Top 10 Improvised Scenes in Movie History
Top 10 Improvised Scenes in Movie History

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Improvised Scenes in Movie History”

  1. SilverGram says:

    I walked out of A Clockwork Orange during the scene you showed and I'm glad I did. Hated Kubrick's entire body if work…something truly perverted about him.

  2. Tobias Palma says:

    James Dean in East of Eden. That's my favourite.

  3. DiabolousSpiritus says:

    How in the hell did they forget to include the fart in the phone booth scene in Rain man?????

  4. Grevy says:

    7:54 Robin Williams? What?

  5. Joshua Hauser says:

    Leonardo Di Caprio in Django Unchained the dinner scene.

  6. Dennis Smith says:

    How about Dustin Hoffman's "I'm walking here!".

  7. Two By Two The Fun Crew says:

    Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. " Nobody puts baby in the corner." total improv.

  8. abysmalasabysmal says:

    What about Anchorman scenes. Like "I love lamp"

  9. jack mack says:

    Dave's not here, man.

  10. mister roberts says:

    harrison fords interview scene in the fugitive was improvised in that he did not know what the officers were going to ask or say

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    Robin is absolutely missed. He was a true comedian. 💔

  12. Kate Quinn says:

    'the rest, as they say, is history'… wow that's original

  13. Ba A says:

    Spinal Tap??!
    Are you kidding me….I believe that movie was 90% improvised 😂

  14. Russell Pottenger says:

    In silence of the lamb‘s it’s my understanding that the first meeting of Anthony Hopkins and Jody foster was an improve

  15. L says:

    Django Unchained: Leonardo Dicaprio cuts his hand.

  16. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Judd Apatow is a commie cocksucker.

  17. David Uhr says:

    When Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, responds to Princess Leia's "I love you" with "I know." It's perfect.

  18. Ivaylo Traykov says:

    This video wasn't that great in comparison to the general videos of this channel. Bridesmaids and Ironman? "really great actors in there. For sure will remain cornerstones in movie history. Future generations will learn from them." What does Pacino and De nIro know right? Really failed this video. At least you fixed in a way finishing with Robin Williams.

  19. briank05 says:

    go away and fuck off with Bridesmaids in the top 10

  20. TheHam1993 says:

    ….Trailer Park Boys?

  21. Jack says:

    Can do without number 10 – hands down!!

  22. Jack says:

    And Robert De Niro is a communist punk piece of shit!

  23. Jack says:

    Ooh and Rob Reiner is a pile of Communist Trash!

  24. Jack says:

    And lastly there is the Depressed Clown… Garbage through and through. See ya!

  25. Romy Valentina says:

    Robin Williams is truly one of the best improvisors. Should have had some Mrs. Doubtfire in there.

  26. mediawolf says:

    The jail scene from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. As per the script, "I know somebody here, Lawrence Jameson. We're like THIS!" But Steve Martin forgot the name. Everything that follows was improvised.

  27. Dylan Kushinski says:

    Rip Robin 5 years today gone but not forgotten

  28. DNA DNA says:

    Matt Damon’s story about his brothers in Saving Private Ryan

  29. Christian Bonsall says:

    Damn right robin williams #1

  30. Jacob Keys says:

    Woulda been nice to actually show those moments.

  31. Bradley Fleming says:

    The Usual Suspects

  32. Mystery Gent says:

    Borat was never funny

  33. KamekoBruns says:

    You left out Jaws and Spinal Tap but included Bridesmaids?

  34. Ryan McKnight says:

    Bill Murray whispers "I have to be leaving but I won't let that come between us, okay?"

  35. Corey Donohoe says:

    Numbers 1 through 5 should belong to the great Bill Paxton and his work on the Aliens movie. Clearly the "game over man" scene should be number one.

  36. Misa Amane says:

    Wasn't expecting the feels at the end :'((

  37. metallicarocks911 says:

    What about Sean Connery's improvised line from his performance with Harrison Ford in Last Crusade?

    'How did you know she was a nazi?'

    '…She talks in her sleep'

  38. Mark Silverman says:

    That Bill Murray scene could possible be the most overrated moment in motion picture history.

  39. Tyler Mcgowan says:

    That robin williams montage made me so sad

  40. Banished From The Dwarf Planet says:

    "Bridesmaids" is drastically overrated.

  41. trevor brown says:

    Wasn't the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones pulls out his pistol and shoots a sword wielding henchman improvised? The script called for a proper fight scene but apparently Harrison Ford was suffering from dysentery at the time and just did not have the energy to do it so Spielberg suggested he shoot the guy after an elaborate display of swordsmanship. The result is pure comedy gold.

  42. Cath Robilliard says:

    In Harry Potter Jason Isaacs ad-libbed “Well let’s hope Mr Potter will always be around to save the day.” 12 year old Daniel Radcliffe came right back with "Don't worry, I will be"

  43. 9w96b6 says:

    What about Han Solo saying, "I know"?

  44. zidaryn says:

    Dang it. You got me all teary eyed during the Robin Williams part. Still miss him.

  45. Portland Native says:

    Can't believe they didn't mention any part of Life

  46. TheBigolbear says:

    How about Wayne's World when Garth asked Wayne if he thought Bugs Bunny was attractive when dressed like a girl LOL

  47. Chris Simon says:

    I am quoting this from irish4lyf3 Published on Nov 8, 2008, because I couldn't say it better.
    "This is my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies, "Apocalypse Now" in which Kilgore talks about the smell of napalm. This scene gives birth to one of the most famous movie quotes of all time, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore is played by the actor Robert Duvall."
    I guess it wasn't improvised.

  48. FugginGene says:

    I think, the 40 year old virgin, the scene with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan playing games may have been improvised.

  49. P33b4Ugo5omwh3r3 says:

    The 4th floor or what ever it was called, Tarantino and Bruce Willis is in it if it helps anything. The whole thing was shot just them messing around no script whatsoever.

  50. Lizard King says:

    why do people in oldey-timey black and white music stuff always end up looking so weird and zombielike ugh it's like they turn into weird bulgey frankensteins yuk

  51. Daniel Burrhus says:

    Would like to have seen more of the scenes.

  52. Nurmukanbet Turzhan says:

    Attica! Attica!

  53. Damien Kennedy says:

    F u c k y e s.

  54. NiNi Na says:

    The line-up scene in The Usual Suspects is missing.

  55. Matthew Banks says:

    RIP Robin Williams, you will forever be the star of improve…shinning so bright so the rest of us can watch in amazement.

  56. Nurazor says:

    what's the song that's playing in the background on the last clip..??

  57. Jonathan Y says:

    Anything with Melissa McCarthy is absolute garbage

  58. JS the Canuck says:

    i mean itd be pretty cool if they showed us the scenes

  59. sribrindha Krishnamoorthy says:

    Bridesmaids shud be no. 1

  60. sribrindha Krishnamoorthy says:

    RIP robbin williams

  61. Raymond says:

    Need to update this list and add Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker in Dark Knight. Specifically the scene of the hospital explosion.

  62. Chris Smith says:

    The Dark Knight scene where Joker stuffs up setting off the special effects bombs on the hospital would have been awesome in this list 🙂

  63. carl royle says:

    Joe peshe,s got a be the best or whatever he's name is.

  64. Tiffany McCormack says:

    This must have been made after Django Unchained because Leonardo DiCaprio actually sliced his hand open and Kerry Washington's look was real disgust. That was not part if the script

  65. Cheezies says:

    Unpopular opinion, but fuck Robin Williams. You think his wife and kids he left behind are chuckling over his improvs now?

  66. Jackie Cortez says:

    Maybe I’m just pms-ing, but the part about Robin Williams just made me realize that man had a beautiful soul. I began to cry.

  67. Waya525 says:

    Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Before you scoff, hear me out. The elevator scene in the Diamond Miners Office in Lagos, Nigeria was completely unscripted due to the Writer's Strike. Reynolds has talked about this. Apparently the only thing in the script for his character to do was "Wade Wilson talks really fast in this scene." Reynolds improv'd the scene and was not only on character, but hysterically funny. Despite the response to the film, Reynolds nailed it, knocked it out of the park, and won the role of Deadpool, ultimately playing the character in two huge movies to great success.

  68. selfademus says:

    one would think to also include the scene.

  69. John Journey says:

    forgetting about Chris Farley is like if you had forgotten Bill Murry Caddy Shack. honestly, i put all three of them on equal footing for their improv abilities. to quote Witchita in Zombieland: "Direct line to my funny bone."

  70. Matthew Hill says:

    Struggling to see how This Is Spinal Tap's "eleven" is unscripted when the dials did go to 11.

  71. Adelaide says:

    I love that they didn’t say much about Robin Williams. So much respect. I’m so sad he was my favourite actor as a kid.

  72. Gabriel Alejandro says:

    All of Blue Valentine, but particularly the ending scene.

  73. adey800 says:

    no mention of Robert Altman or Mike Leigh

  74. Melody Addams says:

    how is Michael Keaton not on this list. Beetlejuice anyone?

  75. Jo-Ann Bastings says:

    My dream would be to be caught on a desert island, with all the comfort, with Bill Murray….and scotch.

  76. Jo-Ann Bastings says:

    Joe Pesci was a real, genuine actor. A perfect gemme!

  77. Jo-Ann Bastings says:

    Robin Williams was a master of the improv. Nobody can remplace him, he was the one and the only. God broke the mole when He created him. May he Rest In Peace.

  78. Morphic c says:

    Caddyshack is easily the funniest movie ever.

  79. Potted Plant Entertainment says:

    "I got a jar of dirt" from Pirates of the Carribean is legendary improv 😂

  80. pieroog says:

    well… THE best improvised one I've seen in my life has been…. by…. Jean Claude Van Damme when he was monologuing on his addition in J.C.V.D.

  81. dizzy4128 says:

    The "But why male models" from Zoolander

  82. Fe os says:

    Can someone help with the name of the song on the apocalypse now-marlon brando part ? cheers

  83. tom brodigan says:

    "I'm walkin' here"… Dustin Hoffman's character Rizzo from Midnight Cowboy. Happened when a car actually broke through the set unintentionally. Such a pro.

  84. Miikka Korpiranta says:

    The whispering to the ear of Scarlett Johannson by Murray is not a secret if you put it loud from headphones and listen a couple of times. I have it written on my old computer. But if I'm correct it was something "I'll always love you and be your friend but I have to go back to her." I believe it's a statement, punchline, that even they have clearly more than just friends Murray's character is still loyal to his wife and not some dirty old celebrity.

  85. Courtney Linn says:

    Robin Williams 😭

  86. Ross Bagley says:

    I do love Robin Williams, but both Good Morning Vietnam and Alladin were fully scripted.

  87. Dead Jesus says:

    Ya lost me as soon as you said bridesmaids was hysterical and had a brilliant script.

  88. HortonKansas says:

    I was 13 when i seen "A Clockwork Orange" in 1971 and it absolutely frightened me! It also intrigued me…..

  89. Jay Jay Maes says:

    Fear and loathing las vegas has to be in here as well.

  90. Jay Jay Maes says:

    Ace ventura ? Liar Liar? Jim Carrey? come on man

  91. Tony Correnti says:

    It's in D minor . . . the saddest of all keys 🙂

  92. Helena Alba says:

    Could someone please confirm or deny if the legendary "think fast Malkovich" was really improvised or if it was prepared? because deep inside, I think that could be the best improvised moment ever, if it really was improvised.

  93. Jalen Seravat says:

    Joker’s restroom dance now

  94. Timothy Groot says:

    Basically the entirety of "The Mask" with Jim Carry, and some parts of both Ace Ventura movies

  95. Mikko Niiranen says:

    Yo. How come Bill Murray sounds like Donald Trump at Just close your eyes and listen 😀 :D: D

  96. Daniel Parks says:

    Robert is a real life ass munch.

  97. James Blanken Photography says:

    While Iron Man was a great deal of improv, you should have focused on the last line spoken. When RDJ states that "I am Iron Man" he effectively created the MCU that we know and love today.

  98. Issac Alexander says:

    Anyone know what song's playing in the background during the first pick?

  99. NightOwl says:

    Ok but robin williams was a legend

  100. luís eduardo pereira says:

    "I have to be leaving, but I won't let that come between us. Okay?"

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