The World Record History of Super Mario Sunshine 100% (120 Shines)
The World Record History of Super Mario Sunshine 100% (120 Shines)

20 thoughts on “The World Record History of Super Mario Sunshine 100% (120 Shines)”

  1. AverageTreyVG says:

    No one ever reads descriptions, so before I get a dozen more comments about it:

    Yes, I've been aware that Nanashi beat my original sub 3 record since the day it happened (which I've had in the description of this video since late January)

    No I don't plan on returning to 120 grind any time soon, if ever. I am content with the time that I got and it could potentially take me over a year of grinding to ever match or pass the time I achieved. It would not be worth it for my mental health to attempt to improve my time further, and I already have no motivation to do so.

  2. Thegame .Dev says:

    Man SMS seems like a great game to speedrun considering how much it sucks to play it the way the developers intended. I only have fun when trying to find ways of parkouring around obvious intended paths through a level.

  3. THE BEAST1864 says:

    He didn't die the whole time what a legend

  4. A Google user says:


  5. AlphaWolvesGamer says:

    @AverageTreyVG "The Stakes were high" Baten Kaitos Music?!

  6. Hysteria98 says:

    Still baffling how they (at the time) believe how optimised these games are and cut to a couple years later, they knock off an accumulative 20+ minutes off. Asbolutely mind-boggling.

  7. Oran Amusement Club says:

    God I wish I had the free time to speedrun. Maybe one day.

  8. Hysteria98 says:

    All those incredible Soul Calibur 2 tracks in the background… it's been so long.

  9. Chris Allred says:

    i'm so high

  10. IMDEMNEWBS says:

    Holy hell i cannot get over how detailed this video is

  11. theleftnut says:

    13:10 I played that song in my high school band

  12. Ilan GALLOT says:

    You got sub 3 on my birthday!

  13. Krim Uico says:

    The soul calibur 2 ost is unreasonably great

  14. Lee Crawford says:

    First, I want to say is, Much appreciated by the shear effort you put into this video
    Congrats on the hardwork
    And at the end, it brought back feels of nostalgia when playing this for the first time
    Thank you, and great video
    Very entertaining, enjoyable to watch/listen (cause I mainly listen to videos when I'm at work)

  15. KingOfGames says:

    “The controls are mutilating”

  16. Brian M says:

    41:31 you traitor

  17. Nana Argyrou says:

    August 2019 has been great for 120! Paperario tied the 2:59:50 (kinda).Then a few days later, Nanashi gets 2:59:20 , and just today, he got an insane 2:58:29!

    Also, Guy and SB are on the cusp for sub 3 (mostly Guy), and in early August, a Gelato reroute was found.
    You do Gelato 100 in ep. 6 instead of 3 , and you do Gelato Hidden in ep.7 instead of 6. It saves about 10-20 seconds

  18. blargiefarg93 says:

    I legit love speedrun history videos

  19. Alpha says:

    Nanashi745 seems like a good player

  20. Rawrshiram says:

    Happy Birthday to this vid

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