The US Army’s First Autonomous Vehicle is Going to be… a Golf Cart?
The US Army’s First Autonomous Vehicle is Going to be… a Golf Cart?

The US military is badass. They’re always at the forefront of technology. People just like you and me use some of the
things they created for them every day. GPS, Epipens, Computers, the internet, JEEPS
and now Autonomous Vehicles. Off-camera: It’s golf carts Oh, and now autonomous golf carts? Hey guys, Ken here with 4WheelOnline. We put out a new video every friday, so make
sure to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest truck, Jeep and automotive news. So if you want to know how a golf cart relates
to trucks, keep watching to find out. Autonomous tech is one of most exciting industries
right now. I mean, Ford just announced their plans to
have fully autonomous vehicles on the roads in 2021, Uber is about to launch self-driving
vehicles in Pittsburgh, then Google and Tesla have been teasing us with fully autonomous
cars, and trucks, for what feels like forever. The US Army has even been testing out autonomous
convoys on the roads in Michigan. So what makes an autonomous golf cart so captivating? This could potentially be the first fully
autonomous vehicle on the road if everything goes to plan. Although it wouldn’t drive on public roads,
the Army is using Cushman Shuttles in their tests to bring soldiers from their barracks
about a half mile to Womack Army Medical Center The small vehicle will be using roads and
other compact pathways to get to its destination. Some of these paths may not include traffic
signs or lane markings that most autonomous tech relies on. That’s going to make it tough. Does it still sound boring? Think of it this way: For the engineers working
on this project this is a huge opportunity to put their ideas and tech into real world
use. TARDEC which is the Tank Automotive Research,
Development and Engineering Center believes that the lessons learned from this limited
use scenario will be used as building blocks for future autonomous vehicles both on and
off the battlefield. Now, creating the technology required for
fully autonomous vehicles is taking a long time, and that’s probably a good thing. Testing is important. When these cars and trucks hit the road they
should be ready, not just “good enough” The DARPA Grand Challenge was the first driverless
car competition back in 2004, and since then the field has expanded at a faster rate than
anyone could have predicted. No one knows where these autonomous golf carts
will lead but there’s already unmanned truck solutions like Oshkosh’s TerraMax system. Eventually military trucks may be fully autonomous
allowing for convoy vehicles to be heavily armored more like a tank. Keeping the soldiers much safer while travelling
through hostile regions.. At some point maybe we’ll see the tech in
trophy trucks or ultra4 racing. Are you interested in the future of autonomous
trucks or do you think it’s pointless and we should just let humans drive vehicles. Vote in our Poll right here and then leave
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2 thoughts on “The US Army’s First Autonomous Vehicle is Going to be… a Golf Cart?”

  1. Moto Tigger says:

    Maybe this "autonomous" technology has benefits in a combat situation, but not on public roads. Nothing good can come from this -at least for those of us who actually enjoy driving. Shortly after these "autonomous" vehicles are available to the public there will be "autonomous-only" lanes on our highways, eventually leading to "autonomous-only highways". In time, motorcycles will be banned from using the public road system along with current "non-autonomous vehicles". The cheerleaders for autonomous vehicles should play this scenario out before getting all giddy about it.

  2. Harold Hutchcraft says:

    What I see is the perfect terrorist tool. Fill with explosives, set the destination, wait for the boom. For everything that is invented for the good, someone will take it and turn it into something evil. If you think I'm wrong, look at this. Diesel engines are great for vehicles hauling heavy loads. Fertilizer helps plants grow faster and healthier. Diesel fuel and fertilizer mixed, boom. Credit card scanners at the pump for customer convenience. Card skimmers for the crooks. The list goes on and on.

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