The Table Tennis Backspin Serve Advanced Coaching Video
The Table Tennis Backspin Serve Advanced Coaching Video

You want to try and stand on the backhand
side predominantly, because you can get your backhand and forehand in a lot easier. Also
when you’re having your stance you want to have your right leg forward if you’re left
handing or your left leg foreword if you’re left handed, this enables you to twist your
body in to the serve gaining more speed and spin. The grip, you can have many different variation
of the grip, you can hold it loose, you can hold it only with your thumb and finger if
you want, or you can full grip it’s your choice. You have to try and experiment to find the
best solution for yourself. I tend to have a little loose grip, so I can conk my wrist
back a little bit more and get as much backspin as possible. The last thing I do is, I change my toss,
my ball toss, it can go high or low. If it goes high obviously when the ball comes down
I get a lot more velocity on the ball gaining more spin and if I chuck it a little bit lower
and I gain a little bit less spin and with the same actions. So I get two different serves
with two different ball tosses. It looks a little bit like this. (Eli serves a couple
of times so we can see the examples.) What you can see is. As soon as I’ve contacted
the ball, it travels very low over the net, if you can keep it low over the net, the opponent
has to try and kind of scoop the ball up, once they have scooped it up then you’re able
to get in with an attacking shot. The other thing you want to think about which
is very very important is where you place the ball. You want to try and place it in
three different spots. Short ones and long ones. Therefore the person, if he has a weak
backhand and you’re serving to the backhand side then hopefully you will get a weak return.
If they got a strong forehand return and you’re serving to the forehand and you’re able to
serve to the backhand then you can change it and then hopefully get a weaker return.

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  1. Harry Nguyen says:

    Your video is good, try and see my video on serve with BH backspin video 4, anh hopefully you can loop it up as the way you normally do. Lol.

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