The Galaxy S10 should be: the perfect Galaxy But will it be? Because that thing of “perfection” goes around neighbourhoods This time Samsung releases a lot of models Let’s understand their new technologies, its novelties, but mainly, the differences between them, next Let’s begin! Hello Tecnonautas I’m really happy, really praised In myself Because I’ll meet the new Galaxy S10 And we’ll show it to you on Wednesday Yes, we’re almost there so as to meet all of them But, it’s important to notice that before going there and touch it We have to know what are we going to find And that’s just what we are going to do right now. A fast summary of every single one of the models We’ve already been talking about them in previous videos But, as I will see them like you, through the screen Because I was not invited What you have to bear in mind and be really aware of Is that we are going to give away one of this models Maybe you’ll have luck Anna and you win one of these (laughs) No! I can’t take part in the giveaway! Oh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry If you want to win it, what you have to do right now Is: subscribe to the channel and activate the Bell Because, with that Bell, you will achieve that, as soon as we post the video giving the phone away, You’ll be available to receive the notification and participate Anyways, those who are already subscribed, it is not necessary for you to do that. Let’s get into the matter There will be some different models Let’s begin with the most “economic” of all of them We’ll explain really fast all of their features And from here we’ll explain all the differences between all the models Including or removing things. Let’s start with the cheapest model We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S10E The “E” of “Economic” But everything goes down when we notice that it costs €780 From* €780 Remember that all of this models go towards the new fashion of this year No, it’s not the notch, it’s the hole on the screen (Infinity-O) Yes, we’ve talked a lot of times about the “little hole” We’re obsessed with the hole, Anna (laughs) One more than the other So we’ll leave the links down below Where we explain all of them For example, the last video we made about this is the one about the Galaxy S10E So there we’ll explain with more detail all of the news But here we’ll explain them faster For instance, this one will come with a flat screen That makes a difference from the rest of the more expensive models Because it will not be curved on the sides, as we’re used to Also, it will come with an AMOLED screen of 5.8 inches And Full HD resolution This is important because that’s one of the big differences of this model compared to the other ones Stretched screen, 19:9 And it comes with Gorilla Glass 5 Remember this fact because the other ones come with a different screen protection. Supposedly, this one resists falls of 1.6 m The processor will be a common factor between all the variants In Europe we’ll have to be satisfied with the Exynos 9820 In the USA, Latin America and China, however, it will come with a Snapdragon 855 And remember that last year, the high-end Snapdragon processor Had a better performance than the Exynos Let’s see if this year, at least, they get a little bit more balanced. Samsung doesn’t like us, the Europeans, Anna And I’m not even European, but OK. (laughs) In this case we hope that at least they will improve a little bit Remember that these are the 2019 processor models And they look actually good, and there’s even a benchmark that we’ll comment in a moment. Good news: it will come in a single variation of 6GB of RAM and expandible 128GB of storage Through a MicroSD card Regarding cameras, this model will have the same cameras as its bigger brothers But it will come with less cameras. For you to make an idea… On the back we’ll have 2 cameras The main one, with 12 megapixels with variable aperture of 1.5 to 2.4. And it will come with optical stabilization. Surprise, ladies and gentlemen, surprise Because, if you thought the second camera was the Zoom You’re not right In this case, the second camera will the the Wide Angle And it will be of 123° degrees Meanwhile the camera itself will have 16 megapixels with a focal length of f/2.2 I’m really interested in trying it Well, on the front the selfie camera will be only one That will come in that “hole” It will have 10 megapixels with an aperture of 1.9 And we’ll have to try it so as to see what happens. On paper it resists everything, the features, of course, are really good But another thing is on the real life So as to see what happens with that camera. I’ll try it and then I’ll tell you Referring to the software, good news, because it comes with Android 9 And with the new Samsung interface OneUI And we hope that, when we use it, we don’t say “Uy!” If not, we believe that… well, Samsung is improving with their new interfaces And they make them better every single time, but… They still have a long way to go, so, maybe this is the jump we were waiting for. And another one of the big differences of this Galaxy S10E Compared to its brothers, is that it will not have a fingerprint reader on the screen However, it will come with a reader on one of its sides That, personally, for me it’s a… Oops, I touched the microphone… It’s a solution that I really like. Achilles heel, maybe its battery That will be of just 3100 mAh However, it’s not that low, but, Compared to its bigger brothers, the difference will be important It comes with Fast Charge, Wireless Charging, but there’s another way of charging that comes with its brothers That this Galaxy S10E doesn’t have. And its protection against water and dust is the same It comes with IP68, the highest protection available for “normal” devices And it will come with all the extras that we all dream of Mainly, my dear headphone jack Also, USB type C I don’t know how to make a heart, it looks like a b**t, Anna (laughs) There it is, OK, OK. It will also come with USB type C And a new thing about this year, is Wi-Fi 6 Which, at a first glance, it will have a greater reach, a greater coverage And fewer latency, but, it also has its downsides For instance, you’ll have to buy a new router to be able to enjoy these new technologies And it is about 30% faster Later we’ll probably make a video explaining it in detail, as it’s worthy to know a little bit more. Talking about colors, this Galaxy S10E will come in white, black, green just as the other variants, And it will have an exclusive color It’ll be a very striking yellow color. They call it “Canary Yellow”, right? Yellow… whatever they want to call it. Well, it would be nice if it came with a custom software that sings to you like a canary in the morning, isn’t it? Up to here we’ve seen the main features of this device And from here we’ll develop the extra features or the differences with its bigger brothers. In general, those things are better than the previous one, of course No, not all of them, for example the price is not better I wanted the canary yellow and it won’t be present in the other ones What are we going to have in the Galaxy S10, the normal version? Well, a price of €930 From*, from €930, Martín And there we find the curved screen on the sides A screen of 6.1 inches And 2K resolution, which is not 2K, beware because you say 2K but badly said It’s Quad HD Plus in this case And it is kind of better than Full HD In this case, the screen protection will be Gorilla Glass 6 Instead of Gorilla Glass 5 In theory, it’ll resist up to 15 falls of 1 metre to a hard surface It’s strange, because the another one resists falls of 1.6 metres Martín: It resisted… supposedly it is inferior
Anna: Maybe it resisted a fewer number of falls But it didn’t say the number of falls No, it didn’t… We’ll have to throw it facing down to try it, Anna. That’s the good thing, it’ll resist, supposedly better, the falls But the scratches are still the same thing every time I mean, they don’t resist anything They don’t say anything about the scratches, which is one of the things we most argue about Because it is… Monkey Glass, as I’ve already said Well… I don’t know that monkey, Martín. Apart from the 6GB of RAM version, it will come with another version of 8GB of RAM And apart from the 128GB of storage, there will be another version 512GB. Expandible, too, and we have one more camera on the back 3 is a crowd We’ll meet the extra camera, finally, the optical zoom x2, with 12 megapixels, with a focal length of f/2.4 And very good news, it will have optical image stabilization. Yes! Another big difference is the on-screen fingerprint reader This time, ultra sonic Which, as they say, will be really fast and very exact Yes, one of the things that annoy at this moment of the on-screen fingerprint readers Is that they are just a camera hidden under the screen And they are neither completely precise, nor safe They are not really fast and this will come so as to solve the problem But the matter right now is to know if screen protectors will support this or not. This of… how do you call it? The crystals The screen protectors, many said that some of them didn’t work with this sensor But I think we’ll find one that works, Martín. Another one of the big differences of this Galaxy S10, the normal one, is that it comes with a 3400 mAh battery. We have 300 mAh more It’s not crazy, but it’s not bad Also, it looks like we are going to have stereo speakers on all the devices, but it’s not clear yet We’ll have to see that. And it will come with reversible charge or inverse charge of 9 watts In this case, the same thing as Huawei So it will be available from the Galaxy S10, the S10E, no. And about the colors, we’ve already talked about them White, green and black, without yellow The Galaxy S10+, the most expensive one Well, we put “the most expensive” between parenthesis We have to see a little bit further We are saying that it will cost €1050 From*, from €1050 With a screen of 6.3 inches, and QHD resolution -QHD Plus- just like the normal S10 The second camera, in this case, will be the frontal one Because the other 3 at the back are just like the ones of the Galaxy S10 Let’s see, to clarify, we have 3 cameras at the back that are exactly the same as the ones of the Galaxy S10 But here, we add another camera at the front, so it will not have just one hole on the screen We’ll have two It will be like this… a strange thing on the screen Later we’ll see the feelings and the usage of the phone. It will have 8 megapixels, with a focal length of f/2.2 What we still don’t know is if it will be a Zoom or a Wide Angle camera. I imagine it will be Wide Angle. And some good news, at least for me, with this device Are the 4100 mAh that actually expands a lot the autonomy of the device Also the device is bigger, we have to see and test it But it looks that it will have a good performance Maybe the best reason to end up buying this one If you can afford it, of course And if you thought everything finished here, you’re not right, because Samsung said… Could we curl the already curled curl for another curl? (Direct Translation) Well, that’s when they had the idea to launch the “Galaxy S10X” That’s how we think it will be called And basically, it will differentiate in some things, but most importantly, the price Well, I think it will be called “From €1500”, Martín Which is a lot of money And it looks that this device will come with 12GB of RAM, which you won’t consume at all, I don’t know why that much 1TB of storage, in case you didn’t have enough, And it looks it will come with 5G networks, or compatible with 5G networks That’s why many say it will be presented in this presentation But it will not be launched until mid-year more or less Because in every country, 5G networks are not fully implemented And it should be given more time. Maybe another difference is that, basically, the body will be different The back of the phone will be made of ceramics instead of crystal And it will be a different white from the other Galaxy S10 phones In this case it will be a uniform white and it will have some gradient. And we also know about this device’s features because it already went through AnTuTu And it gave more than 326k points. But don’t go away because we’re not finished, we have more novelties about the Galaxys And some people say that in this presentation Samsung will surprise us with the Galaxy F or Foldable Galaxy Basically a new concept of phone in which the screens will fold, we already made a video that we’ll leave to you so you can watch it And understand something more about the idea But we’ll be aware to this Wednesday In which we’ll see all of these. There’s a lot of work to do, Anna So we have to be there trying everything Oh! I won’t be there, I won’t be there! So I leave the work for you, you wanted this, so take it, now work! So we just wanted to explain all of this features because what we are going to talk about later are the feelings, impressions, and more Without talking so much about technical details So we understand this, we go to the next thing Subscribe, activate the Bell to be able to participate in this giveaway That looks really good, Anna I’m still trying to convince her to give away the most expensive device I mean, the Galaxy S10+, not the X Not that much! Don’t go so fast in this relationship, please! So guys, be aware, if you’re interested, you know, you can join us this Wednesday From what hour Anna? I don’t know, it’s the hour of San Francisco, I don’t even know at what hour it’ll be in San Francisco So I have no idea.
20hs Spain
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11hs San Francisco We’ll leave that in the description Anything else, we see you… Anything… OK… No, you’ll do it! We can’t finish… Anna, let’s cancel the video here, whatever! Bye!

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