TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix
TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

So who’s this guy
you’re dating? His name is Peter
and he and Lara Jean wouldn’t be together
if not for me. He didn’t know she existed, but I mailed a secret
love letter she wrote for him. Can I talk to you? Technically she wrote five. Anyway, they started
fake dating to make -his ex-girlfriend jealous…
-She went nuts. …and cover up
Lara Jean’s real crush. Everything got weird,
they started real dating. They’re totally real
girlfriend and boyfriend and they are adorable. That’s cool, actually. -Hey.
-Hi. Say it out loud with me.
Eleven o’clock. Eleven o’clock, like always. -Have fun.
-Not too much fun. I think this is from
the girls’ soccer team. Sometimes I wish
my boyfriend was more anonymous. Heavy is the head
that wears the crown. Nope. That’s your crown. No, this is all you, boo-boo. -I don’t want it, though.
-This is all you. That’s for you. John Ambrose McClaren. Oh, my God. Dear Lara Jean,
I couldn’t believe when I opened that letter
and it was from you. It’s been, what, five years? Hi. What is going on
in that head of yours? Remember when you asked
who got the other love letters, and I said
someone from Model UN? He’s actually
volunteered with me. I’m gonna need
that letter back. I need proof that
someone actually liked me in middle school. Everyone liked you
in middle school. I didn’t care about everyone. Why did I write
these stupid love letters? I think it’s exciting. I have a boyfriend. Almost all of my love affairs
overlapped with another one. I thought having
a boyfriend meant the idea of other boys
left your mind completely. I didn’t want to be thinking
about what might have been, but I was. I can stick around
and help clean up. No, I think I can
help my girlfriend clean up. I miss you, Mom. I wish you could tell me
what to do. I thought I wanted
happily ever after… but we’re still
at the beginning.

100 thoughts on “TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix”

  1. MEGAN MONROE says:

    Okay I just finished the book, and if it's half as good it's going to be AMAZING

  2. Kaysa Lima :3 says:

    Oh no Netflix! I'm shipp peter and lara❤ is a beautiful shipp!!!!😍❤

  3. 絶望の心 says:


  4. Aarti Tandi says:


  5. seeni gzty says:

    When they change John Ambrose’s character almost completely and no one cares.

  6. lnday beloved says:

    I need to see the part 2 ho hoho love them in part 1…

  7. chenxo fans says:

    Anyone can me tell whose song in the background?

  8. hemanth P A says:

    RoShNi are you watching


    Okay spoilers everyone… She doesn't leave Peter 😊😊😊

  10. Dalillah Salsabila says:

    John A. ☺️

  11. shxx says:

    i'm going to cancel my subscription if they break up. i swear to God!

  12. Madeline Cooper says:

    Am I the only one to notice they used a different actor for John, he knocks on Laura Jeans door in the first movie and he is white. I find it hilarious haha

  13. jelyn equipelag says:

    So excited for this. 😍😍😍

  14. Catherine Meyer says:

    whats it rated?

  15. Polly Ghandour says:

    Anyone know where I can watch both the movies for free x

  16. Srna Ivanovic says:

    we don't need john

  17. Kenneth Hatton says:

    Im so sorry but Lara is deserving to love by John than Peter

  18. Dancing Rose says:

    It's like being Lana condor yourself…when John says "I didn't care for everyone" we all feel it but Peter kavinsky is still charming and generous and gorgeous as ever..!💖 It's like we all are experiencing that with Lana condor…! 😅😅

  19. Prerna Pal says:

    I don't like so much makeup on Lara jean

  20. Helen Luu says:

    Omg you guys should read the books! It was so hard for me to choose between John Ambrose and Peter. Both so different but charming.

  21. Neringa Morkeliunaite says:

    So I read the book and what happens is SPOILER they break up and her and John kiss but in the end she chooses peter

  22. Sophia Garvey says:

    If she picks that dude over peter I be SUING

  23. Steffi - says:


  24. Cora Mazet says:

    «  i didn’t care about everyone » awwww🥺🥺

  25. Zamanje Ngcobo says:

    Most of y'all haven't read the books, have you? I won't spoil it for anyone though😏.

  26. AngelikaMhey says:


  27. Izzah Khan says:

    i swear if she doesn’t stay with Peter i am going to be so mad i dont care about this new kid. Lara and Peter forever.

  28. Bob Queen Yas says:

    Not gonna lie but the new guy seems really nice

  29. melissa K says:

    I hope Lara jean got Peter I don’t want the other one 😫

  30. melissa K says:

    I hope Kara jean take peter I don’t want the otherboy 😫

  31. AHRORA ASMR says:

    what is the first track in this trailer…can anyone help find it?

  32. Mady themermaid says:


  33. winter says:

    noah doesn’t seem so bad in this so i guess peter just makes him tolerable

  34. James Winny says:

    AYEE Asian girls love this white meat

  35. Mattie Gatlin says:

    I so can't wait for this❤❤

  36. groovyheck says:

    eric & jacob better get on this lmao

  37. Timothi Turner says:

    Ok if this bitch leave Peter we fighting PERIODT.

  38. A l e x says:

    What happened to Kenny from camp lmao ?? The one who showed up to her door at the end of the first movie ?

  39. Alexis Cooper says:

    I don’t know if Netflix does this or not, but will this movie be coming out in public cinemas/theaters, or is it just on netflix??

  40. I am Happy says:

    Lara Genes.
    John Rainbows.
    Peter KevinMacCallister.

  41. rachelmm05 says:

    I saw the 1st movie on Netflix . For a sappy teen movie it was half way decent. I actually want to see part 2🙂

  42. Idk anymore says:


  43. M. Red says:

    My heart can’t handle this.

  44. yourguardianangel says:

    john is cuuute

  45. Rubi says:

    “i thought i wanted happily ever after, but we’re still in the begging” why does that sound like shes going to end up with none of them and she is going to have no boyfriends like she did from the first movie?

  46. Krisha Mehta says:

    so we’re moving on from scrunchies to headbands as our signature lara jean hair accessory then

  47. 다휴Dahuge says:


  48. Leonard G. says:

    Is stormy's still john's great granma?

  49. Adriana Lopez says:

    Jordan Fisher is soooooo good looking 🤤

  50. Dawn Fraser says:

    did they recast margot too???

  51. Lalduhsaki Fanai says:

    Netflix should know that we will hate on it if she leaves Peter

  52. Mary C says:

    I wish i could choose between two guys but i got none

  53. maria sabalbarino says:

    What the hell

  54. Madison Brown says:


  55. Stella says:

    When this suppose to come out?

  56. Alyssa says:

    Everyone who read the book knows that they casted SO poorly for John

  57. It's Me Bry. says:

    Wasn't John Ambrose a white dude in the first movie?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. lina xo says:

    does anybody know what song that is ?

  59. WANDA ZEPEDA says:

    I bet this just give boyfriend a reason to be let get married

  60. Sniper Lyfe says:

    Tbh Lana condor would play an excellent role in Snow White

  61. Daegu and Busan boys says:

    Lara you bitch

  62. Hannah Enriquez says:

    few more days left!!!

  63. Hannah Enriquez says:

    few more days left!!!

  64. winaa destiani says:

    who went to see this video, just because there was news that the film was using a blackpink song soundtrack???😂😂😜

  65. Shermaine Carlos says:

    Havent read it. Please tell me it’s Peter alllllllll aloooooong! Please. Dying here.

  66. K. says:

    As usual the movie never sticks to the books. Oh well… Still gonna watch.

  67. Jesus Valenzuela says:

    Can't wait tbh

  68. Tirzah Hanson says:

    I mean in the first movie I was 100% team Peter, but like, now…

  69. Bankai Boi says:

    What's the song going in background,"nobody compares to you"?

  70. lindsay m says:

    Yes Jordan Fisher 🥺

  71. Ale & Kajsa says:

    Who else is super excited for this !!! 💘

  72. Hiba Iqbal says:

    Oh frack it i looooove the song

  73. IAM LBLAURABIA says:

    I think I'm having a heart attack… 💕

  74. Alyssa Germain says:

    Looking forward to seeing this 🙃

  75. Forty2Times says:

    The most wild aspect of this movie: Her crush from middle school ModUN is hot. With social skills.

  76. R ø b y n says:

    Noah centineck back at it again with the Netflix original love stories. 💀

  77. jane okeke says:

    Can't wait.

  78. Luz Baek says:

    From what I remember the the only dark color skin guy LJ wrote a letter to it was Lucas, also John was white in the first movie. -_-

  79. Son Pham says:

    oh its miles morales

  80. Mia Gazze says:

    I didn’t understand why girls loved Noah but after watching to all the boys I loved before i now know and I’m in love 🥴

  81. shoe says:

    please tell me im not the only one going through these trailers to try and find the marina song

  82. Miyah Shaw says:

    Yass cant wait

  83. Craziestguyever says:

    Lol I liked john ambrose in tatbilb in the first movie more

  84. Isabelle G says:


  85. Ayden M says:

    Peter and Lara are og amazing and we know they going to have John Ambrose moments with her and ima be like NO the wholetime! As son as he comes in I’ll be like NO

  86. Anyé Cherieal says:

    I’ve never been this excited for Valentine’s Day in my life

  87. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    imagine having a boyfriend as cute as peter

  88. Ann C. T. says:

    Taken or not, this is what 80-90% of ppl will be watching on V Day 😅💓

  89. Melissa Augustin says:

    Ahhhhhhh I CANT WAIT

  90. Victoria Hatzson says:

    so what the hell is this about? what's the plot? first film was clear but what's going on here? Is she trying to decide between two guys or…?

  91. amira marionne says:

    omg i want her with john

  92. amira marionne says:

    yall, of course she’s gonna end up with peter

  93. period poo says:

    If you have two people you love go with the 2nd one because if you really loved the first you wouldnt fall for someone else -saw on tiktok

  94. Aleyah Rhodes says:

    I'm so excited

  95. Geekly Chic says:


  96. Lily Martinez says:

    I can’t stop watching this trailer I’m so exited to watch the movie!!!😩😁

  97. LUCKY 11 says:

    The actor that plays John in the second movie is different from the one in the first movie

  98. khánh hoàng says:

    what is this song?

  99. {Isabella King} says:

    I read all the books a few years ago and I’m so excited! I think Jordan Fisher is the perfect John Ambrose McClaren.

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