Tom Holland Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions
Tom Holland Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

– You know what’s crazy, you can’t have pitbulls in England. They’re considered “dangerous dogs” which is just nonsense. Look at this thing, how could you say that this is dangerous? (upbeat music) No, I probably would– Oh, I know. (upbeat music) We definitely do have a group chat it’s called The Holy Trinity. Jacob and I met at Jacob’s audition obviously. And, ah (mumbles). Puppies have the best smell. There’s just that puppy smell there’s nothing like it. We instantly became really good friends and then when I introduced him to my best friend, Harrison it was apparent that we were gonna be really good friends and that sort of sparked this online thing called The Holy Trinity. Sorry that was a terrible answer I can’t think right now. I’m too distracted by the cuteness of this little puppy right here. (upbeat music) – Chris Pratt. Because I get tired and he’s so big he could carry me around. (upbeat music) Sorry again, I forgot the question I’m just too into these puppies right now. Could we have some more puppies in here? I think we should bring all the other puppies in. And we should definitely rip up the paper. Three movies: Primal Fear, I think, My Cousin Vinny and Spiderman Homecoming so I can reminisce all the good times. (upbeat music) I would choose Atlantis. And what’s the character’s name? It’s like– whoa! It’s not the doctor dude the uh– You are a little nippy one. Yeah I’d probably play him, the explorer. (bouncy music) Well, I guess you don’t really need to ask for advice from these guys cause you can just watch them work and see how the best in the business do it.
(puppy whines) (Tom imitates puppy) (bouncy music) ^I would probably be a stunt man. Or a carpenter maybe. All my family are carpenters. Or maybe a puppy wrangler. I seem like I’m pretty good at this. (groovy music) Twinkies are pretty weird. I tried my first Twinkie the other day and it was disgusting and I’ll never eat one again. And I actually got a lot of hate online ^for not enjoying a Twinkie. (groovy music) I think “with great power comes great responsibility” is the best quote I can give you. Hey guys, so this lovely interview today the puppies have been brought to us by Angel City Pitbulls and you can pick up one of these incredibly cute and really naughty pitbull puppies. (triumphant music) – [Producer] Thank you so much. – I don’t wanna go, guys. (laughter)

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  1. moonlight in my head says:

    Title should be
    Tom holland being distracted by puppies for 3 minutes and 18 seconds straight

  2. Warney Stuart says:

    And here in 2019, Tom's rumoured to play Milo in Atlantis live action lol

  3. Sally says:


  4. Fred Donkers says:

    1:33 on the left the dog was yeeted back to tom😂

  5. StevieRey Maez says:

    I have a blue nose pit bull and she’s very playful they’re only mean if you train them to be like that

  6. Ferrt rt says:

    Is it true you can't have pit bulls in England?

  7. Addison Grantham says:

    Tom: yasss let’s totally rip the paper
    Me: yes definitely have them do that

  8. pardon kookie says:

    i searched up online what twinkie looks alike and it seems delicious to me that i would like to try

  9. Amani Desira says:

    This stays so cute that im crying everytime when i see this😭😍❤

  10. Jillian Bella says:

    My blue nose pitbul is a year a 4 months and is so sweet

  11. Gloria Garcia says:

    Tom puppied heaven

  12. Gloria Garcia says:

    Can we have Benedict do this 🙂

  13. Sep Ex says:

    can we just take a moment to appreciate 2:47 and onwards, WHAT is that puppy doing LMAOOO

    when can i audition to be that puppy

  14. Just One Day 🌸 says:

    I want an Atlantis live – action adaptation where Tom plays Milo Touch RIGHT NOW 😍

  15. mariam khan says:


  16. Julie Hayden says:

    0:00 FACTS

  17. Hiba Zehra says:

    To be honest I agree with him I do not like twinkies they are too sweet

  18. Isabella Dippel says:

    me: reads the title buzzfeed sure is giving the people what they want

  19. Rhema Clements says:

    2:39 Guys, that’s a bit mean ❤️

  20. Penguinz R Awesome says:

    Twinkies are soooo disgusting

  21. Bloodmoon Monsters says:

    Twinkies are gross

  22. AgentRedgrave says:

    2:07 Tom finds out he might not be in the MCU anymore

  23. Patrick Sidener says:

    Twinkles are soo gross

  24. CharliePixelz Gamez And Vlogz says:

    I don’t like twinkies either

  25. Silvia Kim-Miller says:

    I hate Twinkies too and I’m from America at a birthday party I was offer them and I said no

  26. that girl bri says:


  27. Nayi Curet says:

    if this isn't the cutest video on youtube, i don't know which is

  28. Tabemono7227 xx says:


  29. Petra Petra says:

    This is how they tryin to affect our opinions and mind…. Cute guy and cute puppies

  30. Park Thim cute BTS says:

    I think the puppies are fighting to get Tom's attention

  31. cherry wine says:

    a puppy playing with puppies

  32. Wolf Hunter says:

    Those puppies don’t know who are they got touched from.

    Sorry im bad at english.

  33. Miglė Maz says:

    Ya'll just gonna recommend me this just to make me feel better about what happend with spiderman?

  34. Lime Roblox says:

    All girls when they see tom holland: CHOKE ME DADDY 😍😍

    Me when i see tom holland: he aint that cute 😔👊

  35. Jorja allen says:

    1:34 idk why but I laughed so hard when you put that puppy in cause I thought they tossed it in cause I saw it slide

  36. tiffany lie says:

    if i was tom i would just put the puppies in my bag and run HAHHAHAHA

  37. Stuffinstuff says:

    Since you have so many puppies, can I have one?

  38. Skye Rowlandson says:

    When he kissed the puppy 😭💗💗💗

  39. Veronica Torres says:

    At 1:40 it's funny that he answered that question seeing how he is rumored to play Milo in the live action adaptation of Atlantis.

  40. TheRedhead1997 says:

    Tom holland is a puppy

  41. swingy.y says:


  42. Akila Johnson says:

    Love when he says pit bulls are “dangerous dogs” while the two pit bulls are fighting each other 😂😂😂

  43. Makayla Webb says:

    New Title: Tom Holland forgetting questions for 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

  44. Sakamaki brothers says:


  45. Dsn 56 says:


  46. izzy tilling says:

    I agree Tom Holland the puppies are not vicious they are just sweet

  47. -confusing life- says:

    Interviewer: "So. How many puppies-

    Tom Holland: "yes"

  48. Sina Züger says:

    „with great power comes great responsibility“ is from harry potter😂 well done Tom

  49. Zeldabro9 101 says:

    Thank you Tom for saying pit bulls are not dangerous! Any dog can be dangerous it just matters of wut owner it has

  50. P.hardcastle14 says:

    Only just realised he played Lucas on the impossible

  51. User says:

    This is my favourite Tom Holland video.


  52. AA NATION says:

    Tom Holland: how can you say this thing is dangerous

    Me: I got attacked by a pitbull this summer but if he still loves them I guess I do too🙂

  53. AA NATION says:

    I feel you Tom I hate Twinkies too🤦🏽‍♀️and guys please don't come at me lol

  54. Movie Fiction says:

    This is the cutest video I have ever seen in my life.

  55. super mario Carl pets at home 1338 says:

    I wish I was not in England


    I have a Staffordshire bull terrier and I'm from Britain and they are like british "freindly" versions of a pit bull

  57. ASHLEY ALLEN says:


  58. RainyBlox says:

    “Look at th-”


  59. Lucía Olmos says:

    I need this with benedict cumberbatch 🙂

  60. Savage cat267 ;-: says:

    I have red eyes

  61. Ninahbell 2002 says:

    Says he’s a good puppy wrangler. Only has one puppy.

  62. soccermc 23 says:

    my brother got tackled by a pitbull when he was 3 and had his air tract blocked lmao that's probably why they're banned

  63. Ellie Mendeslol says:

    I agree with Tom how could u consider little baby of cuteness harmful 🤔

  64. Topher Jensen says:

    My answer for number three is Tom Holland

  65. Jeremy Cornwell says:

    Beastialty is a sin, kill all designer dog's.

  66. iCanHat says:

    Pit bulls are fine as long as you know how train them…. right?

  67. Rub3n says:

    0:05 we’re gonna talk about it again in a year😂

  68. molly A says:

    You can have pitbulls in England. You just can't leave Them in a garden alone

  69. Bryony constable says:


  70. Gacha Tube says:

    Why are pit bulls illegal in the uk whyyyyyyyy Tom your soooo lucky sometimes I hate England but I love my home still. 😭😭😂

  71. Mrmcam 05 says:

    Frickin England. Being breed…ist… I guess

  72. Splodge Meikle says:

    Twinkies are disgusting. I agree with you, speederman.

  73. emily mendes says:

    Love you tom

  74. Leonor Pérez de Ayala Gerbolés says:

    2:06 rawr

  75. Zahra Duxbury says:

    I wish I was the puppies

  76. Evangeline Frost says:

    Tom: puppies puppies puppies

  77. May Heilbronner says:

    i really want to be one of these puppies rn

  78. Neysi Valle perez says:


  79. Amelie Leatherland says:

    I wanna be one of those puppies

  80. Sister Weir says:

    twinkies r disgusting

  81. Abby C. says:


  82. Max Covfefe says:

    Aww! I think one of my dogs is part pit bull, and she's the most affectionate, snuggly kisser… much sweeter than my Lhasa Apso, who is also sweet, but he also bites. My little girlie dog never bites, she just nuzzles and cuddles.

  83. Alexandra here says:

    Who else wants to see Timothee Chalamet with these puppies interviewed?? 💁🐾🐕😍😍

  84. Irrelevant Potato says:

    No one:

    Tom Holland: p u p p i e s s m e l l g u d

  85. Pidge the cat says:

    he’s kinda cute i may stan

  86. Brianna Hess says:

    As an American twinkies are NASTY

  87. Mouney Donuru says:

    Tom, you're so adorable 😍😍😍

  88. Diamond Disney says:

    3:15 HE SPOILED INFINITY WAR!! “I don’t wanna go”

  89. Zoya Gargatte says:

    did you know I am sending this St Peter Parker one day can you show this on the stage show your magic powers and costume and your costume

  90. Lůnå Wølfìe5ø5 says:

    Two best things ever: puppies and tom

  91. sarah cortis says:

    This is why I'm mad because in England we can't have pit bulls they are illegal because they're "too dangerous" but then you see this video and I don't understand

  92. Celtic 67 says:

    “How could you say this is dangerous”

    Meanwhile in Rotherham babies were eaten by those breed of dog.

    Nice one Tom, you little spastic.🤡👎🏻

  93. Nix the Lapin says:

    As an American, twinkies are disgusting

  94. Maddie Clough says:

    When he said pitbulls aren’t allowed in England 😭😭 ik okay!!!

  95. Harmonizer says:

    Completely irrelevant to this video but:
    You know what is weird? I have seen plenty of comments with thousands of likes, but never one with one million likes.

  96. Nam Eris says:

    Even until now,i still don’t who is cuter,the puppies or tom -_-

  97. Dawn Kaye says:

    They are dangerous for my heart because they are too damn cute!!!!

  98. Pac The Pac says:


  99. Giana Hurtado says:

    They are all adorable including him

  100. Giana Hurtado says:

    Twinkesss 🍞

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