The Solheim Cup: Growing Women’s Golf

My dad saw that ladies golf wasn’t supported
as well and he decided he wanted to do a little more Karsten and Louise were very adamant about
supporting the women’s market because they saw that there was so much of a need there. So, they got involved early sponsoring an
LPGA event. They did multiple events in Phoenix, they
did one in Tucson, in Boston and then the opportunity came up to sponsor and really
get fully behind this international event that’s called the Solheim Cup named after
them. They asked for 2 events, and my mother came
up and said 10 events, 20 years. And all three of us agreed to it and that’s
what we went back for and got. He was committed to helping ladies golf from
early on. He thought the women had much more game than
what was given credit to and he wanted it to show. I know Karsten and Louise, particularly Louise,
was very proud of what was accomplished there and it has really turned into something very

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