Things to Know Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout & Summer of Heroes Disneyland
Things to Know Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout & Summer of Heroes Disneyland

Hi Guys, it’s Pierce from Pierce’sWorld! If some of you follow me on Instagram, then
you’ll know I just came back from my epic adventure at Disneyland! We were there for the opening day of the Summer
of Heroes with the new Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride and of course the Awesome
Dance Off Show. Let me give you a sneak peek at what you can
see! Hey, how’s it going? Anna… Wow! It’s the same forward as it is backward. And you are wearing the exact same scarf. That is cool! Alright! Be careful! Aww, you’re worried about me. (Alarm goes off.) Quill! Keep watch! Son of a B…! Everything is under control. Oh, yes! There you are! Quill, that’s what we came back for? Ok, first off… Starlord. People are watching. Second, show a little respect please. This is finely tuned sterophonic instrument. And she needs a little TLC right now. She? Oh! Jealous? No, well… I can see why. I mean look at her. Lots of attitude… Sick curves… Not so mean… (Music playing in background.) You hear that? Let’s get out of here. Ok! (Sound of a spaceship flying.) That’s not good. Yeah, that kills the party. Quill! This is not a party. You said this was an important mission. It is! I guess we didn’t notice all the sensors we passed. Actually the ones pointed directly at us. Right now… Sensors? Thermoplasmic sensors Looks like the collector can track us anywhere on the planet. Are you serious? He’s tracking us! Well, I had hoped that if we casually walked away, everything would be fine. Advanced creatures of Terra. I’m glad you are gathered and casually listening in on our conversation. We are the Guardians of the Galaxy. Let’s start a round of applause. Come on! We came back for a portable music player. And we need to get back to our ship. But, we are all being tracked by thermoplasmic sensors. Now, I can tell you that thermo means heat. And sensors are… the sensors are tracking our organic thermal prints. I’m trying to dumb it down to them. Anyway, they are tracking all of us by movement and body heat. So, if we can just create a lot of heat, that should scramble the sensors and then, we can sneak away. I got a plan. You are going to be very proud. If it’s like any of your other plans, Quill… For the sake of the galaxy, we need you to dance. Dance? DANCE! (Music playing in the background.) Do a wave! 1, 2, 3! Come on put them up! Put them up! Right here, yeah! Alright! That is good. Up top! Ok… Punch it out! We call this the Drax! Ok, one more time. Hands up! Raise the roof! Gamora raise the roof! Baby steps Wait! This plan is not working! Hey Quill! You out there? Come in, Quill! What’s taking you guys so long. Hey Trash Panda! He loves that. Just a little delay down here. We are being tracked by some thermo sensors, but we are going to scramble them by shaking a little booty. Scramble? Just overload them. Give them too much data, then Boom! Who doesn’t know that? I knew that. Why do I have to do everything around here? Just shut down those sensors and get back to the ship. Ok! Quill, how are we going to overload them? This calls for a dance off! Let’s do this! (Slow music playing in background.) Quill, you need a hug? I can call Drax. No! I’m fine now. We don’t have time right now. Some awesome dance off! You and I have have very different methods for blowing out thermo sensors. Now, listen…I ain’t holding this bus. So, get back to the ship or I can send you a postcard. We are on the way! I am Groot! Oh Groot! You missed all the fun! I am Groot! Yeah, you want to hang out with these Terrans? Sure, we will meet you back at the Milano. (Music playing in background.) That was an awesome dance off show wasn’t it? Well, let’s talk about the ride. Our heroes are a recent addition to the Collector’s
exhibition. The line on opening day was 6 hours long! And as you’re standing and waiting, take
a look at Tanaleer Tivan’s exhibit. My Daddy is pretending to be the Collector. My friends, you’re one step closer to your exciting encounter with the Guardians of the Galaxy. You are now standing in my private office. I know! Where I carefully scrutinize each and every beast that comes to me from different parts of the galaxy. Mute this guy! (Rocket raccoon has escaped.) Here we are getting on the ride to join Rocket
on a mission to save our Guardians! They did’t let us record the ride. So, you have to see it for yourself. But, I can say when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy, the rescue
mission has awesome music and intergalactic mayhem. Do you want to team up with the Avengers? Then be a recruit like me! Can you find me in the crowd? Hawk Eye, he’s mine! Figure out how to stop this thing. What is this? I don’t know. Oh, don’t worry, Avengers. I’m part of the Avengers Training Initiative. A harmless distraction until it powers up completely. Once I have the information I need from your database, I will ensure your institute is done forever! We need to cut the power! It’s too late! The power is already drained from the panels. Then we need to get to the reactor’s core. Ok, Crosby, are you going to make it easy, and give up? Or I could hurt you! I’m not holding back this time. Looks like Black Widow has the double agent wrapped up. Any luck down there? We need to find a flaw in the casing. It seems to be powered by some element of the system core. Good deduction! Find a solution. Hurry! If we put enough direct pressure on the outer rim, we can get to the power center. Maybe a little faster! You got it! Ok, recruits training is over! It’s time to improvise, and jump into action. Agents shield up! Now, everyone, these recruits are about to put their training to the test. Make sure they can hear your support. You will all be issued a special training shield just like Captain America. Now, like your training, be alert and be prepared. Do you think your recruits will be able to defeat the power of Hydra? Our recruits know the power of working together as a team. Ok, recruits, hold your position. You are about to use some of the maneuvers you just learned. Now, just like your training, focus on the target, and aim for the weak spots. Ok, on my command, initiate fight sequence. Look here! I’m the first one to throw my shield! Yes, throw those shields! Good! I joined Captain America, Spiderman, and even
Black Widow in this heroic encounter. I hope you all get to go to Disneyland California Adventure really soon! If you liked this video, please give me a
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Pierce’sWorld! Ok, I’ll see you guy next time on another
adventure! Bye!

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