Thoughts on the Wilder vs Fury rematch
Thoughts on the Wilder vs Fury rematch

This is Rummy’s Corner. I don’t know shit about boxing. In fact it’s almost comical. During the few years this channel has been
in existence I’ve been wrong about every major heavyweight fight we’ve had! I was WRONG when I picked Wladimir Klitchko
to beat Tyson Fury back in November 2015. I was WRONG when I picked Chris Arreola against
Deontay Wilder in July 2016. I was WRONG when I picked Wladimir Klitschko
to defeat Anthony Joshua in April 2017. I was WRONG when I picked Tyson Fury to defeat
Deontay Wilder in December 2018. I was WRONG when I picked Anthony Joshua to
beat Andy Ruiz Jr in June 2019. I was WRONG when I picked Ruiz Jr in his rematch
against AJ in December 2019. And of course, I was wrong, this past weekend,
when I predicted that Wilder would defeat Tyson Fury. And finally, the very first prediction I ever
made here wasn’t a heavyweight fight, but I was WRONG when I picked Manny Pacquiao to
beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Holy shit. Two Canelo-Golovkin fights. And this doesn’t even scratch the surface
regarding the enormous number of incorrect predictions I’ve made during my life which
predate this channel. So please allow me to say it again – I don’t
know shit about boxing! Last Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las
Vegas, Nevada, in a mega bout that was broadcast in the US on a joint ESPN-FOX PPV event – undefeated
WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder had his long awaited rematch against undefeated
lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Their first bout from December 2018 ended
in a somewhat controversial draw, after Fury appeared to outbox Wilder during most rounds,
but Fury was dropped twice late in the contest. So their first one ended in a draw. But this time things were different. Fury made drastic changes in his approach,
and Wilder was unable to cope with Fury’s masterful execution of his outstanding game
plan. Tyson Fury made it look easy, which is a testament
to just how talented he truly is. Right at the start commentator Andre Ward
basically stated what would become the story of the fight – essentially that Fury was making
Wilder fight going backwards. Fury remained committed to this general approach
throughout the match, and this was in stark contrast to how he approached their first
bout, when Fury was usually looking to use movement and stay outside. Fury dropped Wilder late in round 3, and while
Wilder bravely battled on as best he could, the momentum was all Fury after that. The basic strategy of making Wilder fight
going backwards was the heart of Fury’s approach, but with that came the incredible boxing IQ
and all the subtle nuance that makes Fury such a terrific boxer. Fury was still utilizing his trademark feints
to great effect, he still had that herky-jerky itchy-twitchy elusive rhythm, and he was effectively
implementing various elements from his many bags of tricks to rough Wilder up in any way
he could. Fury dropped Wilder again in round 5 when
he landed a crippling left to the body. Wilder’s legs were gone, but still Wilder
battled, and still Fury continued executing in methodical fashion. Fury never overextended, he never got reckless,
and he continued taking care of business. Wilder was beginning to absorb a lot of punishment. Fury was breaking him down physically and
mentally. Things finally came to an end in round 7 when
Wilder’s corner stopped the fight. So Wilder lost, and a lot of fans are being
extremely critical of him, saying Fury exposed him – and honestly, I think this type of thing
does a great disservice to both Fury and Wilder. There is no shame in losing against Tyson
Fury. These two men were the two best heavyweights
in the world, and the better man won that night. Tyson Fury. Losing against Fury doesn’t erase what Wilder
accomplished before this, much like losing against Fury doesn’t erase the rich legacy
of the great Wladimir Klitschko. These results say more about Fury’s greatness
than anything else. Wilder losing to Fury reminds me of when Joshua
lost against Ruiz Jr. I wasn’t ready to write Joshua off then, and
I am not ready to write Wilder off now – or Andy Ruiz Jr, either, for that matter. In boxing, it isn’t only about losing. Sometimes it’s about how a boxer rebounds
from a loss that ultimately defines them. To be sure, that was a tough loss for Deontay
to suffer, but I still believe he can bounce back from this. Wilder is still the same man with the nuclear
right who made 10 consecutive successful defenses of his WBC title. That’s no joke, people! I know there are some who are extremely critical
of his competition during this reign, but 10 or more consecutive heavyweight title defenses
is still exceptionally rare, even in the more modern era of the past 30 years or so. So make no mistake! Wilder is one of the most accomplished heavyweights
in boxing right now, and Fury deserves full credit for beating one of the most accomplished
heavyweights in the world today. So how good is Tyson Fury? I think he’s clearly proven himself as the
current king in the division. Fury ended the nearly 10 year reign of Wladimir
Klitschko, and now he has ended the 5 year reign of Deontay Wilder. That is mighty impressive stuff! How impressive? I think Fury clearly enters the discussion
of the greatest non-American heavyweights of all time. He was already probably a part of that discussion
anyway, but the dominant win against Wilder drives this point home. I personally believe that Lennox Lewis is
the gold standard here. And incidentally, I thought Lewis and Andre
Ward were both terrific with their commentating and that they complimented each other very
well. If you omit the great American heavyweight
champions from the past, Lennox absolutely tops the list in my opinion. There are other guys who belong in this discussion,
too – Bob Fitzsimmons, Max Schmeling, Ingemar Johansson, and both Klitschko brothers just
to touch on a few. But I view Lennox as the very best among non-American
heavyweight champions, and indeed, Lennox is one of the greatest heavyweights of all
time, period. Lennox was a tremendous champion, and he was
the last man to hold a claim to every major championship recognized in his day – WBC,
WBA, IBF, and lineal. Since that time the WBO is also now recognized
as a major championship. So right now, Anthony Joshua holds the IBF,
WBA, and WBO versions of the title, whereas Tyson Fury has now added the WBC strap to
his valid claim as lineal champion. And make no mistake, Fury became the lineal
champion when he defeated Wlad in 2015. Fury never lost that distinction, despite
many claims I still inexplicably see to the contrary. Fury already was the lineal champion, he still
is, and now he is also the WBC champion. Anyway, as much as Fury has positioned himself
as a potential threat to the gold standard that is Lennox Lewis pertaining to non-American
heavyweight greats, Anthony Joshua could potentially figure into this conversation as well. Fury clearly has the edge now. But that doesn’t matter, because at this point
in time, it feels inevitable that Fury and Joshua will need to meet sooner or later,
and the sooner the better. In an ideal world, I really wish we could
get Fury vs Joshua NEXT – and maybe, we can also get something like Wilder vs Ruiz? Unfortunately, boxing politics and the nature
of the business usually doesn’t work in ideal world situations. Joshua has a couple of mandatories he needs
to deal with in Pulev and Usyk. Fury may wind up having a third fight with
Wilder, or Fury may wind up facing someone else. But whatever happens, if Fury and Joshua keep
winning, their paths should hopefully cross in the not-too-distant future. I just hope this fight happens when it still
matters as much as it does RIGHT NOW! Back when Fury was on the sidelines and not
actively boxing, there was a perfect window of opportunity for a megabout showdown between
Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. The fight never came together, and boxing
fans were cheated out of this. The fight could still happen, but the magic
that existed back then, where they were both undefeated – that magic is gone. I still wouldn’t mind seeing Wilder vs Joshua,
and I still wouldn’t mind seeing Fury vs Wilder 3, either. But right now THAT’S the fight! Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua! For all the heavyweight marbles! Who doesn’t want to see THAT? Fury is coming off of a dominant victory where
he exhibited great versatility in changing his tactics in a high profile rematch, and
Joshua is also coming off a dominant win where he exhibited a great shift in tactics for
a high profile rematch. The timing is perfect. I personally tend to believe that the clash
of styles strongly favors Fury here, because I think Fury has a proven ability to dominate
the range when fighting outside and/or in tight. My thinking here being that Fury will be able
to better dictate the fighting range regardless of how Joshua tries to approach this. I actually think Fury matches up even better
against Joshua than he did Wilder. But – and I probably don’t need to remind
anyone of this – I don’t know shit about boxing, and my track record certainly proves it. At the end of the day, not knowing what will
happen is what makes being a boxing fan so much fun. No matter how many predictions I get incorrect
– that’s the joy of actually getting to see the best face the best. And right now, the biggest fight that can
happen that I’d be most fired-up about – no doubt about it – Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. But will it actually happen? What do you think, and who do you think wins
if it does? Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed
and have a wonderful night! This is Rummy’s Corner

100 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Wilder vs Fury rematch”

  1. Michael Makridis says:


  2. Roman Horschig says:

    Hopefully we will see Fury versus Joshua at the end of the year after fury beating wilder a third time in july and joshua beating pulev – for me it is a clear win for Tyson Fury

  3. DavidUKesb says:

    You weren't wrong about the first Fury v Wilder fight as everyone knows Fury won the fight. With HW boxing predictions are notoriously difficult so I prefer to say what the score would be over ten fights. Fury beats AJ eight or nine times out of ten.

  4. Hands Of God says:

    nice video ! Please support and subscribe for my channel

  5. Lamin Touray says:

    King from where the truth is when Wilder n fury have rematch for the third time then the winner is the real king

  6. garyw1971 says:

    Youre wrong… Wilder is Done… he wont ever be champ again .

  7. Mehmet Arslan says:

    You are wrong about the second match between Jashua and Ruiz. . The wring was enourmusslly big measurement, 22 feets .İf it had been at normally size from 18 to 20 feets ,Ruiz would have won again.

  8. Kareem Passmore says:

    Fury can beat anybody with his glove half way off putting his fist in the risk are throwing a bareknucle punch in both fights

  9. X The American says:

    Good luck promoting Tyson all over the world he was the better man congratulations champ
    💯👑💯 I'm just not watching boxing for a while ppl loved Wilder as champ he was entertaining and that's what we wanted ENTERTAINMENT not some 7 foot suicidal drug addict dancing around the ring thanks but no thanks I'll come back for Canelo and Maidonna and the Charlo #BOXINGJUSTGOTBORING

  10. Jared Gilman says:

    A loss to Wilder and Joshua may make boxing that much more interesting. Especially, if they both improve from it, which I think they will.
    I also agree with your views on Lennox.

  11. Hassan Ahmed says:

    Maybe if wilder upped his boxing a bit, we could have the greatest battle of the trio. It will definitely be the best and deadliest of wilder assuming he learns from his mistakes.

  12. Dann Bros says:

    It's easy to be wrong about a lot of those fights It's just guessing all good fighters with there own unique styles and abilities each could have different outcomes depending on the smallest changes and factors..great channel btw keep it up..I thought fury would outpoint him in a close fight never thought tyson would just walk him down like that I hope we get a rematch let wilder make a couple of changes and we got a good fight..I felt wilder just wasn't he's usual self looked done by the second he's was defo hurt early he's feet were crossing by round 2 and he looked like a strong wind could put him down well done tyson for finding that weakness and hurting him early I think fury is the best of the bunch he will beat aj by 8 rounds my pick anyway if they fight

  13. Rec jargo says:

    Like you said you don't know shit about boxing, and its true. How in the world wilder is the most accomplished in HW🤣🤣

  14. Kirtesh Talsania says:

    Lets hope Tyson Fury does not meet his demons again…depression etc before trilogy fight.

  15. lefroy1 says:

    This rematch clause is bullshit. The first was a supposed draw (we all know Fury won that oone too), and the second was the most one-sided fight I've seen for years. The world already knows who the better boxer is, so what's the point? Fury – AJ next, fuck Wilder.

  16. Painless Venom says:

    Rummy shut up, like you said you don't know shit about boxing.

  17. Dtruth says:

    Wtf Rummy? Lewis was barely coherent with his commentary and analysis of the fight. Ward did an adequate job of talking us through the fight but Lewis was saying like " he was off balance but still went down anyways" ????? Not the eloquent wordplay you are suggesting.

  18. Derek Wildash says:

    Not wanting to jump on the negative Wilder bandwagon. However, I have always looked at Wilder as an atrocious boxer with a colossal punch. And if you could avoid that punch for 12 rounds you would have a very good chance of winning on points. Fury came up with the perfect game plan and I think its going to be a very hard road back for Wilder unless he makes significant changes.

  19. Court Ben says:

    I will say I would like to see Fury have at least 5 title defenses. I don't think he would lose to anyone boxing right now and is one of my all time favorite boxers. I would like to see if him make it past Deontay in the the 3rd fight, Knock out Joshua and end his career with Ruiz which could be sold as the fight of the big men.

  20. David T says:

    I think the lighting at this fight looked excellent. The colours etc

  21. BIG TD says:

    Tyson will not lose. While he is champion

  22. BIG TD says:

    Pacquiao did win that fight

  23. Bayliner says:

    if you look at wilders eyes during the fight. he knows he is totally out of his depth. he really has met his match. and that match is a 6ft 9 300lb technical monster.

  24. ahmed thabet says:

    I don t care about your wrong expectations Rummy, in my humble opinion you are the best boxing channel on you tube, period

  25. patriots is raw says:

    "I… don't know shit about boxing." This is why we fucking idolize you Rummy. You a real g

  26. Eekoweyy Beyd says:

    Kill "it" Fury!

  27. S I says:

    You ain't the only one

  28. MrBubble78 says:

    Lol your quality 🙏🏻🤣🤣👍

  29. Mark Duxberry says:

    i know jack shit about boxing too apart from Lennox Lewis was the best …

  30. EGGJAZZ says:

    11 year reign m8 not nearly 10 and lennox didnt have the wbo belt

  31. Jan Michael Vincent says:

    I'm assuming Rummy's gonna pick Fury to win the third fight, so Wilder is gonna win the third fight lol.

  32. Sameone says:

    We were cheated out of the Tyson v Morrison fight many years ago. Now let's get that Fury v Joshua on the record!

  33. THE VOICE OF REASON Fruzzel says:

    TYSON IS WHAT WE CALL FLICKTED,,,awkward, nerdy, unorthodox.

  34. THE VOICE OF REASON Fruzzel says:


  35. John White says:

    Way to prove em all wrong champ

  36. champ pride champ pride says:

    So basically, you're just the WRONG guy to count on!!!!

  37. Rocky fish says:

    Kronk did wonders for fury but fury realised late in 1st fight wilder can't fight going back plus fury was not 100% in 1st fight

  38. Lee Herron says:

    id say fury would win easy but rummy fancies him too,so il have to bet on A Joshua

  39. SavoPaddy says:

    We all know you are still the man to listen to 🙂

  40. Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot says:

    boxing is such a stock, do you book the fury v joshua now or wait until Fury wins against Wilder again and Joshua beats a contender or two, then it'd be more hype, but both men could lose in the meantime and the value is lost. Joshua already lost some value after losing to Ruiz the first time, it was more hyped before he lost for sure

  41. lol lol says:

    lol . nice mate and i thought im the master of "knowing a shit bout boxing" 😉

  42. BIG- L says:

    Everybody wants to see Fury vs AJ but Eddie Hearns will mess this up just like Aj/Wilder

  43. stewart vincent says:

    Don't get the whole point of refering to "Non American Champions" why would nationality matter both Fury and Lewis are at the top table in the division, in terms to wilders title defense record yes 10 is great but i do think the level of those fight really does dilute the achievement that's why after the fight hearing wilder say the best should be fighting the best really annoyed me.

    1. Éric Molina (June 2015)
    2. Johann Duhaupas (September 2015)
    3. Artur Szpilka (January 2016)
    4. Chris Arreola (July 2016)
    5. Gerald Washington (February 2017)
    6. Bermane Stiverne II (November 2017)
    7. Luis Ortiz (March 2018)
    8.Tyson Fury (December 2018)
    9. Dominic Breazeale (May 2019)
    10. Luis Ortiz II (November 2019)

    So now ask yourself who in that 5 year reign was credible, who at the time of the fight could be deemed as the best fighting each other, who did the fans call for?

    I say this not to clown on Deontay Wilder but to point out his loss was his own making if he had fought top ranked fighters he wouldn't have lost so poorly because he would have had the experience to know how to change the game plan in situations like this and anyone that's trained in any combat form will know you cant learn things in months, so Deontay Wilder cashing in the rematch claus is pointless he needed to take a few steps back and use that loss as an awakening to reinvent his own style, without that the 3rd fight will go no different.

  44. deathtron5000 says:

    Wilder is too old to change his style.

  45. Backyard Chickens UK says:

    You really don’t know shit about boxing, do you? Lol.
    We love you anyway x I think Wilders problem was those two black threads hanging off his shorts!!

  46. kevin walton says:

    totally agree on lewis hes always been underrated here in the uk

  47. David Gould says:

    Ridiculous how much credit you give Wilders record. Dillian Whyte in his short career has a better resume.
    I feel you dismiss AJ record. He has the best resume….period.

  48. Robert Kulikowski says:

    Fury vs Wilder I was a good prediction !

  49. DALLAS__ JOE says:

    I listened to Rummy, and now I have no money, no home, and no future.

    Thanks Rummy !

  50. Rod Rivas says:

    Thank you sir for being so honest! And next Time you do a prediction put a warning ⚠️ on the description lol ! I’m joking I love this channel I watch you because you say what you think no matter what the consequences are and that speaks volume!

  51. Greg W says:

    This is a really good post mate.

  52. Nicholas Lacovara says:

    Well I thought Tyson Fury would will until I head Rummies prediction. So Now I am going with Anthony Joshua

  53. seaniekay says:

    best intro ever

  54. Diddys Playlist says:


  55. Asics Johnson says:

    Goddammit, Rummy, you're gonna jinx Fury! Now he's doomed to lose that AJ fight, thanks to you… doomed I tell ya! 🤬

  56. Primere says:

    That intro was fucking amazing 🤣 I could not stop laughing as he kept listing more and more fights lmao

  57. Amante Apasionado says:

    I think Wilder and Joshua need to fight now since they both lost and the winner gets a crack at Fury, the only undefeated heavyweight left.

  58. Douce Belfort says:

    Wilder Done!!!

  59. Adrian Reyna says:

    I think Joshua has pedigree miles over wilder it will be a great matchup Joshua showed me he can box and come in technically Better than vs Ruiz I got Joshua over fury just see Joshua weight will be the difference he’s bigger than wilder skill set up their with fury will bury fury to the canvas

  60. big stupid says:

    "I WAS WRONG" how the hell are you still here

  61. karl williams says:

    i called it steam rollered with combos round 5 to 9 max wilder had not fought anyone that jumped on him lennox was a great champion and the fight should be tyson vs joshua and a undercard wilder vs whyte same night as a double card then the winners fight after that live feed one from usa and one from uk tyson vs joshua will be the biggest fought in over 50 years

  62. Byron Abney says:

    That fight was fixed, it's obvious,. If wilder stood toe to toe with him in the first fight took all his best shots for 12 rounds knocked him down twice one time to but not ruled bc referees late count. Yet in the rematch he fights like an Amateur who cant take a punch. All these sports are rigged.

  63. John Merton says:

    Fury has already beat wilder twice -I don't care what judges said to set up a draw.

  64. Chael Sonnen says:

    You're a lemon! Gimme all your future picks I'm laying the other way!

  65. Johnny Gringo says:

    I've got Aj and the fight will happen. Wilder has been protected he only took Tyson because he was coming of the couch. Big Dosser shit resume

  66. walter thairu says:


  67. RYAN johnson says:

    Hey Rummy love your work, can you please do a top 5 notable wins for sugar ray robinson?

  68. tswrench says:

    Feel free to follow my lead, Rummy (I know shit about boxing). Unlike Wilder, Joshua knows how to box and possesses many weapons. He'll catch Fury with something big, and that will be the end of it. AJ will be the the one with his hand raised when the dust settles in the heavyweight division.

  69. Wolfox Produnctions2 says:

    Isnt this guy just like howard cosell

  70. Kevin Aldrich says:

    Great video, I was laughing my ass off. You're the best Rummy!

  71. sharath naik says:

    lets not get ahead of this. Fury's style is a problem for both Vladamir and Wilder. It does not mean he is great, he is yet to defend his title even once. And it is clear there is a style that is a problem for Fury, short hard, close-in brawler. This means AJ will be a boxer Fury will struggle to beat.

  72. Monscent says:

    "Boxing IQ" = getting heavy and hugging and leaning on your opponent

  73. David Denman says:

    Fury you say? Chips in Josh is.

  74. Fetri Sattah says:

    U always wrong forever

  75. MAGACOP says:

    Bout time you admitted it.

  76. Judas Goat says:

    I like how he said one of the best non American, mate he's one of the best full stop and stop kidding your always wrong Yankee ass

  77. Jau Ju says:

    Wilder got SCHOOLED….


  78. Scott Baz says:

    Don't think anyone ever watched your channel for your predictions mate

  79. chris klein says:

    I’ll tune in to Rummy but a third fight is pointless. Agree with me Rums you’ll get that right. A third fight will result in another Fury win.

    It’s a BELOW AVERAGE DIVISION RUMMY. The top 5% average. The latter 95% below average !!!! When your resume is filled with coke cans it speaks volumes.

    Here is another correct prediction you’ll see. FURY will BEAT Joshua

  80. Truth & Opinionz says:

    Furys gloves have been shown to be loose and floppy. I smell a cheater

  81. Skooby Due says:

    Most of these British Fury fans hated him 2 years ago.

  82. redraider 55 says:

    Fury will circle AJ with jabs for 5 rounds,AJ will gas out,Fury will smash him at will after that,Fury all day long.

  83. Greg Heffernan says:

    Hey… you haven't pick a winner for a while but you did pick the three best of the last four years.. Joshua, Wilder and Fury! (And you predicted that Fury could rise to the top of all three, even though you have always favoured Joshua!)

  84. Xehanort11 says:

    You know shit about matchups.

    You have a lot of respectable knowledge on boxing.

  85. AWW Prather says:

    I have a strong doubt that fight will ever take place but if it does, I'm with Fury all the way

  86. GearsDemon says:

    Fury won both fights clearly. The third fight is going to be the same. Deontay has a punchers chance as always.

  87. Claw Machine Time says:

    I like you rummy but you should.have new Tyson would school Wilder

  88. Count Rufus says:

    I was right when i predicted that Wlad will.lose.
    Wlad has befome.the Ol Wlad and we all.could see it.His reflexes and timing were gone.He toboticised.Alamot like he couldn't pull the trigger.
    And that's the sign that

  89. Manuel Brito says:

    that must hurt betting wise.

  90. Edoms Lot says:

    There should be no rematch;he,fury and his handlers been caught cheating,he must be strip of the title.

  91. Danny O'Donnell says:

    At least your picks came second mate. Great channel

  92. johnd1466 says:

    Close channel now, no excuses

  93. Captain Buzzkill says:

    That just proves one thing. And I always say this: YOU CAN NOT PREDICT WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN A FIGHT! You can take a guess. You can get lucky. But nobody knows for sure. The only way to find out is to tune in on fight night. That's what makes combat sports so exciting. Everyone has a game plan until they get punched in the face.

  94. Bill Megatron says:

    Rummy!!! You have the best boxing channel

  95. The Luko Show says:

    Typically brilliant upload Rummy. Agree that Lewis and Ward worked very well on commentary. Really enjoyed it. Long live The King!!!

  96. Sulba Fulba media says:

    How much money have you lost due to sports betting? #Fury-vs-Joshua

  97. Penny Beacham says:

    Its shouldnt happen there is no reason wotever for fury to have a trilogy he got nothing to prove or gain but everything to lose which i cant see him doing but theres always the lucky windmill punch.

  98. Peter Richardson says:

    3:43 clearly a knockdown stopped by grabbing the ropes. The Ref did everything to help Wilder.

  99. Peter Richardson says:

    Rummy – The Lineage wasn't really complete before was it? Wlad never had every belt and didn't beat "the man" – but now Fury has won every belt (albeit dropping a set of them imbetween), but surely that makes him the undisputed "man" now?

  100. Peter Richardson says:

    Sadly, I think it'll be 18 months before they can get AJ-Fury sorted, and I have a suspicion that Fury will have become bored by then and will have retired. Whyte could well have the WBC strap – so it'll be a summer 2021 rematch with AJ. Unless Usyk comes into play. Who knows!

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