Big shout-out to Big Horn Resort. What a wonderful place. You got a wedding, got a family event, make
sure you check out Big Horn. It’s a place you ought to come in Palm Springs. They’ve let us come out here to the range. It’s a wonderful place, and we want to talk
to you today about the new Tour Edge Exotics line of irons. The concept here is obviously somewhat game
improvement. You can see that with the top line and kind
of the thicker sole, but it is a golf club that will work well for you if you like to
have a little more feel around the greens, you know, 120, 130, 140, 150 yards out. With the 5 and the 6-iron, for example, they’re
hollow-bodied, and what that does is it gives you that additional distance. You get a little more of a trampoline effect
off the face. I think they’re a tiny bit powerlofted as
well, so you’re going to just get really great distance with these irons, but as you move
down to, say, the 9-iron, you don’t want the hollow body there. You don’t need a trampoline effect with your
9-iron. You want more feel, so what they’ve done is
a solid body in that club, so it’s a graduated set. It’s a really cool idea that the guys at Tour
Edge have come up with. So what I found out with the 6-iron is the
hollow body allows higher handicaps to have a little more distance, so this is going to
allow you to hit the ball a little farther and get a little more springlike effect off
of a hollow body, so it’s an interesting idea that higher handicaps might want to try out
is this idea of kind of a graduated set. As you get a little older, you want something
that will help you hit the longer irons a little farther, but also still control your
shorter irons. Learn more about the Exotics EXS irons at

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