The Mini-Golf Open

thanks for coming out everybody today’s mission is called “The Mini-Golf Open” today we’re turning a regular mini-golf course into a major championship golf tournament, we’re gonna have caddies, we’re gonna have a huge gallery of fans we’re gonna have commentators, we’re gonna have a scoreboard, everyone there has no idea this is gonna happen, it’ll be a complete surprise the most exciting part about today’s mission we have this trophy, it’s been held by Jack Nicholas, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and today a random mini-golfer champion two minutes away tell the crowd to stand by cue the caddies so, what’s your name? Noah, we got Noah here c’mon, we got caddies for the next round (clapping) this is histerical and we’re live ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the mini-golf open championship here at pier 5 in New York City, I’m Charlie Todd and with me is Alex Scordelis, Charlie it has been a spectacular day for mini-golf and a new champion will be crowned we’re on hole 18, and it is a par 3, a notorious loop-de-loop the golfers have to get the ball over the ridge, under the bridge, and onto the green the green is very fast, and this hole will be the test of a true champion here’s our leaderboard Isaac and Max are in the lead with a +1, and Alex right behind with a +2 let’s take a look at some action from earlier today Aiden of course wearing his Sunday green, representing his home country of Ireland looks like the ball is stuck under the bridge there Brianna, all the fans like to call her “Bree-Bree” Brianna is teeing off here at 18 (clapping) here it comes, the moment of truth Max, of course, sponsored by Star Wars gets paid millions of dollars to wear that Star Wars shirt out here on the course he’s got a different swing than most, it’s very unconventional he drags the putter along the green, and makes contact with the ball Han Solo would be proud (cheers) let’s go now go down to the course with Jorge Andres well gentlemen, the weather is becoming an issue we’ve had some gusts of wind, making it difficult to put for each contestant we’ll keep you updated on how it turns out on the 18th hole, now back to you guys the leaders are now approaching the 18th green Isaac and Max in the lead at +1 with their sister Alex right behind them with a +2 As a mini-golfer this is the moment you dream of and now Alex dressed in the traditional mini-golf attire with her flip-flops all of the players today are wearing flip-flops here we go, will it make it up the hill? will it make it? and it’s rolling back, didn’t have the speed it needed here it comes, almost stuck in the tall grass, it’s gonna make it through the tunnel, oh, what an unbelievable putt by Isaac, almost a hole-in-one here it is in slow motion, look at that impecable form Max, of course, fighting off an injury, he has a hurt finger here it comes around the bend, will it make it? and it doesn’t look like that shot has enough speed, Max and Isaac heading to the green tied at +1 Max will go first, so much riding on this birdie putt you cannot underestimate the speeds of these greens it has all come down to this, Isaac won a tournament earlier this year at Treasure Island, and at Murtle Beach, hee has never won a major championship this putt is for everything, he got it (cheers) this could not be more exciting, we have a new open course champion, Isaac (cheers) unbelievable competitors, Andres is gonna interview Isaac, out here on the course right now what were you thinking when you sank that last putt? I knew I was gonna make it, first of all, cause it was pretty easy but I just had to take my time and just make it, so it would go in and I would win the champion a very confident champion today, who do you dedicate this victory to? my caddie to his caddie, always side by side, congratulations what can you build from this moment seeing that you were so close at that championship? try to aim better I officially announce the winner, the gold medal, champion golfer of the year, Isaac (clapping) Palmer, Woods, and now, Isaac, have his name etched into the trophy what a great moment, Isaac’s wife and son are coming out to the course thanks everybody for joining us today, what an incredible afternoon of mini-golf here at the mini-golf open championship, for all of us here, I’m Charlie Todd signing off for ESPN, the world wide leader in sports

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