TPI Golf Basic Balance Test
TPI Golf Basic Balance Test

Hi, this Ha Bui with,
and today we’re going to go over the…one of the TPI or Titleist Performance Institute
Test and it’s a simple leg balance test and this will help measure and see how well
you balance, and balance is one of the key components to helping you stay balanced and
under control throughout your golf swing. So, how to start the test, make sure you pick
a leg, I’ll start with my right leg, and then you’re going to bring the other leg,
left knee up about hip height and then once you find your balance then you’re going
to have…you have a person, or yourself, be able to close your eyes and then you want
to make sure whoever is testing you is being able to control your balance without doing
this thing, once you start to do that thing then the test will stop. So, we’ll make sure you’re controlling
it and then you want to hold that at least twenty-five seconds and based off TPI standards
you want to hold for twenty-five seconds without tipping over and that’s the normal balance
test, anything under, if your goal is to shoot up to about holding each leg for about twenty-five
seconds on each side. This is Ha Bui with Please subscribe to
our YouTube channel and add us to your playlist.

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  1. Timanator says:

    Good stuff, now how about some core speed work outs?

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