Toro Lynx® Control System (Millennium Golf Club – Overview)
Toro Lynx® Control System (Millennium Golf Club – Overview)

Irrigation is extremely important for maintaining a golf course and keeping it green. I think upgrading an irrigation system has many benefits. It makes things easier and you have many more options at your disposal. For me the best thing about the Lynx irrigation system is that it gives you an overview. You can see everything on one page. It’s also so easy to operate. You can irrigate your green with just one click. Every morning when I get to work I sit down at my computer and check the whole system. Has it worked, have all the sprinklers been activated, have there been any problems? The Lynx system has saved me a lot of work, as
I can now operate everything on site. If we have repaired a leak, we can check
that the system is working. I don’t have to keep
returning to my workstation to start irrigation, for example. Everything can be
done there and then. There’s no need to keep going back to the office,
which would take up a lot of time. Wherever I am, whether at home, at work
or at a party somewhere, I can deactivate the entire system
using my phone, a tablet or a computer.

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