Tips From The Pro-“Managing Expectations on The Golf Course”

Hey Everyone, It’s Jimmy Conway Welcome to the 2019 golf season! Today we’re going to talk about managing expectations and preparing and rehearsing year-round Prior to your tee time when we’re talking about managing expectations before you around the golf You’re here on the driving range preparing for your round and you’re just not having a good morning You’re just hitting the ball all over the place What makes us think that when we get onto the golf course, we’re gonna be able to change that I’ve got a few ideas that might help you prepare More and feel a little bit more confident as you’re preparing this next half hour before your tee time today. There we go again another slice I’m gonna continue just slicing and slicing and slicing and then when I go to the first tee I think it’s just gonna find it and just appear before me that’s not going to happen And that’s generally what I see with people doing They don’t they don’t practice anything well here and they get on the golf course and they think things are just going to change Let’s try something a little bit different today. Let’s play the first hole right here on the driving range. Let’s prepare better mentally Let’s focus more and let’s visualize a plan So rather than hitting my driver on this hole which it just seems like I’m struggling shot after shot here The first hole doesn’t really even play for it I’m gonna go over to my bag and I’m gonna take a hybrid out which is a little shorter a little bit more loft and A little easier to control and let’s play the first hole right here on the driving range Okay, so I’m back with my ball teed up I now have a three iron in my in my hand and I’m going to look out on the range and I’m gonna visualize the first hole So as I look out, I see the red flag and I see the blue flag and I’m gonna visualize that as my fairway I’m gonna stand here and I’m gonna see the ball flight Where I want to hit this golf ball and not even look right where my driver was going so I’m gonna set up I’m gonna visualize I’m gonna rehearse a good swing and then I’m going to expect This shot to be good. Now. Listen, it may not be perfect But we’ll deal with it after the shot before I swing I’m going to assume I’m going to prepare and I’m gonna visualize a perfect shot look something like this Wow, I really like that I like playing from the middle of the fairway and hey this is just a simple fact for you if You don’t hit any greens and regulation because you take a club that’s a little bit more manageable and you hit the fairway and then you hit another shot just short of the green and then you Hit another one on and you two putt throughout the whole day. You just shot 90. Let’s figure out how easy this game is before we get up here and try to figure out how difficult it is Manage it and when you hit a good shot like that don’t be surprised you’ve earned that and you’ve prepared yourself Just a little different approach on how to play the game. Thanks for watching. Join me next week for more golf advice and information

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