TOP 20 FORTNITE SKINS CONCEPTS That Might Be Added To Fortnite SEASON 8!
TOP 20 FORTNITE SKINS CONCEPTS That Might Be Added To Fortnite SEASON 8!

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100 thoughts on “TOP 20 FORTNITE SKINS CONCEPTS That Might Be Added To Fortnite SEASON 8!”

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  2. Chiya Abdullaman says:


  3. shay kinsella says:

    If I trick u can I get a like

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  4. mr. nobody says:

    3:00 well this is scary and to far

  5. Val Silva says:

    0:53 Galaxy Goku Ultra Instinct

  6. linda valdeo says:

    1 like for season 8 if the skin is good cuase i already have the free battle pass

  7. TXA T-AZX says:

    1:00 Zoey V2

  8. NAVARO says:

    I Make Helmets and Armors from Fortnite in Real life – interesting ? Come and see for Yourself

  9. samantha william says:

    WOW I like ikonic galaxy!!

  10. Canal MRQ says:

    I loved this vídeo

  11. حسين علي says:


  12. M4STER M4T says:

    Si tu clique ici sa devient bleu

  13. bridg3t91 says:

    Who's a filipino like your a filipino

  14. Adam Hussain says:

    l Adam123. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. TFS Clan [ITA] says:

    1:52 the best concept

  16. marchaun andrews says:


  17. Jamarey Nelson says:

    I can waitTomorrow season 8

  18. ShunMula Official says:

    meatus 🔥🔥

  19. SuperMarioSean Plushvideos says:

    2:46 I would buy that skin

  20. Naga-Zakill says:

    J'utilise ton code créateur ^^

  21. Cherry Berry! says:

    i want amelia and olive

  22. Hell girl says:

    1:01 i want her

  23. Punny Gaming says:

    Um……. wailing…. is….. kinda vanished………….

  24. Nighthawk says:

    Most of these concept skins look goofy.
    Why can't no one draw a serious-like, Battle Royale themed skins rather than a guy with a goofy looking ass outfit?

  25. John Francis says:

    Stream sniper is
    my favorite skin

  26. Pie Lord AJ says:


  27. Keiontae Meadows says:


  28. Aqua. says:

    Does anybody know the outro song name?

  29. Racing Crusader says:

    this was a trash vid eat poop ya sweaty try hards xd

  30. BUSH GAMING says:

    0:42 my creation hhaha

  31. the ice king dragon slayer says:

    You are welcome name:Latera27

  32. Magic Cool says:

    That add ikonik for Samsung Galaxy s10

  33. Black Panther Fan!!!! says:

    Nope is…

    Blackheart (11 styles)
    Hybrid (7 styles)
    Sidewinder (no styles)
    Peely (no styles)
    Ember (no styles)
    Luxe (3 styles)
    Master Key (2 styles)

  34. A C E says:

    4:08 when your grandpa beat ninja and Tfue

  35. Zombi Black says:

    Love l

  36. Hassan Hammoud says:

    Love it💘💘💘

  37. Vanessa northcross is my Girlfriend says:

    KFC Stream Sniped Cinema Of Gaming

  38. L_SR says:

    holy shit the clickbait is… insane

  39. Galvatron says:

    1:04 CHVRCHES

  40. KaichaniRetardo says:

    Prove it.

  41. JackOLantern says:


  42. Marshmellow Gamer says:

    that kfc chicken is rasict for black people I mixed but its rasict it went 1st that's just real rasict

  43. hypez roblox says:

    3:10 even my big bros name is Marvin fuck what

  44. Tgg banana God says:

    Fake fake fake I know the skins are concepts but he a cliakbaiter

  45. magyar brawl stars gameplay says:

    2:59 evolved fishstick

  46. Therubyskeleton says:


  47. jackmathews2015 says:

    Amelia is the Emo Zoey

  48. The Chimp says:

    Fortnite and supreme or Gucci should do sum with eachother and make a sick skin😲😲

  49. SL1KKE says:

    The ikonik galaxy might be a style

  50. Chronic Goat says:

    they should add a naruto skin

  51. Menyhért Zsombor Boldogh says:


  52. Menyhért Zsombor Boldogh says:

    we see now in season 8 there's no skins like this

  53. Osca Oscaau says:

    Great video

  54. _Lil_stinger_ says:

    Epic u have the chance to beat Apex do it

  55. Georgio Marks says:

    Please fortnite make a skin of a cheerleader or a girl wearing a cow onesie called calcium specialist!

  56. Nate Jenkins says:


  57. Chroma says:

    iKonik Galaxy? Really? haha ok

  58. Your InfiniteEnvy says:

    i sub like and turn on the bell

  59. Corrisca Jackson says:

    Give me the v-bucks

  60. LITTLEFELLA 28 says:

    Most of them were trash

  61. DREXULA says:

    Do a face reveal

  62. PlayerUPlush Paul says:

    Maybe epic could make it where you must merge your s10 account and note 9 account to get the galaxy ikonik skin

  63. Alex A says:

    good idea if you have samsung galaxy and s10 you can get galaxy ikonik

  64. Seva Creativity says:

    4:35 that is a skin.. a real skin

  65. Reimer Rules says:

    Omg lol my ying yang symbol is in the game THEY MADE A SKIN ABIUT ME OMNDSJWNDC

  66. Pablo Zuniga says:

    So stupid

  67. C̺͆r̺͆u̺͆s̺͆a̺͆d̺͆e̺͆r̺͆ T̺͆r̺͆o̺͆d̺͆d̺͆e̺͆n̺͆ says:

    I’m adding to the wailing wood.

    Name: Wailing Wood
    Description: Fresh out of the vault and ready for revenge
    Pickaxe: Branch Beater
    Pickaxe desc: Remains of the great woods
    Backbling: Squirrel stump
    Backbling desc: A home for a rodent
    Glider: Scrap wood shuttle
    Glider desc: Soar with sticks

  68. Stanford is a limo driver says:

    There should be a mermaid skin

  69. Wuiwui Nini Nini says:

    que eskins mas guapas😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👇like

  70. cheesyk • says:

    well the brand skins just really depend on sponsoring like the kfc… and supreme. they need permission so they don't get copyrighted i think

  71. Slushy Fortnite says:

    Bush Wookiee yessss

  72. RR900C says:

    I did the code ! 🙂
    My username is IBraHiM__iQ8!
    And I subscribed for you 🙂
    Add me to favorite friend !

  73. marshmello Gamer says:

    why should i enter i never win 🙁

  74. Ricardo Rivera says:

    I used you code add me my name is EarthyThrower86

  75. Ian Ramiro Gamboa Viveros says:

    This may be fake or is it…

  76. Beacon._.Playz says:

    My friend calls himself bush kid so I'm gonna save v-bucks in case Bush Wookie comes out so I can get it for him

  77. Noah Moreno says:

    1:54 is da besttttttttt

  78. Noah Moreno says:

    The new maki master

  79. Not Franklin says:

    Non of the skin are in

  80. hey hey it's jay jay Trundley says:

    They haven't came except octopick

  81. Iggy Delgado says:

    Like, NONE of these came out Lmao

  82. Johana Vallejos norambuena says:

    Season 8 will be about pirates im from da futur

  83. Kill Me says:

    Patch patroller wtf

  84. DelAMV says:

    Ikonik galaxy = galaxy s 11

  85. Greenlight3000 [mr.greeny] says:

    3:33 nobody’s talking about how this is actually coming to the game

  86. BACHEE 101 says:

    The plastic patroller is a skin muselk had that skin in season 9

  87. Funny 113 says:

    I wanna see The Wailing Wood in the game

  88. LOL Man 675 says:

    3:26 IS HERE

  89. X N I G H T Y X says:

    At least 1 did plastic patroller

  90. adil says:


  91. RobbieLazar says:

    3:33 mate. That came out!

  92. Nova says:

    Ikonik galaxy is such a good concept 😍😍😍

  93. Kryptic Valley says:

    3:32 that got released

  94. Diego Manfredi says:

    plastic patroller and meatus (doggo) are now in the game

  95. DaiseyMae Stroud says:

    I like ikonik galaxy

  96. tiktok Vids says:

    There all never going to be put in the game lmao


    Maybe ikonik purge style

  98. Saul Manjarrez says:

    You can make a Link from The legend of zelda concept?

  99. corrupted mark Newbold says:

    0:52 my favorite

  100. Super Keenan says:

    plastic potroller is in lol

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