The PGA – Lombard Trophy 2018 – Scraptoft Golf Club Club Qualifier

NICOLA: The reason we came to Scraptoft today is that we wanted to show appreciation to clubs that continuously support the Lombard
trophy and the PGA National Pro-Am. Scraptoft has been one that has continually entered to be a Lombard trophy, ever since it started out and they are also one of the clubs to get such high entries, so we are over the hundreds every year that we have entered so far. SIMON: As a golf club, we run competitions
all the way through the year and this is the one, that gives us an option
for the club members to go and play. At a nice course, in a regional
final and with me as well. It’s a great way for them to get something out of the competition and for me to promote myself as well. I see it as a real important part of me
putting something back into the club. Golf pros have to be a part of the community now – you can’t just sit in your ivory tower and do nothing. So, it really integrates me with the membership
and we can do that at different times of the year but this is a good time for me to get to
know the new members, as well. IAN: We have been around for 150 years
and we help businesses grow. Basically, we provide funding for vehicles, plant
machinery equipment and technology – all the things that help a business to expand and take on more staff and become more successful. Golf is seen as the sport for business,
so it works really well with what we do and most of our customers either play golf or the senior leaders will be playing golf, so there is a great association with Lombard. We do a lot of funding with golf clubs
in terms of mowing equipment, it’s about how we can best help our community
that we work in, in terms of businesses. NICOLA: The PGA National Pro-Am has
been ongoing since the late 70s and Lombard has been a huge part of that
for most of the years it has been running. The PGA is extremely proud of the relationship
they’ve got with Lombard. Lombard being one of the leading asset finance companies, the world of finance and golf are very much related, therefore it is partnership that works very well for everybody concerned
and we are extremely proud to have Lombard on board, continuously supporting
the National Pro-Am. IAN: The main thing for us is our brand, getting our name
out there and to be synonymous with the sport, but also, obviously, is giving
something back as well. KEITH: I had the great privilege
one year to actually qualify. Not for the abroad thing
but for another round. It’s a really, really good experience and
I would recommend it to anybody – not just play in your own local club but really
try hard to get through to the next round. Because it widens your experience, widens your horizons
and enables you to play with other people. It’s just a very enjoyable
thing to do. ROGER: It is brilliant if you can move on
and go the regionals, which is, obviously, a nervous competition for us amateurs but if you can get through that and go to Portugal. Wow! Everybody would be
thrilled to do it. SIMON: It’s one of the things
the amateurs look forward to – we have other qualifiers over the years but the standard,
of course, has always been mediocre. With Lombard we always play a premiere course
and it’s something everybody looks forward to. ROGER: If you have been there all winter
trying to improve your game, gone to coaching. How do you prove that? The only way you can really prove it is not going around on a Sunday morning and scoring a good score because
that is no pressure. That’s with your mates,
it’s easy. When you get a real competition like Lombard, if you do well there you know you have done well, so it gives you a measure for the start of
the season of where you are going. CARL: Yes, it’s nice with a bit of advertising, adds some real spice to the occasion being out on the first tee. All feels quite nice, you get an insight of
what it must be like to be a proper golfer.

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