TIR BALLE DE GOLF 12 BARS 150.000 fps – FAKE?
TIR BALLE DE GOLF 12 BARS 150.000 fps – FAKE?

Slow-mo for noobs;
What we’re gonna do: When there is a video on Internet, with this golf ball, wich squeezes at high speed against a metal plate and it deforms overmuch I think ; and I do not believe it any second So we’re gonna shoot all that, at about 100,000 fps To see if it really works ; so we built some stuff, special stuff Well Manu built special stuff How much ? “1,500 L”
1500 L ; well… here. So we’ll shoot this with a specific cannon, it’s well plumbed in, watertight So we meet again for the video You didn’t want to put fine oil ? We give it some fine oil ? More ! Yes but hey watch out : A golf ball it rebounds huh No no but… I’m going crazy right now It’s in that he… He shoots ? Yep We’ll try to reach that plate yes Unscrew a bit, it’s stuck… It’s ok nice Watch what you’re doing ! You stop you huh ? But the ball, it’s going in your eye here Yes… You’ll have a hole… Yes… (MUSIC) (MUSIC) We’re going on the first test, at 1.5 bar ; 2 bar I bet it wouldn’t work out We’re doing a first shot at 63,000 fps So we’re on a width of… 1,280 By 300 pixels high Normally, it should rock, well I hope We’ll see but 63,000 fps it already rocks Protect yourself
GO ! My god I can’t find it Ah there it is Oh my ; I have it here It goes really fast We were at less than 3 bars You see how it compresses ? It does squeeze but… I think they we’re lying on Internet I think they did it with a mousse ball We can go to 12 bars And at 100,000 fps Thumb’s up for the 100,000 fps Watch out because if you take it in the head this one, you’re out We are good ; how much bars ? “4 !” When you want GO ! Ok It’s over there This one did break

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