Trail Elbow Leads The Way To More Distance ➜ Real Golf Power
Trail Elbow Leads The Way To More Distance ➜ Real Golf Power

Are you sick of being the shortest hitter
in your foursome every weekend? Getting
constantly out driven by 20, 30, 40 yards? You’re having trouble reaching par fours,
even par 5s in 3 shots. You just want to
know how to pick up that extra yardage to make the game of golf easier. Well, in
this next video I’m going to show you how the trail elbow leads the way to more
distance so you can generate more clubhead speed and pick up that extra 20, 30, even
40 yards off the tee and help make this game of golf that much easier. So I’ll
see you in the next video. It’s Troy from here,
where I help golfers make the game of golf easier and help you play the shots that
you want to play. So please make sure you
like this video and remember to subscribe to the channel. The more
subscribers I get helps me grow the channel and keep on producing videos
like this so we can keep on improving and playing better golf together. Hey it’s Troy from hitting it solid here. So
let me go through a really great way that you can generate more speed in your
golf swing by understanding how the trail elbow leads the way to more
distance. And the first thing I want to
discuss is before we get stuck into the drill which I’ll show you coming up
shortly. At least make sure you stick
around for that. It’s really important you
watch to the end of the video. I’m going
to talk about what typically most golfers do wrong. So if I’m setting up
over the ball like this, most golfers go wrong that’s when they get to the top of
their backswing when they start their downswing. They typically have the clubhead
move really quickly and it overtakes the hands and the hands get caught behind
the clubhead like that and it leads to a really weak downswing where they lose
a lot of power. And what happens is as we
make this downswing there’s an angle that gets formed between your lead arm
and the club and this angle is a real key to two more power. And where a lot of
golfers or most golfers even go wrong is they lose that angle like so which is
called casting. They lose that angle
really quickly and they lack a lot of power because of that. And I’ll pop a
video up above and that talks about sequencing which is a really important
part of the downswing to help you generate more power. So if you’re golf swing
looks something like this that’s
what you’re doing wrong which is costing you a lot of power and distance off the
tee. So in this next video I’m just about
to show you, I show you a really simple drill that you can practice at home to help
you and generate more speed just by focusing on that that trail elbow. You’ll
get a lot more distance off the tee. So
let’s get stuck into this drill. Okay let’s look at this nice simple
drill so you can generate more clubhead speed using your trail elbow to get more
distance. So what I’m going to do is grab a
club specifically a driver, but you can actually do this with any club in your
bag. Now I’m a right-hander so I’m going
to place my opposite hand just behind my back. I’m going to grab the club right
around the hosel there, right near the clubhead. Now what I’m going to be doing
is just making little swings like this and swinging through. Now my goal here is
to have where this would be my normal where my hand would be. My goal is as I
come down to have the handle reach where the ball would be which would be
somewhere around here. Reach there first and then have the grip
in this case whip through. Now I don’t
know whether you can hear this on camera or not but you should hear a whooshing
sound and it should be somewhere around this area here. We don’t want the
whooshing sound around here because that means we’d be releasing the club too
early. We want it to be happening right
around this area here because that’s where we’re building up all our speed. We’re at maximum speed at the ball here
and then we’re following it through up there. So this is a great drill. I’ll do a
few here for you that you can practice to help you generate that clubhead
speed. So what we’re going to do is go
to the top, make our turn and then turn through and really whoosh it. You can
really hear that club head speed. I’m
getting the handle to the ball and then really accelerating through
and getting that tremendous clubhead speed. And I’m doing this with this trail elbow by
making sure it gets through roughly somewhere on that rear hip first. That
gets it where the handle would be to the ball first and then the clubhead
which is normally back there lags behind and create this tremendous speed. And
you’ll notice when I do this I’m able to to hold that angle. The right arm will be
bent, make sure it gets roughly about to that right leg and then really push it
through like that and you’ll generate a stack of clubhead speed and be able to
take that to the course and hit a lot longer drives. Now I’d recommend not
hitting any balls first. Practice at
home just like this, then eventually you can take it to the driving range and do
by start hitting short shots just coming somewhere to here and practice really
getting that speed built up past the golf ball. That’s a great way to generate
more speed. Now in this just in a second
I’m going to cover another important point which you probably couldn’t see in that
drill that will really help you out. So
let’s get stuck into that very soon. Make
sure you pop a comment down below if you tried this drill before. You’ve tried
another drill that’s really helped you gain a lot of clubhead speed and hit
the golf ball a lot further. So pop that
down below, I’ll reply to every comment. Let’s get stuck into the next part of
the drill. Okay the next part, the bit of the
drill I thought I’d show you because this would have been really hard to see
atfull speed. Is as we get to the top
here. Now as you go through it’s really
important that those knuckles on that right hand. I’ll just go through like
that. That they cross over and they end
up facing the sky. So hopefully you can
see that on camera as we come down make sure those knuckles are to the sky. If you’re
doing this and you have your palm to the sky, you’re doing it incorrectly. You need
to make sure that, that right wrist naturally rolls over and have those
knuckles pointing towards the sky. So
right down the line of the camera. I’d be
something like that, you have the knuckles pointing towards the sky. That’s
really important because that helps you square up the clubface and hit the golf
ball a lot straighter. I’ll just do another demonstration here. As we go the top and we go through get
those knuckles pointing towards the sky and that’s going to build up a lot more
clubhead speed. And all we’re doing as I
explained in the first part of the video was making sure that trail elbow gets to
that rear thigh first. That helps you
get a lot of that speed leading to a lot more distance. So there you have it now,
you now know how the trail elbow leads the way to more distance. So remember once
again, once you’ve finished practicing this drill make sure you turn your
driver or any other club you’re using the right way around and just think
about as you make your golf swing as you come down, think about having that grip
get to the golf ball much earlier than the clubhead. Let the clubhead lag
behind, that’ll help you generate a lot more distance off the tee. So thanks so
much for watching. Make sure once again
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free golf instruction that will really help you out with your golf game make
sure you check that out. Once again
thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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  2. YJP Studio says:

    great! driver tip!!!

  3. Daryl Ottaway says:

    Hey Troy
    Trail arm so important to increase CH speed. I know the golf swing is a real blur just before, during & after impact & what I didn’t get from your video was “in very slow motion” what the trail arm does “slowly” after it travels past the trail leg across to the lead leg & beyond.
    Your video showed the before & after but not the “during”, many say it’s a natural motion but I still struggle with this after lots of practice.
    Can you produce an extra video to show us “how “ & what the during motion looks like?

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