Titleist SM4 Wedges Review @ 2012 PGA Show
Titleist SM4 Wedges Review @ 2012 PGA Show

since the rule book change people are nervous when it comes to buying wedges they’re afraid that they’ll buy a wedge that won’t have the same amount to spend won’t perform as well we’re here with Brett from Titleist and Voki are the king of wedges and then working really hard to produce the same level of performance in you edges as what we had before the rules changed talk to us about in you vulchy wedges for 2012 well the new sm4 wedges really are born from Bob’s work on tour he works with players constantly refining grinds looking for tendencies and he’s built basically his best work into the line so we’ve got three different law three different finishes to choose from depending on the look alike and we’ve also updated the face with a spin milk it’s sharper groups a little bit more grooves but you get more control more consistency especially on shipping and out of wet or wet lies or out of a lot more consistency with these rumors explain to the viewers are Brett why we have your buddy you know when somebody’s buying a wedge what is bouncing haha that level of Bounce suits in suits a golfer will say from the average golfer to the elite cover it bounces the angle between the sole of the club and the ground and generally as the player is less skill they want more about it helps especially if you’re a player that it’s down on the ball sharply you need more bounce if you’re kind of pics it lightly off the Turk and generally need less bounce and that’s why it’s best to go to a fitter to select what’s right for you and make them in low medium and high versions but what percentage of Tour players approximately use vokey wedges in the world well we’re proud to be the number one way to go what percentage would say I little ego no you want to make a guess at the same time i would say seventy percent of every tour golfer uses a voki wedge that in itself tells the story but it’s been a pleasure talking to you Thank and check out the range titleist vokey wedges on golfbidder

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  1. poopdick Johanson says:

    70 % of every tour golfer?

  2. ytubepuppy says:

    Advertisement with virtually 0% usable information.

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