Tom Clancy’s Fortnite
Tom Clancy’s Fortnite

– Oh. I’m open! – [Dunkey] Pass it. – Yeah! – [Dunkey] I got this. I got this. Here we go. – Between the legs. – [Dunkey] Get that! Get th- Ohh! I’m on a breakaway! Here we go HERE WE GO! COME ON! GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! Oh-hu! The score is now 3 to 1. We got t- I have an idea, Sean! [Sean] Yes, you get the assist! [Sean] Yes, you get the assist!
[Dunkey] I’m gonna break their goal. [Sean] No he’s gonna break it!
[Dunkey] I’m gonna break their goal. [Sean] He’s gonna break it!
[Dunkey] I’m gonna break their goal. [Sean] He’s gonna break it!
[Dunkey] So they can’t get any more points. [Sean] Yes! We got it!
[Dunkey] Fuck… – [Dunkey] We’re getting shot at.
*laughing* – Oh, god. I got shot!
– Goddamit! – Ok. Hold on. – I just gotta-
– [Dunkey] Wait, they’re both down. I can get another down while they’re down!
-No! NO! Here we go!
-Get it in! We can win! – Get it in! – [Dunkey] Come on!
– Get it in! *Dunkey laughing*
– Awwww fuck! – [Dunkey] The treasure! – [Jesse] Wait. Move! – [Jesse] No, you’re gonna break it! – [Dunkey] There’s treasure!!! Where’d it go? – [Jesse] Ok. It-you fucking broke it. – [Ethan] Oh! On top, on top! – [Dunkey] Wait. – [Ethan] Let’s just destroy this whole hut, dude. – [Dunkey] No, you can’t. Don’t! Don’t break the floor! Aaand… You broke it. You broke the treasure. – [Ethan] I broke it? – [Dunkey] See? When you’re trying to obtain a treasure, you have to be very careful on how you extract it. You can’t break the floor that the chest is on. Otherwise, this will cause the treasure chest to disappear. You have to be very precise. – Oh! – Oh! – OH! – OH!!! *laughing* *laughing*
*rocket noises* NO!
– No! *laughing* – [Woa] The monk. The killer is in the room with us… – [Dunkey] *GASP* I found ’em. I got ’em! You’re dumb as hell, boy. *laughs* You can’t beat me.
I got the machine gun, here. Take all the C4. Bye, bye! *Explosions* *laughing* – [Woa] Ready, guys? – [Woa] Three, two…
– [Jesse] Your guy doesn’t- – [Woa] ONE Go! *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Small chuckle* – [Jesse] Little late there, Jason.
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* – [Dunkey] Okay, guys. When the enemy team comes in this house… They’ll think I’m just a normal bush. But, really. It’s me the whole time. That’s when I’ll shoot them- – [Leah] Would you say that-that will be an… 🌳”AM-BUSH”🌳? … I’m uninstalling this game- – [Ethan] So, if you see someone with this John wick outfit, that means they’re level 100. – [Dunkey] Oo! There’s a dumb guy going for the treasure. I got em- Oh, Fuck! It’s John Wick! It’s John Wick! – [Dunkey] Noo! – [Ethan] Ohh! It was a fucking John Wick! – He’s rocket riding. – [Dunkey] What the fuck? *screaming* – [Dunkey] Fucking John Wicks! – Right there, in the middle of a deadly electrical storm. – [Dunkey] Don’t worry. I’ll hop into this lake This is safest place to be during an electrical storm. *Thunderstorm and Rain Sounds* – [Fluppy] There’s people, uh…North- “North-right”, across the road. – Yeah. – Did you just say north-right? *dunkey laughing* – No? *giggling* – What? Are you okay? “North-right”. [x3] – He did said “North-right” *dunkey laughing* – [Fluppy] I said “to our right”. “North-right”. [x3] – [Dunkey] I mean, I got it recorded. We can just check the- – [Fluppy] Yeah. – [Dunkey] check the video. – [Fluppy] Oh, I didn’t, but Ok. “North-right” – [Dunkey] Oh, it’s simple really! Uh?- Just have to watch out for the bullet drop. You know, wind’s strength and direction, and you also have to account for the um, “Coriolis effect”, of course and then, uh…
– Right down that guy. – [Dunkey] Yeah, and then, hopefully somebody else in your team will shoot ’em, cuz fucking sniper rifle sucks dick! Look at how much health this thing has! You guys know why that is, right? That’s where they’re hiding the treasure of FORTNITE. Good work, guys! Come on! We almost got this! Bring it home! – [Dunkey] Sean. Don’t be dumb. Ok. Wait, wait, wait, wa, wait. *laughing* Gather around, men. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for… We’ve sacrificed everything to get to this point… Gentlemen… Behold! The GALAXY gun! *pop* Maybe, it’s in this truck maybe, it’s in this semi truck-. – Oh, that was so close. – [Dunkey] Oo!
– Oh, one of them then shoots ahead. – [Dunkey] OO! – Then, one. – [Dunkey] OH-HO-HO
– Kill them. – [Dunkey] I’ve kill them with the shitty sniper rifle! – [Fluppy] Come on! Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up! Turn around! – [Dunkey] I got you! – [Fluppy] Oh, thank you! – [Dunkey] Don’t worry! We’re gonna make it out of here, soldier! – [Fluppy] Oh my god. – [Dunkey] Get- FUCK! – NO! *laughing*
– [Fluppy] HOLY- – [Dunkey] Come on, guys. Everybody hide in the attic! – [Leah] This is lame… – [Dunkey] No.
*Leah laughing* No, no, no. Guys, this is fun! Trust me! – [Tehnigion] This is definitely really cool and this is how you win. *Leah laughing* – [Tehnigion] Oh, wo-!
How are you guys doing? – [Leah] Tired and bored… – [Tehnigion] Yeah-uh, pretty exhilarating right? – Holy shit! – [Dunkey] See? That’s how to win! Ahh fuck!!! You stupid asshole! You’ve only shown me where the treasure is! *laughing* Should have stayed in attic. *Fluppy/Jesse/Dei laughs because I have no fucking clue* Fuck this game! [Outro]
♪ “Felyne Kitchen Theme” from the Monster Hunter OST ♪

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    North Right

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    The good ol days

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  4. The ZombieMan says:

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  7. Puppu Jinks says:

    Please stop playing this game

  8. Kevin Jacques says:

    Fuck I remember me and a few of my buddies did the exact same shit with one of those ice cream trucks 😂

  9. Oh hey Drongo says:


  10. PypeR says:

    the only fortnite vid im willing to see

  11. BIG QUAZZ says:

    Ethan Klein silently sits in a corner and only speaks words of wisdom when needed

  12. Loromc says:

    when he said north right he meant to be clarifying

  13. Tigrezz says:

    Oh, Hi H3!

  14. Chris J says:

    He said "north, right uh across the road"

  15. Testostauren says:

    Staying in the attic. Same strategy Ann Frank used to win WWII

  16. Adrian Blacutt says:

    So far this is the best fortnite video in yt history

  17. Shiggy Wiggy says:

    north right

  18. Graverobber Blige says:

    Animal crossing music <3

  19. French potatoes says:


  20. Wasssup Bro says:

    North right

  21. Raven Capwell says:

    who's the girl, her voice is so cute

  22. Shen Cobra says:

    It’s already been 1 year since north right, damn.

  23. Gas mask Lad says:

    0:21 the British shooting up a Celtic football game

  24. Halo Scotty says:

    I want to know that song from the beginning!

  25. iFanz says:

    John Wick's coming on Fortnite lol

  26. Moximav says:

    What is the outro music, please ?

  27. SkoomaDesu says:


  28. Joe Bova says:

    My buddies and i did the same exact thing with the ice cream truck

  29. ratatouille lookin ass says:

    Northright battle royale

  30. Connor says:

    2:20 I hate it SO much when people try to lie about shit like that like who cares

  31. Jesse Wylde says:

    Four tonight is fake and gay

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    Do more fortnite videos dunk

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    What’s the end music?

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    Who’s here in 2019 ?

  38. Jonah R says:

    At no point in this video did dunkey have more than 2 kills

  39. Rick Sanchez says:

    Rip dusty

  40. Mohammed Bogatyrev says:

    I’ve watched this video multiple times and this is the first time I’ve realized this, at 1:49 is Ethan talking from h3h3

  41. Voltage21 says:

    "He's rocket riding."

    "WHAT THE FU-"

  42. Mr Aziz says:

    dunkey's lost collab with ethan

  43. Nerdy Deku says:

    I'm still in tears Everytime Ethan shows up and says "John wick skin means there lv 100" then a John wick instantly kills them both.😂😂😂

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    Fortnite is just a hellhole now

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    Why did he have a picture of Tom Cruise in the thumb nail??

  50. Kons37 Flyingreapper says:

    Tom clancy doesnt make bad games

  51. BigBossIsBack says:

    Amazing how this game turns everyone except dunkey into a massive douchenozzle

  52. TheNerdyNerd _ says:

    This game sucks…


    Ahhhhh i miss those days of fun fortnite I played on release day and it was really fun now it's just soccer skins with broken combat shotguns and the map is so cluttered the distance between places is like walking from the door of your house to your mailbox

  54. donutdude47 says:

    1:49 is that h3h3

  55. Michele Ferrero says:

    Why dunkey, why did u do this

  56. Necropolis says:

    3:00 Leah is dead

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    I just got back from rewatching all the smash Bros trailers. and what do you know shulk's trailer song plays lmfao

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    95 other players: surviving for their lives

    4 players: playing soccer

  59. Yoshi Dinono says:

    One steel is not nothing.

  60. Shrey Shekhar says:

    Tom Clancy man, you're crazy dude. How do you make all these game by yourself?

  61. Marques Rodriguez says:

    Ever since I saw this video, this guy has become one of my favorite youtubers

  62. Obesus says:

    Thank you for pointing out tom hanks and tom Clancy are the same person

  63. Under Score says:

    but this is not even warcraft 3, wtf this clickbait title

  64. Вершина Эволюции says:

    What a boring shit
    There is no any fun in thie

  65. d a t g i o says:

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  66. d a t g i o says:

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  68. YerBoyCam says:

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  69. Cercles? says:

    Fortnite is for gays

  70. Carlos Garcia says:


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    Game would be great if it weren't for the building. I played the singleplayer and that's where the building bit belongs.

  75. TovenOvideoRPC says:


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    My friends name is Tom Clancy hahaha

  77. زيروكسيد says:

    Good Job boy 😂😂

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    Lol who is that chick that sounds like a setup on how to catch a predator w Chris Hansen?

  79. GamersUniteAndStandStrong says:

    3:48 Anne Frank copied Dunkey wtf

  80. Trtoski says:

    Dunkey knows of the Coriolis Effect? Very nice

  81. Jeremy G says:

    From there this game just got worse

  82. Giga Muhammad says:

    When it's a tom clancy's game, but dunkey put tom cruise in the thumbnail.

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