The Original Trump Haters | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS
The Original Trump Haters | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

– Welcome back to the show. The short sharp shock
of a Trump presidency has sparked a new
American fitness craze, walking slowly while
lifting a one pound weight. [LAUGHTER] Most of us have no experience
with creative sustained protests, so we sent Amy
Hoggart to get a few tips from some folks who have
been resisting oppressors ever since the Roman Empire. Last summer my country
voted to fuck itself. The UK has voted out
from the European Union. Oh, shit. Luckily, I’m a dual citizen. So I got on a plane and moved
to America, land of the free and home of the– Donald Trump wins
the presidency. Shiiiiit. But we can’t give up
yet, because there is one place where this asshole
did make his storybook ending, and that place is Scotland! Once upon a 10 years ago,
a beast from the west came to Scotland, and wandered
into the untouched dunes of Aberdeenshire,
declaring it for himself. We’re building
the greatest golf course anywhere in the world. Before he could grab them by
the peat bog, the bene-Donald professed his love to Scotland. My mother was
born in Stornoway. I love the people. I love the Scotch. I’m Scotch myself. It’s Scottish, you plonker! And with a false
promise of 6,000 jobs, the Scottish
government was seduced, and his course grew and grew. I’m an artist,
and this is probably the greatest piece of canvas
that anybody’s ever worked on. Ugh. Why are they always
failed artists? But there was
legend of a man who lived next to the golf course
and refused to sell his land. A farmer who invented the
art of pissing off Trump, and rocking a woolly jumper. Michael Forbes. – I met him once.
– Yeah? [INAUDIBLE] beach,
come over the dunes, had about half a
dozen bodyguards, and the first thing he said
was, what’s this land worth, $25 an acre? I says, in your
fucking dreams, it is. [LAUGHTER] So nothing can make
you sell your land. No. I sussed him out in 10 seconds.
He was an asshole. The only regret I have is I
didn’t knock him on his arse when I met him. This drove the
banshee so mad that he lumbered in front of some
TV cameras to start wailing. I look at Mr. Forbes and
his disgusting conditions. Mr Forbes lives in a
pig-like atmosphere. It’s a slum, I
mean it’s horrible the way he maintains it. Did you feel really hurt
when he called you a pig? I was actually
laughing about it. So was my mother. She thinks he’s a clown. I love pissing him off. He’s a compulsive liar. That’s what he is. Just keep calling him a liar. And he’s bound to
[INAUDIBLE] someday. During the election
I was calling him a liar, because I was part
of this secret Facebook group. I don’t think it made
a massive impact. But rather than
preaching to the choir, Michael painted it on
the side of his shed. This enraged the
beast even more, and he sent the government
to seize Forbes’s land. But the farmer’s fight
had inspired the villages, like our next hero. Here’s Trump
threatening to seize Michael Ford’s
land, so I offered to purchase a small part of it. Why would you purchasing
it stop him from seizing it? At that time I was a
researcher in Antarctica. And so if they wanted
to purchase it from me, they had to come and see me
about it 9,000 miles away. Bested by a seal spooner,
that Donald gave up and moved on to his next fight. When Scotland announced
plans to build turbines off the coast of
his golf course, Trump charged into parliament
to tilt at the windmill. They are so unattractive,
so ugly, so noisy, and so dangerous, that
if Scotland does this, I think Scotland will
be in serious trouble. Where is the
clinical evidence? Not an opinion. First of all, I
am the evidence. Riding off that laughter, our
next hero, parliament member Patrick Harvie, took his stand. I tweeted a picture from
the end of Life of Brian poking fun at him. I just added these little
speech bubbles saying, I’m the evidence, I’m the evidence. Wow, nailed it. How many retweets and
favorites did it get? I think it’s had a
quite a number since then. That number is 52, yet
somehow that was still enough to anger the brute. I was astonished to
receive a letter telling me Donald Trump was
accusing me of blasphemy and complaining to the
parliamentary standards commissioner.
– Blasphemy? Is that because
he’s legally God? Well, Donald Trump accused
me, essentially, of offending the whole of Christendom. The trolling only
continued, because when Trump lurched out
of parliament, he bumped into this brave knight. I found myself outside the
Scottish parliament, behind him at one point, and I had
a balloon in my hand, and took a shot. I ballooned Donald Trump. I rubbed the balloon on his
head and his hair stood up. It is amazing that
it reacts so chemically similar to real hair. Isn’t it amazing? I don’t have many tips
for the people of America, but if they find
themselves behind Donald Trump with a statically charged
balloon, take your chance. From there, the whole
country joined in the fun. They showed up to protest,
brought some very subtle signs, and his neighbors started
flying Mexican flags. This one lady was even arrested
for urinating on the course, but in retrospect, he
was probably into that. Yet somehow, Trump still thinks
he’s Scotland’s golden boy. I have a great relationship
with the people of Scotland. Most neighbors love us. I hit the pubs to hear what
Trump’s Scottish neighbors really think. I think Donald Trump’s the
biggest bawbag in the world He’s an idiot. – He’s a spoiled baby.
– A walloper. A two-faced cunt. – A bawbag.
– What’s it mean? The skin that holds
in the testicles. Just the sack? That’s it, you’re
just the sack. A fanny. Douchebag, tit. Just a bit of of a wank. Slimy greasy. He’s a fucking prick. He’s an asshole. Donald Trump is a cunt. That’s right. That’s very right. As fun as it is to shit on
Trump, I was still so lost, and also, very drunk. Sure, the windows
are being built, his course is losing money,
and Michael Forbes still has his land, but back
home, President Trump is just teeing off. What advice would you
give to Americans? Just keep pissing him off. Just keep him busy
by annoying him. Yeah. And then he can’t do all
the stuff we’re worried about. An asshole is
always an asshole. Keep pissing him off
and he’ll crack up, and he’ll end up
in a padded cell. Michael is right. We can’t give up. We have to choose life,
choose pissing him off, because apparently
anyone can do it. A cranky old farmer, a man
who barely has a Twitter, ginger Jesus, even some
dork with binoculars. Hey, fuck off! Choose being a dick. Choose getting 300 Scots
to call him a dick. Oi! Get yourself to
fuck off, Trump! And if all else fails,
choose showing your dick, because he’s just some
tosser who can’t even keep me off his actual golf course. He may have taken our country– But they’ll never
take our freedom! [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE], fuck off. That movie’s like
20 years old, man. Jesus Christ. Have some respect. Wow, Scotland is mean. We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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