This Woman Turns Ski Poles Into Toilet Plungers | My Shopify Business Story
This Woman Turns Ski Poles Into Toilet Plungers | My Shopify Business Story

Three years ago in the scenic mountains
of Canmore, Alberta, just an hour outside of Calgary, one woman made a decision
that changed her life forever. Mom, dad, I’m moving home to start a
plunger company. I’m Kelly I’m the owner and
founder of Big Dump Plungers, and I put the poo in “entrepooneur”. So a couple summers ago I had a ton of weddings and I didn’t know what to
get my friends for a wedding gift. I thought well wedding gifts
are supposed to be household items right? So why not give them a
toilet plunger and then I thought well they’re all skiers, why can’t I combine a
ski pole and a toilet plunger? So I made them all ski pole plungers and I said
congratulations on taking the plunge. Boom, Big Dumps was born. My heart lies in recycling because I see the problem. So at Big Dump Plungers the whole goal
is to save things from the dump. So Big Dump, saving things from the dump. So what I do is I go to
golf courses, ski hills, hockey arenas, and I recognize that there
is a surplus of discarded equipment that nobody is doing anything with. I just call him up I’m like, “hey you got the stuff?” And so I get everything donated to
me and then we upcycle it into plungers. When I started the business I started
the business with a $150. I had absolutely nothing so I got
really really creative with my marketing. What I did is that I went out
and I bought a wagon and a toilet. And I pulled it around and I took it out to the most beautiful locations in my backyard and I did #PoopWithAView and I get so
many so many great looks. My goal is to have everyone change
how they look at a recycled item. It is ridiculous, it’s outrageous, but they’re gag gifts for people. They make people laugh and at the end of the
day to me, if I can make people laugh then I think I’m doing really well. Oh my God I just fell through the toilet.

63 thoughts on “This Woman Turns Ski Poles Into Toilet Plungers | My Shopify Business Story”

  1. Clinton Munkres says:

    Great Idea! Way to upcycle crap!

  2. X X says:


  3. SoulSkis says:

    You're using the wrong type of plunger for a toilet. The one you are using is for flat surfaces such as a sink. Fail.

  4. Rob H says:

    I did this and it didn't work.

  5. Josias Sanchez says:

    Smart, but dont really care for the product, she funny.

  6. B. Couture Vibes Nyc says:

    This world is so limitless 💯🔑

  7. Mark Fryer says:

    Low cost component plus free handles, gag gifts with a great margin, plenty of humour and savvy marketing.
    This girl is onto a winner.

  8. Dogbone says:

    Sleep: 9PM-5AM
    Morning routine: 5AM-6AM
    Smoke crack: 6AM-9PM

  9. Sajid Hussain says:


  10. Vader Did Nothing Wrong says:

    So cringe. Make me a sandwich

  11. Joey Badass says:

    Hey you got the stuff ?? 🤣

  12. Mark F. says:

    Very stupid but whatev

  13. fluffypenguin888 Ramirez says:


  14. KD Mobile gaming says:


  15. Say I Love You Anime says:

    OK, I admire your passion about recycling…but who would give their friend a toilet plunger for a wedding gift?…

  16. Bobo Le says:

    Wish you all the success in the world ! Love your positivity

  17. Asad Ali says:

    The fuck

  18. Mrs. Johnson says:

    She also has great charisma! 🙂

  19. sloppy toppy says:


  20. sloppy toppy says:


  21. Oracles Angels Shift All says:

    You rock!!! ❤

  22. Addie _fox ! says:


  23. DARK PARTICLE says:

    So if i’m hearing this right they want me to “Badazal” a tool which only purpose is to pull clogged shit dookie and other waste products out of my toilet….

    Hell no!!!

  24. Sammy Ace says:


  25. B Kumar says:

  26. Rock N Roll Monkey says:

    If I had a plunger like that, I could go back to eating sloppy joes every day.

  27. Gallifrey Barnett says:


  28. Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque says:

    I love it

  29. skrt skrt says:

    Umm that's disgusting but cool

  30. Alan LaPlante says:

    This woman is retarded

  31. Monica Jones says:

    Hey, you got the stuff? 😁😅😅😄

  32. Axel Alvarado says:

    Who is she 😂

  33. Lindz J says:

    Such a lovely lady and a super idea!

  34. iiTxnner says:

    RIP Ashley's hair

  35. James Shepherd says:

    It's about time someone gave a shit

  36. Harold Smith says:

    Bring me thanos😒

  37. Nush F says:

    Congrats Kelly this is amazing haha!!

  38. Mr. Insensitive says:

    I have to unclog my toilet with an pressure washer.

  39. Leslie Jones says:

    I love you

  40. Ferret Green says:

    Never really grew up

  41. Lil Jiggles Gaming says:

    Wait just what if you touched the plunger part while playing a game or whatever

  42. M H says:

    All you need is rich friends and you can sell any old shit.

  43. Presley Perry says:

    0:08 lol

  44. Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer says:

    Beautiful scenery Alberta is awesome definitely the best part of Canada save Alberta vote conservative from the lower 48 we support you… make Canada great again!

  45. Wildducki says:


  46. tsm_ pencil says:

    This is stupid

  47. michelle lyon says:

    This story is exactly why a fool and their money are easily parted. Smdh.
    What a load of total Bullshit!

  48. Rascal Flatts Fanatic says:

    Ignorance in motion. Only fat people who don't know how to 'courtesy flush' ever NEED to use a plunger.

  49. deadinside1798 deadindide1798 says:

    You suck

  50. Powerhouse Smasher says:

    Maybe she can recycle my pole hasn’t been used in a long time😃

  51. LEGO STOP MOION VIDEO Prime says:


  52. Dude West says:


  53. Snake Diet Woman says:

    This is retarded

  54. GREENT says:

    Hm this seems strange to me that people actually buy these

  55. Mohammed Abdulgadir says:

    Hot ass

  56. Woohoo Barz says:

    This is so stupid smh

  57. M1cr0wav3 BEEP says:

    What Ski Pole do you use?
    What Tennis racket do you use?
    What golf stick do you use?

    P L U N G E R

  58. Mr. Popo says:

    So u steal from "donation" bins for "profit"
    Reasons the world is going to hell

  59. Vladimir Putin says:


  60. bob ross says:

    Just buy a normal plunger

  61. James lame says:

    She must poop alot

  62. Super Hans ✅ says:

    What a terrible woman.

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