The Royal Lifestyle Golf Clubs : Guaranteed to Improve Your Swing and Your Distance

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\margl1440\margr1440\vieww9000\viewh8400\viewkind0 \pard\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\ql\qnatural\pardirnatural \f0\fs24 \cf0 When it comes to luxury, quality
and sophistication, there is the royal lifestyle. My partner, Roman Countess Donatella Pecci-Blunt
and I, manufacture, market a luxury line of products. \
\ And one of our lines is this wonderful set
of golf clubs. The Jumano Line. It took me two years to design this product. They’re
Easy to hit, creates more umph, more power. \
\ Just Ten Clubs in this set. All Clubs, except
the foam core filled driver loaded with energy producing ball bearings. This combination
gap wedge and sand wedge is made with dots and score lines on the face. Helps to splash
the ball out of the sand and erupt.\ \
Go to, click on the clubs and start living the Royal Lifestyle!

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