So we have technique – everybody needs a basic technique in table tennis Tactic how to play smart game system mental and fitness & nutrition how am I generally efficient how do I feed myself I can play the ball on the table in the short term with the shit technique but what if I say that I’m training now to play the right technique? and can play 200% better in one year is that better or worse? Do I prefer to keep the old technique, because that works now? or do I want to get the good technique in a year? Technique is the most important thing I can not say exactly with how many percent It does not even have the best technique if you do not know how to use it tactically in the game The season is just around the corner Try to train the things that really help you Try to approach systematically and try to use the time more efficiently I would mobilize the shoulder in every training for those who are too easy, that can raise the leg What would I recommend to you if you wanted to achieve better results in table tennis? puts a higher focus on your mental fitness Do you want to be part of the next training camp? go to www.bojanbesinger.de there you will find a registration form We will contact you as soon as there is specific information

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    Gelungenes Video. 👍🏓

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