Tiger Father Dog Son【虎父犬子】- Episode 02  [Eng] |【Han Tongsheng、Tao Huimin、Zhang Chenguang】
Tiger Father Dog Son【虎父犬子】- Episode 02 [Eng] |【Han Tongsheng、Tao Huimin、Zhang Chenguang】

Please eat quickly. Give me the wine this time. It’s please,please for since? All our family know you like this soft continous. This for since is great,really. Ok ok ok. Eat a little more,there is another pass later. Dad,what you said just like I should dead being full. In your heart you dad is so evil? I please you. Can you two guys stop quarrelling? I really don’t want to do it. What are you doing this? Baby,so great. I want drink fruit juice I want fruit juice I will not eat if you don’t buy fruit juice for me. Ok no problem. I will buy for you now. I want to drink fruit juice, I want to drink fruit juice. Eat first. Child. I know that now. Why there are many naughty kid now. Just because their parents doting them. You don’t know,this morning. No over, right? Child, what are you doing here? What are you doing? scaring children. The two of you as parents. Right now to me and my lover. Make an apology to all the people eating here . Apologize? Right. You are such a big man.

Still compare with a child. I didn’t let you apology. Yeah,what is the quality of the the person. Right.good point , I tell you . I am a teacher of the people. Now that you are talking about quality . Let me give you a lesson for free now. I want to tell you. How to educate the next generation of competence education. Xue Ping. If they don’t apologize in three minutes. You call110 and call the police. Let police come. Such a small child can’t be managed by the police. No no no,are they a child? They are adults,right? Children can do no matter. The adults must be educated. What are you point to? How about point you.you hit him and try it. How about that. Tian Ci Tian Ci ,be good ,be good. No, don’t do it. A gentleman uses his tongue but not his fists. we are civilized people. You don’t make a excuses about your unsensible child. Put-of your responsibility as parents. Our ancestors said a child is better unborned that untaught. And he is five years old. The basic truth he can understand, right? He also has the basic is the non- idea. Unless the parents indulge him. You really indulge he just now. When the first time he threw the chopsticks. All of you applause first rather than deter he. What’ s your mean? Is he boasting about the beauty of his work. He didn’t mean it. Your failure to deter he in time is your dereliction of duty. That’s why he dared to throw things second time. Let me tell you that the children is not educated right now. He will be possible in the future. Throw a kitchen knife and stick, right? Even crime. I think. In the final analysis the children’ problem. It’s parent’s problem. Please remember strict is the love and loose is harmful. Ok ,ok,this great truth you have. Use for educate your own children. Baby, we don’t listen it, let’ s go. Let’ s go, grandma buy snacks for you
Waiter, pay the bill . How disappointing! I see you three generations of people. All of you should improve your quality. Only your quality is great. Right. I think I ‘m a little higher than you. A little bit better. No you. They’re all gone. Don’t be angry. come come come. It’s so outrageous. Our dad hit the children. No. The child threw the chopsticks and spoon. His father just say a word and he cried. I’ll say, dad will not. Brother,you were very brave just now. Swooped and went out. You treat dad so great. How fresh it is. I and Lao Chang belong to the Contradictions among the people. Right. When against to the outsiders. Who bully he is equal to bully me. If I don’t dispose and who will do it . Both of you two, don’t speak, eat quickly. We should see you marks later. Eating quickly. Don’t angry, dad. Dad, please have some shrimp. The meal can’t be eaten. How trivial. please, please. Education is worried and the parents worried. Quality worried. No impact. you eat you eat. Seven six five four. I should have talk with you when I have free time. Two one. What is this? Is this tantalize? What’s the matter? Dad, please take it easy. Maybe it’s because too much people here. You know there are so many examinee and parents. We should see the results tonight. At this time there’s something wrong with it. This. This is ready early. Which website is this? Let me complaint them. That’s ok ,dad, It’s just paralyzed for the time being. It will work just a little while, a little while. You let everybody. That’s great. That’ s great. And I believe that you could show your hard level. No problem. Right. Yeah. come on. OK. Dad think your are the great. That’s great. Why you choose the Medical University. Even is the alien recruit students, TianHui also can be choose. Good job. Congratulations. Brother. Right. Where is the TianCi. Go quickly. Brother. Chang TianCi, you come up. TianCi, what do you really want to do? ChangTianCI, you didn’t get great job and or you’re a hero? You make a hroic posture. Who are you frighten? No, let me down and pull him up. Don’t ignore him. He did not dare to do even you borrow he eight nerves. No no no. If only in case that You come up quickly. Don’t let your mother worried. All of you go back, I want to stay here more time. Let he stay here. Let’ s go. Help. Come and have a drink. You give her a drink. We can’t have a good sleep today. Let us just do it once. Let’s have a democratic talk frankly and sincerely. Chang TianCi. What is your motivation to jump into the sea. Do you think you do something else. We will no longer pursue you. The third college entrance examination defeat again. Right? Dad,are you this is democratic talk Or a three party joint hearing. You have all said and what I can say. You have another reason? Xue Ping,let he say. It doesn’t really matter. I am just a bit stuffy with my heart. So I want to swimming in the sea. All blame you.why are you bluster. Ok,it’s my flaut. In fact I should have thought of it early. You don’t have that courage,right? ChangTianHui,how can you speak like that? Is that was a girl should say? Who did you learn it from? I go to sleep now. ChangTianHui. What? Just stay here. Why you do that crazy?Open the door. Oh,right。 The child did a good job. I didn’t heard any praise words from you. And you see what’s time is it? You let her stay up late with you,oh. Ok ,let us increase efficiency. You say. Speak the result of your life thinging. The first College entrance examination,you’re three hundred and four. The second is three hundred and three,the third time is three hundred and two. The everyman can not get that grades. How uniform arithmetic sequence. How can you do it? Science general synthesis. I want you do it again according to your estimated fraction . But the result you do is forty points higher than the actual paper. You think your dad is a fool. But I am not. Dad, you don’t know when the exam bell rang. I was full head big sweat and trembling all over. I didn’t know the word I know before for a moment. Mom,the papers in my home is my real grades. I didn’t cheat. I analysis. I think maybe the reason is somewhere. Maybe there are some problem on my spirit. I get the Phobia of college entrance examination. So,don’t let me do it again.ok? Ok,ok,ok,and you say. What you can do except go to college. I can do anything. Washing dishes and brush the bowl. I am not strave myself to death. How many people in this society are not going to the college now. They are also live well. There are no use for go down the sea. And use mental disease to scare us. Right? let me tell you. It’s no use. Frow tomorrow,nine evening to morning six. Use your sister’s review plan. Review at home. When the review class begin. I will send you to study again. Sleep. Mom. Ok.drink this wine and chill out the cold. Sleep early. One two three four five six seven and eight.two two three four and five six seven eight. three two three and four. five six seven and eight. four two three and four.five six.Movement. one two three four and five six seven and eight. Two two three four. five six seven ,stop. I wake you up? No. The voice of my dad does his morning exercise is too big. I have except that is my dad suffered from my brother. Whatever should have two days to recuperate. Unexpectedly all recovered so quickly. Your dad look on the bright side of things. Although the second boot has already go down. You look, You look Do you like it? Like. Mom, this is the most fashion Brand. And it’s also very expensive. Keep quite, don’t let your father heard. It’s almost one hundred yuan. I don’t know too much about it, I let Xiao Lu select it. Your are really my real mother. Just like your father is not your real father. He really is not my real father, He only has his son in his eyes. Who this. You want to carry out a revolution when you know your grades just now, Who urge you do that, want to change dynasties. Please don’t worry, there is no one want to grab your throne. What’s that let me see. Let me see. You open it and let me see. You bought it? Is this were Crystal or diamond. This ,a student with this luxury jewelry. It’s a little out of place. What’s luxury, I just buy it from sidewalk selling. Thirty. I go for a cook. Why are you so secretive. Like silly. Make you beautiful. IPhone –Apple. Dad bought it for you when the college entrance examination. Has been locked in a drawer all the time. And I know my daughter is so awesome. And I know my daughter is so awesome. You got a 688,congratulation. That’s will great if your grades can give a little to your brother . Your are my real father. What a rubbish, I am really your real dad. But I need something from you. You don’t be a slave to a cell phone. Come up with a little consciousness. You can’t use it when you have class, and don’t watch it when you walk. Right,the news sown yesterday. A girl with a good look. Watch a cell phone while walking. The result is she falling into a pit, and she is dead. You said, and. There are some people watching their phone when they pass the sidewalk. It turn out to hit by a car, and The more I say and the more I think I I did a bad thing. No. You did a good deed, dad. Right? Please don’t worried, I must could take good care of myself. You go please, I can absolutely take care of myself. Bye bye. You are this wench, burn the bridge after crossing it. I finally have a cell phone. We are such a man. Usually we are so busy . Right. Sometimes when we are busy. We may forget to eat breakfast. So I need to eat something now. Please enjoy it, please enjoy it. Emily. Let my Sunday’s time be free. And then send a e-mail to Robert. All right. Tell him, I asked him to play golf on Sunday. All right. I am so tired. So many. That’s just the way it, exactly. My dad said. Let me take all my three years of savings and my heart. All for you. Let you study hard and continue to work hard. This, I’ll give you all my gratuitous devotion. You don’t let me down. You have to enjoy it slowly are you heard it. Dad I protest. The family democratic talks have not yet produced a resolution. Whatever we should organize a vote or something else. Do you think your sister will support you? Your mother will support you? TianHiu, you say. Is there any other way for your brother to choose except do it again. Is there any better way to choose? I abstain. You. All right, That’s still is two to one. No, This voting mechanism is unfair. You think, just TianHiu support me. It also is two to two. Who we choose to listen at last. That’s all right. You have no hope of winning at all. The democracy of our family. And have to concentrate on me in the last. This is called democratic centralism, understand? TianHiu. You’re a temporary teacher when I am not here. Let he study hard. Bye. Yes, sir. Emily what’s time is beijing now. Boss, It’s ten two twenty seconds. I am so sorry, I am really so sorry. The partner of mine. He has a defect sleep in the bed late. When he doesn’t want to get up. The emperor can’t wake him up. If you still insist to wake him up. It is likely to be injured by mistakes. All right, I am ok. Your partner has the freedom of choose stay in bed late. I am as an investor Also have the freedom of don’t choose he. No, no, no. You must talk with him face to face. You are sure to choose him. His skill is very great. He is really a genius Didn’t Einstein say it. This genius and the madman are only a weak line. Unexpectedlly Einstein has said that. Emily, Have you ever heard of it. Maybe that’s what it means I gave it a simplification, simplification. All in all,I just give you ten minutes. Ok,OK, OK. Do you know, I have talk face to face. Almost one hundred entrepreneurs like you. Yes. So I don’t want to waste too many of my time. Thank you so much. very. Thank thanks thank thanks thank. The tyrant finally went. The daughter of the tyrant. Can also go out to take a walk. No. Give it back to you. Brother, you look. Look it. my new phone. Brother, you look, How fast the reaction, you look this take a photo. I don’t want to look.
You look at the pixels. I can’t see it. Please look it. I don’t want to see. Envious, jealous and hateful Why do you turn off it? You. Don’t I be afraid of it’s voice being discovered by my father It’s all good for you. You look, look, it’s IPhone. I don’t want to look. I don’t want to look. Can you don’t stimulate me again? Can you go out and stay for a monment, can you. I don’t want to go out. I don’t go out today. Anyway, dad said let me watch you learn. Study please. I don’t learn. Not learning is also possible Bribe me. I Bribe you. Student Chang Tian Hiu. I just gave you five hundred yesterday. How about you eat all of them. No, the ticket to Ocean Park is too expensive. And the food here is also expensive. Five hundred yuan. Wait a monment. I ask you again. You said where did you go yesterday. The Ocean Park. Your Ocean Park is look like this. There is a crew of a play in the Ocean Park. Give it back to me. You, You deleted the photos, quickly, quickly, quickly. Theater Preparatory Office. You give it back to me ,to me . So beautiful, your are very photogenic. Hurry-up. Brother. How to perform this part. Please. No perform, I am just kidding with you. I am the one with you. How can I oversee you. Don’t get in front of me blandishments. You don’t maltreat an injured person behind of LaoChang. I have already burn high incense. How can it be? Please give it to me quickly. I don’t. Give it back to me. I don’t. Give it back to me. I don’t. Wait. Quickly, we have a appointment with someone at eleven. Oh, my god, what’s time is it? You go out first. I don’t want to go out. I am busy. You this. I tell you. Cellphone Cellphone. I , if I can’t be the Mark Zuckerberg. What’s you want to do. I will hold you personally responsible. Don’t push me. You go out quickly, I want change my pants. Emily. Is there any spare time on my Monday schedule. Not yet. Ok, Then you help me to make an appointment with the Mr.Wang and Li. Fighting landlords in West Lake, Hangzhou on Monday. All right. Quickly quickly quickly,come ,come. Boss, let me introduce for you. This is the partner of mine. Computer prodigy genius: Chang Tian Ci. I am so sorry I was oversleep. Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Your interview time has already over. No ,boss, please chat for a few minutes. A mintue is ok. One mintue one mintue. All right. In order to show my respect and politness to you. I will give you only a mintue. Ok. I have some questions . You said please, you said please, you said please. How old are you? I am twenty-one years old this year, Nominal age. I am twenty-one years old. Yes,twenty-one years old. Which university do you graduate from. He hasn’t graduated from university yet. And what grade are you in? what’s your major. It’s like this. I told you just now . Tian Ci, he is a rare Wizards. Yes. Genius always has different from the ordinary people’s experiences. Yes, yes. He is. If he it’s not going to a university. Why? Haven’t you pass a test. Why? You should tell me early. We won’t come here early in the morning. Let two of you are extremely uneducated. Do not know how to respect others’ losers. Waste too much time. No. Do you know. Waste others time is equal to murder. But, but his technology is really great. Sorry. I was a bit rude just now. Our team is very academic. Pay more attention to personal background. Bill Gates and Zuckerberg After all, it’s very rare. So I dare not venture on you. I am so sorry, Emily. You’re the loser. Your are a fool with eyes don’t know gold inlaid with jade. I tell you, I know it’s not the good words. Push, push what. What’s that mean. Check it out by yourself. And this you and me oversleep. What’s time is it? I didn’t eat too much, waiter. I haven’t eaten yet. New fork, new fork. Thank you. Give the child a infusion Three needles can’t be stuck in. I will put you three needles let you try. Your are the father of children on the seven bed. We suggested you when you was just in the hospital. Seven days of continuous infusion for the child. It is suggested to use a indwelling needle for him. Not to find the blood vessels later needle is hard to stick. You say your are afraid of leave a needle may happen accident and you disagree. There is no wrong with what I said, right?. Yes, the child just one year old. The blood vessels of the hand are not visible. I said stick the scalp, and they also didn’t agree with me. I really don’t have place to stick. According to the situation of child now. Either stick the scalp or try on the hand again. But I can’t promise how many times can be succeed. But I give the words to you, we can’t do it here. Other hospital. Just like the ways I said. You can try if you don’t believe. You are the head of nurse. I don’t want to change another hospital. But I have to let you stick my son. Ok, stick where. Scalp, scalp. All right, but you should apologize to my colleague first. What did you say? What? Or I will call the police. Our corridor has monitoring. It’s also a crime for you to hit people although your rational. Especially the medical trouble, has already come into the criminal law. Sorry, sorry. Sorry. All right, see your child first. One two three four five six seven right. Our two drank water soluble C eight hundred. We are not need to make a mask tonight, right? Young fellow, do you want your bottle. Want, want, want, aunt.

I will put it in order by myself, thank you. It’s too niggardly. How you speak. How you speak. She make a living by picking up bottle. What are you argue with her. Can you honest and kind a little I am not argue with her, what I am not honest and kind. Right , we are wealthy. But the money in our home is our parents’s. It’s not from by gale. Do you know how much about this bottle. Just only one yuan, you is a prodigal son. Brother ,brother, I promise you. Don’t speak with me use this tone. I feel your are the dad attached. I am afraid of that. Right? I think your dad not pick up your skin. Show upstairs hanging in the gate。 It’s already a leniency. What a Ieniency, he let me do it again. It’s better to pick my skin. You promise. Then ask. Do you have other good choice. You right? Chang TianCi, you need one year again. Do you know in this year. How many opportunity will fleeting? You didn’t come just now/ I talk with that investor. He said he need to interview.

One hundred entrepreneur like us. He need to see more than thirty thousand。 It’s just only this meat. More than 30000 the wolf sat by it. None of the Kung Fu residue in the blink of an eye is left. You say one year with me. Are you kidding with me? Don’t speak dialect with me, I can’t understand. I disagree. You also heard. That invertor said. He said because we haven’t go to college. So he refuse us. And say me is a loser. That’s was a jerk, don’t listen to him. If he really has much money is not certain, is he really has a lot of money is not certain. I said Einstein just now. And call them Albert. Just like he is the good brother with Einstein. It’s disgusting I see he is unreliable early. I tell you Tian Ci. Now this rich man with money don’t know where to spend/ There are more abnormal than the normal. Make sense. I don’t believe it, just by the two of us, Can not find a cat will to. A blind cat try it luck. That’s all right. Although you don’t believe me. You must believe yourself. The thechnology you have. Use it compare with others, no one can look down you. We are lack of time now. Time are you understand. Know. very know. very very know. That is to say your are more educated. Have a higher level speak. And this. From now. I’m in charge of doing it again. You are in charge of finding that cat. ok? ChangTianCi your are loser absolutely. You are failed absolutely. Let decided it happily. What fuck happily. How many half lemmon about this. Five and half. Please calm down. The most wrose still is postgraduate education。 And the teacher here. It’s all this coming back from abroad。 That’s no problem about their experiences. You. you. please don’t worry. please don’t worry. Ok. That’s ok. Ok. goodbye. Business. How about you TianCi. Can you walk now. It’s impossible. They said he has problem about his mental. Phobia of college entrance examination. I think the children now. The information they receive is very complex. He didn’t learn nothing. After he make a mistakes. Just say he had a mental illness. Avoid punishment, this one is study quickly. You have overstated your point, overstated your point, This is not a same property. And how about you plan. And. do it again. And or else. Go out with a high school diploma. Can you find a decent job. Have you ever though let he study abroad, send him to abroad. Only he. He can’t recognized the Twenty-six English letters . They sold him. He still say thank you to them. This is you really don’t know. If you really send he to here. Not a year or so. The spoken english as well as the foreign. This is the instinct of an animal to make a living. That’s the cost, is not too low. And say it up to the end, the parents do not have the ability. He had to bridge his own bridge by himself. The child is too disappointing. If he can catch up with a half of his sister. I said to you I I can smile wake up when I sleep Ok. ok. ok. Brother. You wait a minute. Come, come, come. Brother , you must remember. As long as you are resolute. Brother must be your strong backing. Brother is a miser, you know. But the money we make is six of you me four This is the principle that the question will never change. The money I spent on you. When did brother calculate it with you. I send you this suit. I am not willing to wear it by myself. That’s true. Everyday pick up you to school and pick up you back. This oil costs how much money do you know. But I am very pleased. What’s this?Emotion. Brother, I have still you for two years. Do you mean to live up to me again. This words is too sickening. Goose bumps out of the ground. You don’t look at me with that look. I can have no problem. But my dad you know. Come again, come again. I don’ t believe. The the three big mountains has already overthrown. We do not move your dad like a obstacle. You’re a serious underestimation of my dad’s fighting power. Three big mountains, six big mountains is no use, bye. I haven’t finished it yet, you wait. Bye . You wait a moment. Let your brother see. What is the heart of the Bodhisattva thunderbolt way. You scare me to death. Why you wear like this. What you did is not right, a little ill. You break me to death. Brother,you should help me. I don’t want be a doctor,don’t want to study medicine. Listen your tone of this words. You are really want to be an actor. Not only want to be an actor. I also want to be a big star. Ok. big star, my sister is the big star. But you said, if teacher Chang know. I am not the most unreliable people in this family. Do you think if his sphygmomanometer will burst in a flash. What’s more your look like this. How about my look like this. You insult me,insult my dream. You are sure to be a big star such a look when you grow up. Stephen Chow said . If people don’t have dream. That’s really a sausage. That’ means our Tian Hiu baby . You are determined in your effort to be an actor. Elder brother,I want to test you,can you . Say. First reduce ten jing first,show your determination. Shit,wait and see. No, it’s really a little fat. It will show your face more big when you on the TV. Teacher Chang, still speaking here. Come quickly please, the schoolmaster make a roll call and find you. Me. There is a good news, please come. Our school, on education. Sorry, schoolmaster, I am sorry. I just have something busy and go to the toilet. That’s all right.yeah,teacher Chang,you come here. No, I just want ,down. All right,you just stand here. I want to tell you a good news. The result of College entrance examination has come out yesterday. The daughter of our teacher Chang in our school. Chang Tian Hui get the first place in our city. First place in science,the first. It’s not only the pride of our school. It’s also the pride of our school staff’s children. So,let’s congratulate teacher Chang together.

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