready to take over. ….NXT NXT NXT!!

  75. Sharman club says:

    Hey triple H why did you go NXT

  76. Drk 5150 says:

    If there was a summary of what triple H said in a few words it would be: Watch NXT, don't watch AEW

  77. Denise Jackson says:

    You can see the passion he has for this show thats why its so successful

  78. Terry Johnson says:

    WWE Waiting for War Sunday Surivior Series AEW Come Here ?!?!?!?!?!?

  79. BerserkerRider says:

    Nxt crowd sang along triple h song wow

  80. Aubrey Aragon says:

    Nxt is Triple Hs bread & butter he gives wrestlers chances to train and become stars.

  81. Alev Boyaci says:

    The feeling that night was LIT AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  82. Dark Raider says:

    This is my favorite HHH promo ever!

  83. rocky zaq says:

    Vince :I have raw and smackdown so we will be the best!
    Triple h:I have NXT and we're the best!

  84. Berneil Despabiladero says:

    Triple H is best for business

  85. Mohamed Al. Shurbagy says:

    Triple h is icon

  86. Tiber Brutus says:

    now that is how you hype a crowd. Triple H just has that charisma that few folks have!

  87. Hector Martinez says:

    The man with the three HHH's

  88. Dark-Marauder c says:

    The company should go to triple h. He knows whata best because not lnly was he the best, he was down on the ground fighting his way up through shifty to creative storylines. He knlws what the fans want!

  89. Norman Jouett says:

    NXT is Triple Hs baby. It shows.

  90. KEERTI MIXING UP says:


  91. will nelson says:

    Tonight, just like every night before, And like every Wednesday night following, we bleed gold. We are NXT!

  92. Paulo Hiendrisch says:

    All out life best theme ever !!!!!!

  93. Soumya Jayan says:


  94. WWE Croatia Gamer says:

    i love hhh return 2020 for WRESTLEMANIA 36

  95. Death says:

    This man actually wrote a lot of storyline during the Ruthless Aggression era.

  96. Pristila Kitenge Pristila says:

    Song is cool

  97. arham .maulana says:

    forever triple h nxt king ricochet prince puma

  98. jack raj says:

    Badass HHH

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