THE START WASN’T IDEAL….. Aschheim Golf Club – Part 1
THE START WASN’T IDEAL….. Aschheim Golf Club – Part 1

guten morgen warm Deutschland we are
here today at dog park muchan ash came and Wow just nice we’re going to play a
back nine blog today so we have a little bit of a pot before we head out which is
rare and wonderful facilities looking super greens looking absolutely awesome
excited to get out there today driving range putting green chipping green and
as they drive in we saw pretty much the whole of the back nine as we drove into
it looked absolutely fantastic and more importantly you know what we’ve got a
nice day for it so stay tuned okay so we’ve made our way out to the tenth hole
and we didn’t do it to play the night there’s a bit of a warm-up joined hair
core a look and half lecture I guess we’re playing a match play is one one in
the series so if you’re not seen the previous blogs do go back and check them
out daily tea today cata you’re gonna hand it to me to they’re feeling awful I
was the sensible one last night I was in bed by 1:00 o’clock I only had four
beers all night five maybe these two you drank all the beer in the house then
even moved on to the sparkling champagne if we run out anywhere close that’s
another option so I’m actually gonna throw out if I don’t win today then fair
play to pledge the kiddies played through these played through a torrid
time so don’t lead us away I’ll lead it away
what water I’ll water down the rise and so
good-looking Hollis it’s a tricky driving hope it starts to narrow in
where the driver would be London thankfully today I think my drivers
going to go about a sick same distance right much places might play play well
play well enjoy hopefully but I you woke up it’s over yeah that’s gone good line in from there
isn’t really dead probably will the shelters would get that one all right
come on below guys he’s gonna win after that tee shot it’s not a hard decision eyes rips it looking good mr. bunker should be just
short of it yeah it’s not that I really operative yeah so we’ve got Fletch they’re down the
right side he’s found it he’s in the trees but well he’s not really in the
trees as three of them and in the middle of them I’ve got a perfect line to the
green this is is where golf gets unlucky unfortunate I’ve just hit this bunker
which I didn’t think was in range and now I’m at the back edge of it on a down
slope with 175 yards to go with not much of a backswing and not much of a balance
and probably not much of a great stance either so Fletch after that horrendous
Drive is very much in the drivin see I think just seeing how bad my ball was so
he’s gonna hit 5-iron they’re going to pitch up he definitely should be hitting
however to think it’s done left left good I mean unlucky I think you went
over the towards a left greenside bunker come on caddy side my buck I’ll hit 5-iron it’s an extra Club into
wind it’s an extra plus probably even a four I need to be on this book I mean
let’s not get too ahead of ourselves that’s why I found when you hit grace
you’re hush it’s not fair love God there won’t miss her all on cooked
global go fest Reuters
I felt mine today actually that’s not the source dang what else field yeah I
got two kids miraculously you’re on Team castor today I think I
may change my earlier decision just make sure you keep pulling my back
that was bad luck kids a bad shot it was bad luck it was pouring out my club so I
said yeah yeah there’s a bit greedy you’ll be all right
no definitely guy if I like I just really hope I’m now balanced I might win
this whole okay aren’t you think I said basses you’re in the driver seat oh my god okay we’re playing stroke play
today yeah why is outrageous well at least a tote that’s the positive
side all right Carter the negative side is you still have a hundred meters to go
together grandpa car a still you with your fourth
shot scandalous there’s no justice oh you
hold that for us category how far you go Carter 15 – I am 5-iron 15 went pretty
much your mama you might still make bogey this would be a great boat
hey would run on might win the hole with a bogey but splice yeah not massive one man hey longer left
yeah what do you think long and left yeah you got it
yeah yeah I’m fine mate path we found it good look how deep that is guys that’s
not a great example of how deep is past your knees to my uncle’s in there if you
get in the bunk acid ratio I feel like we’ve both been very unlucky
on this whole action golf clubs get a very bad review from us Oh water sure oh
that was that was nearly judge to perfection just miss degree if that goes
afoot further that carries it out all the way down that I played for and
providing that to put you need this for up and down for a half is utilized the
hell well-played very nice well done good
shot so you were not bad golfers if we just get a better look okay you seen it this is gonna be the longest first hole
ever yeah should make it just part one alone so no I normally win the first oh wow Oh Oh double could win this hole is still Carter yeah yeah he’s a possum
the point you know what alrighty quite happy we’re past the hole you’ve got an
uphill pot no just got past me right for the whip he’s very happy in the moment yeah he’s
very happy fought for the win what disastrous first hole again oh cool
I get some good shots in that hole I think he’s gonna be like this all the
way around if you just missed the green I’m not quite sure we fall into that
category for this hole oh just off I think we’re way outside that Calgary this to go 1up Fletch loves the first
hole wind it’s not seeing his contract that he should win the first hole I try
my best for you know seven just tap that and just to make sure you’re not too
blurry out good pop right hole have been sevens solid a triple bogey start for
the boys we’re booking it we’re gonna move off gonna finish level pot yeah
Fletch it out with a 3-wood so after a pretty dismal first hole we are level
part level level path all square on the second hole 416 meters so this is our
beast just that it’s a race you see flutter and he’s full full waterproof
gear pulley out sponsored by Callaway in association with Galloway go aiming for the three posts oh yeah
directions I hit him up so that the per for those are three posts and there’s
the bull good shot counter with driver yeah that is a beast go this shot that
is a super shot thank you thank you 2220 how you forget hybrid the whole
rush to Bigfoot buzzer big free with them
oh yeah see my pitch mark good smart next to the ball long this video ever this is part welcome to part two first I
was a full 25 minutes long good tee shot Carla thanks man thank you loads of running auntie bounce back off
the hill will be nice I enjoy IV bounding now that you’re in some of
yours ball would have been next to mine about you threw the gun down the hill of
mine pits in the upslope just the flat the standards flat
self-taught murmuring there he’s gone to the green though just shy gonna be using
that short game should have hit three with three would know it’s shorter than
that that’s free advertising for garment come on come on Carter it’s all over it it’s all over it oh nice yeah little bit
well done right super look back at the hole here very very nice 11th hole here
at a shame Fletch chipping or I’ll actually a lot further
way then it was long but wow I mean that is long so I’ve got a good good 40 feet
down the hill from war pulling across a couple of undulations as well think I’d
rather be where flat just we got a rather be chipping this up the hill
greens are receptive so they will get a bit of check if you’re gonna go closest that’s a good shot oh wow wow I didn’t I
didn’t expect that much roll past it did nearly bounce in the hole
that would have been annoying all right Carter what is it right to left down the
hill over the hump this area quite a big column three foot right okay come in come in nearly that’s Govich now
it’s gonna be a tricky second port though I think that’s a Gibby anything
on anything under my hi we give you perfect lined all right before the power
and to pile on the pressure it is up the hill right to the left there any money
just missed it on the left side it’s moved a lot to the fringe not another Kimmie take your way yeah
just just a girl thing it’s a generous one that’s a very generous give me a
thing be I’ve got my money in charter today so I’d see Gough paddy power oh I
got three two one and whatever it was pretty generous you know he’s one one in
series yeah yeah I know that but that was a freak of nature that happened once
a decade good man’s car after that for him he
said he wouldn’t play tomorrow played together one up all right guys hold
number three par-3 210 hold number twelve are thinking of telling avatar
now huh no freeze our number three 210 yards all right okay oh yeah amazing
what you can do when you fin de book sounds like you thinned out don’t know
he’s gonna say he ripped it I wouldn’t say it was so heavy well then it thinner
to win it literally not even the slightest didn’t 210 which is huge on
got this bottle up my body which future got my ball player in your locker so
that’s why it looks thin to you it’s not that ball flight was one of Lexi’s
things it’s just jealousy make do with what you got that’s all we
can do in it at the moment yeah so hybrid that’s the right Club draw draw draw draw sure short the bunker so no energy I
guess all right so what by the green flat is just short shipping up I am just
shy pin-high just there in the rim so I’ve got a long of what to war that flak
flak she’s going to be coming over the edge of the bunker under it in between
this soft bounce and trickle out super flag from there I mean you got the soft
bounds I’ve been the last chip scaredy with how much you run on but like anyway mostly at least 74 I hope I got that there guys I’m not
really an experienced cameraman but well I’ll tell you it’s difficult work that I
didn’t realize it was so difficult you guys make you guys make it
assistance license offers are all about camera yeah you guys make it look easy this is a big pot this needs to go in
otherwise I’ve got a chance of going to up chumps hard off is the standard today
folks if you like pass stay tuned Partha like both birdies today break
break solid effort take it away
good luck looks like well win that hole alright car to go on to up let’s go and
so next we’ll get in for coffee with Vincent Chris is really looking forward
to that these Chinese messed it through the
holes but I’m making it even harder yeah well done in two weeks in de pavo de
part what great way to pitch team Carter – we gotta go to walk through three you
restyle – happy to pick up master thank you – hi I’m Golf Club this is but this
is absolutely fantastic layout of a golf course really thoroughly enjoyable we
join us in part two and hopefully three where we continue this match Fletcher’s
got a bit of a hangover a hangover – behind a lavash – okay I’m a bit of a
struggle to come back here the injured golfer
beware the integral for sure positive the social media platforms please do
subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you over in Part C there you guys thank
you guys

22 thoughts on “THE START WASN’T IDEAL….. Aschheim Golf Club – Part 1”

  1. Michael Irick says:

    That first hole thou 😱 #tripleforyoutube

  2. simon George says:

    Shakey camera not good viewing

  3. Mike Ferrannini says:

    Beautiful golf course!!! And definitely "keeping it real" on the 1st hole hole haaaa…including all the hangover talk.

  4. Gilberto Ayala says:

    Lol what's with the shaking?

  5. Heidegolfer says:

    Such a relief watching you guys start with a 7 on a par 4 – welcome back to my world. 😉
    Great vlog again, very nice Course, happy to see more of it.

  6. Klaus Hergesheimer says:

    It was really great seeing you play my home course. I know for a fact that there have been 7s on hole #10 before… I am glad you did not blame the Bavarian beer for your score. Important German word to know: "Restalkohol" (residual alcohol).

    Really looking forward to part 2 when you are going play #13 (island green) and #15, another short par 4. My guess is that you both laid up at 13 and Carter attacked the green on 15. Am I right?

  7. Tom Nord says:

    How was the coffee with Vincent? 😉

  8. Costello Burge says:

    Great German series boys hurry up with the editing for parts 2 & 3 – who is Fletcher's Irish dad

  9. Beach Fraser says:

    Never seen such a badly played vlog hole in my life, German beer tastes very good though, makes the shite we have here look even worse than it is!!

  10. Mark Blankenship says:

    Epic hat with a TM driver. Interesting lol.

  11. Joe Perez says:

    First hole: trying to use too much club out of a fairway bunker. Is there anyone who plays golf who hasn't been there? Golf is perhaps the greatest sport because no other plays as much on human greed! 😈

  12. Howie Land says:

    Carter, your opening shot reminded me of the times I play safe and get into trouble anyway! That's why we love/hate this game!

  13. Alan Heseltine says:

    Well done on the first hole lads  🤣 🤣 Carter with the 2 iron for safety and Fletch with the bleary eyed Driver  🤣 🤣 🤣, at least you both could laugh it off, love it.

  14. Jesse Jeffries says:

    I'm going with carter

  15. MissyLaMotte says:

    Fletch playing from the rough on the first was hilarious. I was really surprised he managed to hit it out that well on his second try. I kind of expected him to get stuck there for good. Welcome to the Bavarian jungle 😉

  16. GT interactive says:

    You guys are Human Golfers after all – LOL. I guess you can blame it on the beer. Although Fletch stayed up longer Carter also failed – great stuff!

  17. Dave Allen says:

    Even before you start, every credit to Fletch. You're cheating Cart dog by NOT drinking until 5am! Hehe

  18. Charles Macklin says:

    giving putts under fletches height? he's not that short lol a five foot 7 gimme is alot

  19. Malcolm A. says:

    Well that first hole was interesting if not stellar golf.
    Always great to see you two guys playing and with Tony chipping in with the banter, even better.
    Going on now to watch parts 2 and 3; what a way to spend an evening

  20. Disc Hyzer says:

    Best first hole ever. Everything looked so familiar to me. Bunker off the drive . . check, two shots to get out of bunker . . .check, trying to hit out of impossible rough from bad approach . . check. I haven't even seen the putts yet but if there is a three putt I will start vloging my game.

  21. Steve Thom says:

    Carter, i love watching you, RS, PF etc… but the Cam you are using is as good as Fletch Drive on the 1st… pls ask Santa for a new Cam with Stabilisation for Xmas 😉

  22. David B. says:

    Bloody Hell, now Aschheim! Top course, fantastic in the summer, but green fees are a too expensive now 🙂 Would have loved to had got a lesson from Fletch whilst you guys were over here!

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